Law School Confidential

Law School Confidential

by Robert H. Miller
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St. Martin's Press

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Law School Confidential

Law School Confidential is written for students about to embark on this three-year odyssey by students who have successfully survived. It demystifies the life-altering thrill ride that defines an American legal education by providing a comprehensive, blow-by-blow, chronological account of what to expect. It arms students with a thorough overview of the contemporary law school experience. This isn't the advice of graying professors or battle-scarred practitioners decades removed from law school. Miller has assembled a panel of recent graduates to act as "mentors", all of whom are perfectly positioned to shed light on what law school is like today. From taking the LSAT, to securing financial aid, to navigating the notorious first semester, to taking exams, to applying for summer internships, to getting on the law review, to tackling the bar and beyond...this book explains it all.

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ISBN-13: 9780312318819
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 01/17/2004
Edition description: Revised Edition
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.29(h) x 1.15(d)

Table of Contents


Author's Note,
Part One: So You Wanna Be a Lawyer ...,
How to Use This Book,
Chapter 1: Thinking About Law School? Think Again ...,
Chapter 2: Your Five Most Critical Hours: How to Beat the LSAT,
Chapter 3: Applying to Law School: Bait the Hooks Carefully and Cast the Nets Wide,
Chapter 4: Choose Your School Wisely,
Chapter 5: An Investment in Your Future: Funding Your Legal Education,
Part Two: The First Year, They Scare You to Death,
Chapter 6: The Ten Things You Must Do Before Classes Begin,
Chapter 7: So What Is a Tort Anyway? A Brief Overview of the First-Year Curriculum,
Chapter 8: Getting Out of the Gate — Applying the Lessons of Futures Past,
Chapter 9: The Unspoken Code of Law School Etiquette,
Chapter 10: The T-Minus One Month Checkpoint: How to Arrive Ahead of the Competition,
Chapter 11: Making Your Summer Plans: How to Win the 1L Recruiting Lottery,
Chapter 12: Your First Semester Endgame,
Chapter 13: Looking Behind and Looking Ahead: Assessing the Damage and Charting the Course for Your Second Semester,
Chapter 14: First-Year Endgame: Succeeding in Exams and the Law Review,
Chapter 15: Working for Free or Working for Pay, Your First Summer Paves the Way,
Part Three: The Second Year, They Work You to Death,
Chapter 16: Charting a Course for Your Upper Years,
Chapter 17: Your Survival Guide to Recruiting Season,
Chapter 18: Everything You Need to Know About Callback Interviews,
Chapter 19: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Law Firm Hiring: An Interview with Douglas H. Meal of Ropes & Gray and David W. McGrath of Sheehan, Phinney, Bass & Green,
Chapter 20: The Future Is Now: Using the "Relevance Calculus" to Choose a Firm,
Chapter 21: Back on the Chain Gang: Advice About Journal Membership,
Chapter 22: Restoring Balance: Moot Court, Public Service, and How to Reclaim the Life You've Lost,
Chapter 23: Keys to Ascension: Turning 2L Summer Employment into a Permanent Offer,
Part Four: ... and the Third Year, They Bore You to Death ...,
Chapter 24: Demystifying Judicial Clerkships: Hie Thee to the Chambers,
Chapter 25: Opportunity Knocks Again ... A Second Chance at Recruiting,
Chapter 26: Last Semester Cross-Checks,
Chapter 27 The Final Hurdle — Strategies for the Bar Examination,
Chapter 28: Parting Thoughts,
About the Author,

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