Lawless In Leather

Lawless In Leather

by Melanie Scott

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Raina Easton never dreamed she'd end up playing ring master to a bunch of baseball cheerleaders. But when the New York Saints offers her a job to coach its new squad—the Fallen Angels—Raina can't refuse. As the owner of a burlesque club, she can certainly show the girls more than a few good moves. But as for her new boss? That is, as they say, a whole 'nother story. . .


Army veteran, biker, and all-around tough guy, Malachi Coulter isn't your typical sports-team owner. For one thing, he doesn't think cheerleaders belong on the baseball field. Another: he can't seem to separate business and pleasure when he meets his somewhat scandalous new employee. Seems the major-league bad boy has met his match in the gorgeous, feisty Raina. All's fair in love and baseball…could it be that, after all this time, Malachi is playing to win?

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ISBN-13: 9781250040411
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 05/05/2015
Series: New York Saints Series , #3
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

MELANIE SCOTT, who also writes as M.J. Scott, grew up in a family of avid readers who fostered her love of words. A long time reader of fantasy and romance, it was inevitable that she ended up writing both genres. Her unpublished novels have won a number of awards including the Romance Writers of Australia's Emerald Award and Valerie Parv Award and the Romance Writers of New Zealand's Clendon Award. She is a two-time finalist in the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® Award. All three books in her Half-Light City series have been finalists in the Australian Romance Readers Association Awards. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she distracts herself with books, cats, and yarn when she's not writing.

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Lawless In Leather 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
D-B1 More than 1 year ago
I loved and enjoyed reading the awesome and amazing, captivating and engaging ARC from Goodreads First Reads. Malachi owns the New York Saints baseball team along with his other two brothers. Raina, the owner of her own Burlesque, Madame R, is also the choreographer in charge of the dancing cheerleaders, the Angels, for the Saints Team. At first, Malachi is not thinking his brother made a wise decision in hiring Raina. As Malachi and Raina spend more time together, the sparks and feelings ignite. Meanwhile, someone is sabotaging Raina's business and messing with the Angels. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written love story by the talents sports and romance writer Melanie Scott.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Awesome read!! This entire series has been great fun to read and this book doesn't disappoint! Mal Coulter, the third owner of the NY Saints, is a bad boy at his core. He's worked hard to put those tendencies behind him but Reina Easton, Saints cheerleader coach, calls to his inner bad boy like no one else. Mal can't believe Alex wants cheerleaders for a baseball team but he's out voted so now it's his job to keep everyone safe. These books are well written and the characters are vibrant and realistic. I would recommend this one to everyone. Highly entertaining read.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
In this sexy contemporary romance, third in the New York Saint's series but easily read as a standalone, we meet Reina and Mal. Though having a cheerleading squad for a baseball team might be unorthodox, when Reina is hired as their choreographer she's excited at the opportunity to earn some extra money that will aid her in keeping the burlesque bar she owns. Meeting sexy club owner and security expert Mal pushes more buttons than she wants to admit. He's got the bad boy vibe that's gotten her in trouble before and she's not willing to go there again. But when vandals start targeting her and Mal gets involved in the case, it's only a matter of time before things heat up between them. Will she trust her instincts to let Mal in or after being burned twice are her signals wrong once again? I really enjoyed this story! Reina's character was great as a petite spitfire. She's strong, determined, talented and beautiful. She's been under a man's thumb before and she won't succumb to that again making her reluctant to have Mal investigate her club vandalism problems. Mal is equally engaging as a handsome, well liked, and competent ex-military man. For several reasons he is very protective of his friends and Reina is now on his radar, both as an employee of the Saints but also because of the intense attraction they share. I liked that Mal and Reina were able to discuss things like adults and that Mal wasn't a typical alpha male - he listened to Reina and her concerns and treated her as an equal partner. The sexual tension between them led to some enjoyably steamy scenes. The secondary characters, Mal's friends Alex and Lucas and their respective partners added a lot to the story, with their friendship and banter. The suspense plot wasn't too crazy, adding just enough tension to keep the story moving along well. This was my first story by this author but definitely not my last - I'm eager to catch up on the rest of the series now. 4.5 stars!
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
What a superb sports/suspense romance! I think this book has it all. It's got sexy players and sexier team owners. There's mystery, suspense, a lot of flirting and falling in love. There's also behavior from past tragedies that needs to be dealt with and lots of forgiveness to be given. Mal and Raina are a great match but they have some issues to settle between them and individually. Great story and totally worth a re-read. I can't wait to read more from this very talented author. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I have loved this series but I think this might be my favorite couple. Malachi(what a cool name) is in charge of security at the ball park, Raina is in charge of cheerleaders and she runs a burlesque club. For whatever reason Mal can't figure out(but we know) he becomes obsessed with helping her and keeping her safe.  I cannot wait to read the next story that the author has in store for us.
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
It seems as those Ms. Scott has saved the best of the terrible trio for last. In Lawless in Leather, Malachi Coulter gets his girl – whether he has time for her or not. As a former army-man turned security consultant, Mal is in charge of beefing up security at Deacon field to insure the safety of players and fans alike. If you have read the earlier books in the series, then you know that Mal’s past makes this task of the upmost importance and because of it he’s been putting everything he has into making Deacon as safe as humanly possible by the start of baseball season. Now if you haven’t read The Devil in Denim and Angel in Armani, don’t fret because you can read Lawless in Leather as a standalone thanks to the way Ms. Scott presents Mal and Raina’s story. Cheerleaders?!?!? There’s no cheerleaders in baseball. Okay, so I’m (badly) ripping off Tom Hanks’s crying spiel from A League of Their Own, but that doesn’t keep Alex from using every marketing idea he has to pack the seats for the New York Saints in order to gain some attention for the worst team in the league. Despite the fact that I am not a sports fan and thought it was nuts, I figured at least it would pull the attention off the team’s dismal record. Enter Raina Easton. Dancer, singer, owner/operator of a burlesque club, and the woman responsible for bringing to life Alex’s vision – the Fallen Angels. Even though she’s out-blonded and horizontally challenged in the presence of the Fallen Angels, there is something about the red-headed firecracker that proves to be irresistible for Mal. Although both Mal and Raina put up one heck of an entertaining effort to resist one another, thank the good lord in heaven that chemistry overrides fears and logic because these two together is positively sinful.  As it has several months since reading the other books in the series, I cannot say with complete certainty, but it felt as though Ms. Scott has ratcheted up the suspense factor in this installment. Admittedly, Mal’s profession makes this an option that will flow with the storyline without feeling forced. So not only did Raina’s stalker situation prove to be a realistic addition to the story, but the author was able to use the series of incidents to create conflict, demonstrate character growth, and heighten tensions between the two. And she does so beautifully, making Lawless in Leather my favorite book in the New York Saints series. While Mal is the last of the mighty to fall, I do hope that Ms. Scott plans to continue the series as she does have an entire baseball team to pick from (Ollie anyone?) and I would love to see how Mal and Raina and the rest of the couples are faring – we do have weddings and proposals waiting to occur. I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
ravenwolf_EPTX More than 1 year ago
Ending was weaker and felt unfinished, otherwise good story.  LAWLESS IN LEATHER (New York Saints, # 3) by Melanie Scott May 5, 2015 Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks approximate pages: 321 Romance: Contemporary ** Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review. **  -- MY THOUGHTS -- Judging a Book by it's Cover:  Cover design's first impression is HOT, immediately followed by the question of who would want to wear a leather jacket with nothing underneath?  The synopsis sounds like a lot of fun trouble and chemistry about to happen! Looking Deeper:  It may be petty, but it throws me off that this is a New York team, with American owners, players and other cast members; however, the author often is noticed using terms not utilized in America (ie: Lift for elevator, Stag night for Bachelor party, Braces for suspenders). That said... Raina is a dancer, formerly of Broadway and currently the owner of a Burlesque club. She's been hired by Alex to train the new Fallen Angels dance troupe (aka cheerleaders) for the Saints. Mal is the third of the trio that bought the Saints. Former special forces and now a security specialist, he's trained to detect the slightest oddities. Both characters are strong, smart leads with not-so great pasts. The secondary characters consist of the couples from THE DEVIL IN DENIM and ANGEL IN ARMANI and a few minor characters from the previous installments as well as several new minor characters. All played the supporting role well, whether as plot filler or more significant support assistance. The plot had plenty of excitement and conflicts. Many of the conflicts were only vaguely resolved but the overall effect worked well. The story kept a steady pace and easy flow with little to no predictability. The conclusion was alright, but the big finale conflict was rather anti-climactic and simplistic.  ------------------------ Heat Level: 3.5 ------------------------ Score: 4.1 Stars: 4 ----------------------- -- REVIEWER INFO -- Tina J / Happily Ever Chapter
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by Melanie Scott but I have a feeling it won’t be the last. This book is part of “The New York Saints” series published by St. Martin’s Press and book three of the series. If this story is anything to go by the series is going to be very successful. Mal Coulter is one of three owners of The Saints baseball team and in charge of security for their stadium and the team. He is retired military and gives off a “bad boy vibe” to Raina Easton, the choreographer in charge of the team’s new dancers that most see as cheerleaders. Raina also owns a burlesque club and has plans for her future. There is instant chemistry but both Mal and Raina have pasts that impact their ability to get close in the present. This is a fun story with intelligent, mature, engaging characters working together while working to develop a relationship. The story is believable with more than one possible “bad guy” creating the problems for Raina’s club and The Saints. This book is filled with characters, and a cat, that I would be more than happy to call friends and spend time with. ARC received from Netgalley. ( )
Samantha_Alice More than 1 year ago
Melanie Scott blends two of my loves, romance and baseball, in this novel. Her writing style reminds me a bit of J. Kenner and I love J. Kenner! There's mystery, love, lust, and personal growth weaved into the story's plot which makes it a great read and not all about sex. Man and Raina have an instant attraction and try their best to fight it. We all know what happens when you try to deny something, the craving for it becomes almost unbearable until satisfied. Raina is fun, witty, sarcastic, sassy, and independent. Mal is the 'I-will-save-the-world' type which makes him endearing. The two better one another and work well together. Between the characters, the story line, and the writing, this novel gets a perfect 5 star rating from me. 
Bookeroo More than 1 year ago
Malachi (Mal) owned a baseball team, The New York Saints, with his two best friends, Alex and Lucas. They each tried to pitch in, doing their own part to make the team bigger and better. Mal took care of security which was becoming a nightmare with all that needed done before the season started. Including keeping the new cheerleaders safe. He wouldn't stand for anyone getting hurt on his turf. Baseball never had cheerleaders and didn't need any now either. Especially that sleek, little redhead with that shimmy thing going on.The one that seemed to be in charge and he didn't need this right now. Raina, in charge of the cheerleaders, wasn't ready for the stony-faced bad boy that seemed to be putting a damper on their practice. Her grandma would have guessed he'd be trouble and Raina would have agreed at that particular moment. The trouble was, she really couldn't seem to stay away from the bad boys. Will she be able to stay away from this hottie, Mal, when she needs this job so much? Oooh, yeah! Another great book in the New York Saints series. I love the strong characters in Ms. Scott's books. Not only the heroes, but the heroines too, which makes for heated challenges amongst the characters. That adds more romance and of course, steamy sex to the mix and that's right up my alley. Lawless in Leather has a great cover too and I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I DO sometimes judge a book by it's cover (sorry!). At least at first, that is. I'm so glad in this case it did. I enjoyed this book like nobody's business! I love that Mal always wanted to take care of Raina, but it was great that she was independent and didn't want to give in to that. But even when the heroine doesn't want to give in to it, it's still so sexy that her man wants to take care of her. It's thrilling too that everything isn't always peachy and sweet and the characters have tense moments when they don't agree. That's how life is and it's great to see it in romance books. Ms. Scott writes her stories with just enough detail and some heated arguments, mixed with some steamy sex. Yes, I'm enjoying each one of her books a little bit more than the last. Don't miss this New York Saints series or you'll be sorry you did!  5 Stars
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - "Knights don't kiss like that. Devils do." Stars! The New York Saints series literally has gone from strength to strength since its beginning. And the third book in the series offers some serious rivalry in contention with book two for my overall favorite so far. ”I’ve always found team sports more enjoyable than solo ones.” Mal Coulter is the third and final new owner of the team to get his story. Whereas Lucas and Alex were visible in each other’s books, the author kept Mal a little more elusive, in the back-ground and unknown to the reader, this added to my anticipation, ex-special forces with a few dark secrets, Mal take his responsibility for the security in the stadium, as well as for the team and his employees extremely seriously. And then we have the arrival of Burlesque club proprietor, Madame R. also known as Raina Easton, choreographer to the Fallen Angels the newly formed team dance troupe/cheerleaders, and his protective instincts take off into the realms of extreme. Both of them are dealing with their pasts, whilst trying not to let them interfere with their future, and I absolutely loved this couple together. ”You’ve got scars. I do too.” The romantic suspense in Lawless in Leather really gives and edge to Mal and Raina’s story. The author did a really good job of keeping me guessing right up until the end of the book, it’s nothing too deep or heavy, and although it adds to the story it doesn’t detract from the sizzling chemistry between uber dominant Mal, and overly independent Raina. ”I’m offering to rub them not judge them.” This series started off a little rocky for me, more due to me clashing with a character than the writing or storyline. I am so glad that I stuck with it, because I can honestly say I am a little addicted to this team and their owners now. I am also happy that the author is now continuing the series with some of the players now getting their stories in forthcoming books. Oliver Shields is up first, in Playing Hard and I can’t wait. Only downside is it isn’t scheduled for release until February 2016! ”Next year we get to do it all over again.” ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was an absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review.