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Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet / Edition 3

Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet / Edition 3

by Gregory H. Siskind, Richard P. Klau, Deborah McMurray

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ISBN-10: 1590318765

ISBN-13: 9781590318768

Pub. Date: 03/25/2008

Publisher: American Bar Association

In this up-to-date third edition of The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet, you'll learn how to make the latest technology work for your practice and increase your firm's visibility. This comprehensive resource provides proven online marketing strategies and guides you on how to effectively and efficiently market your law practice.


In this up-to-date third edition of The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet, you'll learn how to make the latest technology work for your practice and increase your firm's visibility. This comprehensive resource provides proven online marketing strategies and guides you on how to effectively and efficiently market your law practice.

Product Details

American Bar Association
Publication date:
Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet Series
Edition description:
New Edition
Product dimensions:
7.37(w) x 10.12(h) x 0.48(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authors     ix
Acknowledgments     xi
Introduction: Approaching Internet Marketing: Developing a Plan     1
Developing an Internet Marketing Plan     3
Analyze Your Firm     3
Analyze Your Practice     3
Analyze How You Market Your Practice     4
Analyze the Perception of the Firm     4
Identify the Firm's Qualities     4
Analyze Your Marketing Approach     5
Survey Your Clients     6
Domain Names     6
Announcing and Promoting Your Web Site     7
Positioning Your Firm and Your Lawyers     8
Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing     8
Growing Your Site     9
What Do Buyers of Legal Services Want from Your Site?     9
Practice Descriptions and Industry Strength     10
Lawyer Biographies     10
What Do Your Future Employees Want from Your Site?     11
Web Site Design Issues     13
Communicating Your Message     14
Graphic Design Basics     16
Screen Resolution     17
Web Site and Page Load Time     18
The Layout of Your Text (Line Length)     19
Consistency in Design     19
The Anti-Heavy Graphics Approach     19
Animation and Sound     21
Web Site Irritations     24
Print and E-mail Your Web Site Pages     25
Testing Your Site     27
Promotional Content     29
Promotional Content     30
Lawyer Biographies     30
Photos     31
"Above the Fold"     31
Contact Information     31
Cross-linking     31
Summary Bios     32
Practice Descriptions     34
Proof     35
Naming Clients     35
Cross-linking     36
Your Voice and Tone     36
Be Daring Enough to Be Unique     38
Lawyer versus Attorney     38
Text Pages versus PDFs     38
About the Firm     41
Firm Mission Statement or Introduction     41
Brief Firm Profile     41
Firm History     41
Awards     43
Pro Bono and Community Service     43
Podcasts, Audio, Video     44
Highlighting Client Information     45
Contact Information      45
News Stories     46
Announcements and Firm News     46
Press Room     48
Recruiting     48
Alumni     48
Multilingual Features on Web Sites     49
Informational Content     53
Newsletters     54
Case Studies     56
Discussion Boards     56
Audio and Video Content     57
Documents Collections     57
News Feeds     58
Ancillary Businesses     58
Links Pages     58
Subsidiary or Vertical Sites     59
Navigational Tools     61
Hyperlinks     62
Breadcrumb Navigation     63
Site Maps     63
Site Search Features     63
Interactive Tools     67
Registration Forms     68
What Information Should You Request?     68
Presentations     69
Client Surveys     70
Request Information Buttons     71
E-mailing Biographies, Practice Pages, and Articles to Other Parties     71
Choosing Your Web Consultants     73
Your Web Site Team     73
Internal Team Members      74
External Team Members     74
Whom Should You Choose? How Should You Choose?     74
One-Stop Shop Option     75
Web Designer or Developer     75
Strategy and Creative Director     76
Copywriter/Copy Editor     77
Hosting     77
Advantages of External Hosting     78
Disadvantages of External Hosting     78
Tracking and Analytics     79
Web Site RFPs     80
Web Site Maintenance     80
E-mail Marketing     83
E-mail Netiquette     83
Leveraging the Mass Appeal of E-mail     88
Mass Mailings and Spam     88
Should You Use Your E-mail Program?     89
Discussion Lists and Distribution Lists     91
Discussion Lists     91
Distribution Lists     92
Why Use E-mail for Marketing?     93
Implementing an E-mail Marketing Strategy     93
On a Shoestring     93
Web-Based Group Services     94
With a Budget     94
What Goes in Your E-mail Messages?     95
The Benefits of E-mail Marketing     96
A Word about Newsgroups     96
Tips and Tricks for E-mail Marketing     97
Summary of Key Web-based E-mail Services     99
Summary of Key E-mailing List Software Packages     100
Summary of Web-based E-mail Hosting Services     101
Weblogs and Podcasts     103
Weblogs as Marketing Vehicle     104
Google     105
Note on PageRank     105
How to Be an Expert at Google     106
Public Relations Benefit     107
Publicizing Your Weblog     108
Establishing Lawyers as Subject Matter Experts     108
What to Say on Your Blog     108
Linking to Other Sites-Keep a "Blogroll"     110
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Weblog     110
RSS Feeds     111
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Feeds     112
Podcasts     112
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Podcasts     113
Web Seminars and Social Networking Sites     115
Overview     115
Features and Functions     116
Webinar Providers     117
Best Practices     119
A Word on Second Life     121
Advertising and Search Engine Optimization     123
Paid Search      123
Contextual Advertising     126
Brand Building     127
Best Practices     128
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)     129
The Criteria for Online Awareness     130
The Common Sense of Search Engine Optimization Basics     131
Beyond the Basics     134
To See Results, You Have to Be Looking     135
Visibility Alone Isn't Enough     136
The Real Story About Your Web Site     136
Buyer Beware     136
Glossary of SEO Terms     137
Measuring the Results of Your Internet Efforts     139
On a Shoestring     139
E-mail     140
RSS     141
On a Budget     142
Now What?     144
Measuring Your Return on Investment     145
Scenario for Fictitious Law Firm, Snow & Snow LLP     146
Inbound Communications     146
The Ethics of Client Development Through Technology   William Hornsby, Jr.     149
Why Compliance Matters     150
What Do the Ethics Rules Cover?     150
Do the Rules Govern Client Development in Cyberspace?     152
Format and Content of the Rules     153
False and Misleading Communications     153
Advertising Rules     155
Solicitation     156
Specialization     157
Application of the Rules to Technology     158
Web Sites and Weblogs     158
Directories     160
E-mail Solicitations     161
Case Bidding     162
Sponsored Links and Pay-per-Click     163
Social Networking and Gaming     164
Multistate Compliance     164
Conclusion     165
Index     167

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