Layers Deep (Layers Trilogy)

Layers Deep (Layers Trilogy)

by Lacey Silks

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BN ID: 2940149101313
Publisher: MyLit Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2013
Series: Layers Trilogy
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 191,339
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Layers Deep (Layers Trilogy) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
MaryJoMI More than 1 year ago
Yes, there is a cliff hanger but OMG, what an amazing, sexy, suspenseful, erotic ride. Allie Green sees Tristan Cross when he comes to the police in search of someone for his investigation firm and can't keep her eyes off him. When Allie had an encounter with Tristan at a bar that evening, the sparks do fly but she works to maintain a professional relationship. Tristan is doing everything he can to convincer Allie to work for him – he needs her expertise to find/save someone. Allie really wants to work for Tristan so she can find/destroy someone from her past. The banter/dialogue between Tristan and Allie is witty, flirty and electrically charged. The element of suspense as Allie prepares and then goes undercover to find/rescue Tristan's friend will keep you glued to the page/screen. Really loved the chemistry between Allie and Tristan which generates incredible sex scenes … even in the boxing ring! Anxiously awaiting the next installment … need to know how the conversation ends. 
Sammyjk More than 1 year ago
4 Stars from Sammy's Book Obsession! (Included in Red Hot Obsessions) Layers Deep was a great read from front to back. I very much enjoyed it, even though I had my doubts at first. I've never really gotten into the cop thing, but it worked in this story. It doesn't focus as much on the cop aspect though as much as it does on the bad-ass-chick aspect. I love my bikers and rockers and needless to say, they're generally not always on the "right" side of the law, so I was cautious going into this. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this read and will most definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy once I finish Red Hot Obsessions. I don't want to risk revealing spoilers in this review by going into too much detail, so I will just stick to the facts and my overall opinion with this one. I have to say first, that the story is well written. However, I think the characters could be better developed, but considering that this is a trilogy, I'm assuming (hoping) that we will get a better feel for them as the story continues through books two and three. Hot sex is always a plus in an adult/erotic/romance such as this, but I found myself skimming through a few of the sex scenes rather than indulging in them. I think maybe they were too often? I don't know really. That sounds absurd in a review of an erotic romance book, I know, but there was something that just didn't hold my attention with all of the scenes. Some yes, but others, not so much. Overall, Layers Deep was good read and the author, Lacey Silks, is a talented writer. I will continue to finish this trilogy for sure!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The overall plotline was okay, could have been 10X better. The erotic scenes were well written but the pace of this book was too fast to be able to connect. I never felt the chemistry between the two main characters... less than 200 pages for the book. Not worth the money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
booboosan More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love the Layers series!!! Such an amazing story between Tristan and Allie!! They have amazing chemistry and the erotic scenes are HOT!!! Can't wa to read more!! 
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: As I started this one, I just expected another romantic tale of intrigue. However in just the first part of the story, so much is revealed about the characters and their secrets. Then the emotions start--getting attached to Allie and Tristan. It just happens and before you know it, you're fully involved. Now let's talk about the romance. Talk about a slow build full of sexual tension! It's impossible to not keep reading to see what happens next for Allie and Tristan. Aside from the spark and heat, there was more to their relationship--a mutual caring. And it didn't feel put on or happen after they jumped into anything. There was a mutual attraction that was immediate, but Tristan went the extra mile before anything further happened. Outside of them, they're facing their own demons--her with someone from the past who wronged her mother, and him with someone from his past that's in danger. All I know is Lacey Silks created a very intricate story--one of romance and passion along with mystery and suspense. Layers Deep was beautifully played, and not only kept me on the edge of my seat, but also left me hanging and WISHING I had the next book Layers Peeled. Be prepared, because if you read the first book, you WILL want the second book immediately. I highly recommend this one. My Rating: Exceptional
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this is the first of 3 in a series, i came across this author by chance. you could really related to the characters and the storyline
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jfeaster31 More than 1 year ago
Loved all these books and would love another one to read :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story kept me interested, loved the characters. Looking forward to seeing what the next book holds for them
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Besides being a cliff hanger, the story just wasn't good enough to want to continue with the rest of the series. It could have been a great story but it wasn't well developed. It was "choppy" just not smooth or realistic.
psee More than 1 year ago
4 "I'm in deep and dying here" stars" OMG--I really enjoyed this book. It was steamy, there was suspence intertwined in a love story, but unfortunately there is also a huge cliffhanger which totally had me mark down the overall rating. Allie is an interesting heroine. Due to past trauma she has dedicated her life to helping/saving others as a cop. She is also hell bent on seeking revenge against the man responsible for that trauma. Now prior to this she was a stripper, but she only did this to help pay her way through school. But it was exactly that combination which made her the ideal candidate for Tristan Cross' company. He needed someone undercover and Allie was the perfect candidate. There is obvious attraction between the two from the onset. Despite the employee/employer relationship, things progress and along the way Allie loses her heart to the man. What we learn though, is part of her job is helping him fix a problem from his past and ultimately it is that past which comes back to create problems for their relationship, or at least I think so since the huge cliffy never gives me that answer. While the story clips along at a quick pace and kept me entertained the whole time, the ending really irked me. Even without the cliffy, the situation Allie finds herself in bugged me. And honestly, even though the couple's chemistry is off the charts HOT, some scenes had just TMI. I really don't know that I want to hear about any more juices, haha. Aside from this, I am hooked and waiting deperately for the next book to come out because I need to know what is going to happen next. Hopefully the wait will not be too long. Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
Well, this book was hot. REALLY hot. That fact accounts for 3 of the stars I’m going to grant this book. H-O-T! Plus, I’m a sucker for a strong female protagonist with a vendetta! Allies is a NYC police officer, and she has wanted to be ever since she could remember. She witnessed a horrible event happening to her mother, and since that day she has had a singular objective of revenge. Enter Tristan Cross and Cross Enterprises. He needs a new Security/Bodyguard/Undercover agent, and Allie wants to be the person that gets it. Upon meeting each other, the chemistry is off the charts and palpable, but Allie wants the job and therefore struggles to keep the relationship professional. But Tristan, being the badass alpha male that he is, always gets what he wants. And he wants Allie, in his bed. But both Allie and Tristan are fighting demons from their pasts. Can they heal each other? Well, have I mentioned how friggin’ hot this book is? Because it is. Ridiculously so. Tristan is delicious. However, it’s more than just an erotic romance. It’s full of suspense and mystery. It’s also worth putting out there that this book has a whopper of a cliffhanger. Usually, this annoys me, but with this book, it didn’t. I get it, the story needed to have this book as the set up for more later. I’m ok with it, I think you will be too. And now I can’t wait for book 2. Another thing, besides the off the chart steam, that I really liked about this book is that the writing is really good. It’s emotional and intense, and the characters are well constructed and interesting. It’s a page turner. The plot captures the reader from the beginning. I was actually surprised at how into the book I was…totally didn’t see that one coming. 4 stars! Reviewed by Sara Squared for Crystal's Many Reviewers *Copy provided for honest review*
ReviewerCourtney More than 1 year ago
My only complaint about this book is that it was very fast paced! There is a cliffhanger, but that didn’t bother me so much. I was more disappointed with the length of the story, I felt the issues that were presented in the book could have gone so much deeper and had so much more detail. I loved this story, I love Tristan and Allie. I think they are great characters and I truly just wanted more of them and more of the story. I love a book that tackles an issue that is so serious and is really happening in our world. I don’t want to mention the situation because it could give away too much. Parts of this story were just so freaking heartbreaking and graphic, but the sad thing is it is a reality for so many young girls. But just as you are getting drawn into the suspense and intensity of the story it ends and I just wish it would have gone a little deeper. I loved Layers Deep and cannot wait to continue on with Tristan and Allie’s story! I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
mllecurie More than 1 year ago
Fans of FSOG and Bared to You – Put This On Your Must Read List! If you loved FSOG and Bared to You, then Layers Deep is a book you won’t want to put down. It has it all – drama, suspense, action, and humor (which I find sorely lacking in most books of this genre). And of course, steamy romantic interactions between Tristan and Allie. I loved the way the personalities of main characters were developed; Allie’s demons surface early on and continue to emerge through the book, while Tristan remains more of an enigma. But of course, you know his past is charting the course for his present. Allie starts out as a cop driven by her past with a singular focus. Tristan sees her as necessary to his agenda, and concedes he can help her achieve her goal. Add in their palpable mutual attraction, and their coupling is off the charts. The ending was an unexpected cliff-hanger – I ended up rereading the last chapter! This was a truly enjoyable read, and I guarantee that the next book in the series will be on my Must Read list.
RipeForReader More than 1 year ago
¿Chilling, charged and stimulating!!¿ My Rating: 4 of 5 ¿¿ Allie Green is a cop who has spent her life doing her best to keep her mom safe, after an event in her childhood scarred both of them for life. She is also hellbent on revenge and knows just the man who might be able to help her get away with it.  Working the case of a kidnapped friend, Tristan Cross has had his family investigations firm scope out potential candidates to join him on the job. He is looking for very specific qualifications and has found them in rookie cop, Allie Green. The fact that she is a stunning powerhouse has not escaped his notice either. Allie's first glimpse of Tristan sets her antennae off. She experiences instant attraction and when she finds out he is the person she was hoping could be useful to her, and he happens to want her for a job, she also feels a pang of guilt. But Tristan's straightforward approach and I depth research leaves no room for secrets and Allie's concerns are quickly addressed. Just as their intense physical attraction is!! **** Very strong and steamy start!!! Especially in the first 80% of the book! the flow of the story is good, with little bits of background info becoming available as the story develops! keeping you firmly engaged. Then suddenly you hit a gear change......a fast forward of sorts, and jump a timeframe ahead, where a ton of action takes place in a relatively short amount of time. Good action, mind thing wrong with it, but a bit of a change of speed and almost feels like a rush to the finish. If that transition had been smoother and the action as well laid out as the rest of the book, I would likely have added an extra half or whole star. Traumatized and guilt ridden from a young age on, Allie has not allowed room for anything other than the pursuit of revenge in her life. All else needs to be secondary, but until she meets Tristan, nothing has even come close. Very quickly she becomes enamoured with the man, his family and his values and for the first time is not afraid to show a more vulnerable side of herself. Tristan in this book remains a bit of an enigma. We know he has some unresolved history that undoubtedly will bubble to the surface at some point in time, but so far only snippets are being revealed. He has very strong family connections and seems to have had a secure time growing up. His affection for Allie seems entirely genuine. This is the first book in a trilogy and therefore we are left with a bit of a cliffhanger...... Not my favourite thing, but in this case I knew it going in, and I have to say I will happily read the subsequent releases to continue following this story. Because the characters are interesting, well-described and varied, the story line is compelling and the passion is off the charts!!! ¿Chilling, charged and stimulating!!¿ **ARC provided by NetGalley and MyLit Publishing in return for an honest review.**
Mysticque More than 1 year ago
I have received this book for free from the author for an honest review. And with that being said........ I loved, loved this book!! But as another reviewer stated about the cliffhanger, I couldn't believe it either..I'm biting my nails wondering about Tristan's reaction to Allie's little gift. Allie and Tristan have a magnetic chemistry and they are Hot with a capital H between the sheets or anywhere else that catches their And I'm hoping for the happy ending between these two. And that the ghost of Kendra is finally put to rest in Tristan's heart and mind. I'm definitely looking forward to the next story..keep them coming Lacey!
BJsBookBlog More than 1 year ago
LACEY SILKS - LAYERS DEEP ¿¿¿¿¿ - 5 Stars • release date: 30 November 2013 • 167 pages • Layers Trilogy #1 • Layers Peeled & Layers Off will be out in 2014 ¿ MY THOUGHTS About the story... Allie is working as a cop in New York City. She wanted to be a cop since she was 10 years old - when she witnessed something horrible being done to her mother. And since that day, not only did she want to become a cop - she also planned her revenge. And now here's her chance. In the form of hot security guy Tristan Cross from Cross Enterprises. He's looking for an employee for his Security / Bodyguard / Undercover Detective Agency and Allie wants that job. Because she hopes that, once she wins Tristan's trust, he can help her with the revenge she so desperately needs to heal. Heal herself, but most importantly her mother. The second they see each other, Tristan and Allie are extremely attracted to each other. Allie wants to stay professional, because she really wants this job. But that's easier said than done of course. With Tristan being the hottest 'just-jumped-down-from-a-GQ-cover' guy she's ever laid eyes on!!! Tristan, being in the business he's in, knows everything there is to know about Allie. Especially how she supported herself during her police school days. That's the most important reason he wants her for the job. Because Tristan Cross is looking for a hooker ¿ And NO, Allie didn't work as a hooker!!! She was a stripper! But Tristan thinks that's the next best thing ;) "Is there anything you don't know about me?" "Your bra size," he said, shamelessly eyeing my cleavage. ¿ ... of course Tristan and Allie can't keep their hands off each other. They think that they could start something casual - at least until Allie signs on as an employee of Tristan's company. Both Allie and Tristan have scars from their pasts... both inside and on the outside.. Familiar scars from the past painted his face the same way they had marked my heart. let's hope they can heal each other... ¿ ______________________________ I REALLY ENJOYED THE BOOK I started reading thinking this will be just another erotic thingy. And it was erotic - lots of sexy scenes in it - BUT it was also a great suspenseful romance!! Ok, most of the suspense doesn't happen until the end of the book - but still - you know that it will come and we're just waiting for something bad to happen! And the waiting period isn't bad at all ¿ It's really cute and funny to see how Tristan and Allie deal with each other. Lots of sexy and funny and moving scenes. And then what happens at the end?? The suspense part! Oy! And then what happens after?? ONE WORD: CLIFFHANGER!!!! Yep - the book has a cliffhanger - it's not really a suspensy kind of cliffhanger - but it's horrible nonetheless - it's basically a mid-scene - mid-conversation CLIFFHANGER!!! GRRRRRR ¿ WILL THERE BE A HAPPY END? well - CLIFFHANGER ¿ and there will be 2 more books in the trilogy - so I guess we'll have a bit of a waiting time until we'll get the final HEA ¿ I can really recommend this book to everybody who loves erotic suspense romances! You might even shed some tears - at least I did ¿ Can't wait for the rest of the series!!! hopefully soon ¿ Were there a few things I didn't like? Hm maybe the book was a bit too short?! ¿ Nothing else to complain about!!!! I really enjoyed it. GO GET IT!¿
LauraButts More than 1 year ago
I received a free ARC for my honest opinion.   Great cliffhanger!!!  What a hot and steamy book.   Terrific writing as always, by Lacey Silks.  I really enjoyed the complexity of the characters.  Terrific depths and what an interesting story line.  I can't wait to see what Lacey has up her sleeve next!
Pegje More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC copy for my review** After reading Dazzled I would not wait to read a new book from Lacey and I loved Layers Deep. Even if you know from the beginning that you will have a cliffhanger at the end of the book it did not spoil the reading. It was great written I couldn’t put the book down you get sucked into the characters, the strong, revenging young rookie cop and the hot gorgeous boss who doesn’t knows what is coming at him when he meets her. But are they perfect for each other? Time will tell so Lacey when is the next part coming out because I’m dying to read further.
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
Once again Lacey Silks has proven why she is one of my favorite authors! This is the second book that I have read by Ms. Silks and I am loving her writing more and more. She puts so much heart in her writing that I honestly feel like I am watching the story actually happen. She also adds just the right amount of kink in her sex scenes to make it very enjoyable to read. If your looking for a new favorite author then Lacey is the one for you. My only draw back is waiting for the next book.....but she already knows this. Tristan Cross is looking for a female cop to help him with a case for his company, Cross Enterprises. When he sees Allie Green he realizes that she is perfect for the job he has in mind. Tristan hides a secret past, while Allie fully intends to use Tristan's connections to get revenge on the man that tore her family apart. Tristan and Allie must live together and train to make their story believable. The pair come closer then they ever expected and must trust each other heart and soul in order to survive working on this case together. Just when they thought they had failed in rescuing Kendra, Allie puts her life on the line to complete the mission and save the woman from Tristan's past.
cjlps231 More than 1 year ago
I received an Free copy for an honest review  Just finished reading Layers Deep and I loved it, Allie and Tristan are the perfect flawed couple who together make more than their parts, Allie drew you in and then Tristan kept you involved, I love reading a story where I become so involved with the characters that I think I know them personally and this is certainly one of those stories. Love Emma wonderfully written character just what I would want in a little sister. Thank you for opportunity to read the story and can't wait for the next episode, as there will have to be at least one to finish the story. 
mary8808 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC from the author for my honest review, so here it is. OMG, WOW what a great story. Allie is a police detective with a painful past that she and her mother fear every day. Tristan owns a personal securities company that specializes in other types of protection and rescues. Allie wants to work for Tristan to help rid her of the problem from her past but she is attracted to Tristan from the moment he steps into the Police auditorium looking for a new hire. And Tristan wants Allie. He follows her, knows about her past and needs her help to rescue someone from his past. Can she work for him without falling for him? Will he keep her when he learns her secret?  **THERE IS A KILLER CLIFFHANGER** and I was screaming NO! you can't end it at this point. I need more now! This is a first for me by Lacey Silks and I loved it. I can't wait for book 2 (Layers Peeled). Great job Lacey!