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Lazy Dungeon Master (Manga) Vol. 1

Lazy Dungeon Master (Manga) Vol. 1

Lazy Dungeon Master (Manga) Vol. 1

Lazy Dungeon Master (Manga) Vol. 1


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In this fantasy isekai tale, one slacker gets a rude awakening when he becomes the guardian of a dungeon!

Masuda Keima just wants to sleep. Too bad for him, he’s been pulled from comfy sheets into a fantasy dungeon that he’s charged to protect. Failing to do so will cost him his life. His only guide on what to do is the personification of the Dungeon Core, Rokuko. But she’s a moron who can’t even figure out how to get rid of a group of bandits. If Keima ever wants to get some sweet dreams again, he’ll have to do all the planning himself!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781638585862
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Publication date: 09/27/2022
Series: Lazy Dungeon Master (Manga) , #1
Pages: 166
Sales rank: 155,505
Product dimensions: 5.01(w) x 7.14(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Supana Onikage is a writer in Japan best known for Meshimazu Musou Online and Lazy Dungeon Master.

Nanaroku is a manga artist in Japan best known for Mahou Shoujo Kokone wa Kakukatariki, Tia no Specialty, and Lazy Dungeon Master (Manga).

Youta is an artist in Japan best known for manga and light novels, such as Izure Shinwa no Houkago Sensou, Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku, and the illustrations for Lazy Dungeon Master (Light Novel).

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