Lead True: Live Your Values, Build Your People, Inspire Your Community

Lead True: Live Your Values, Build Your People, Inspire Your Community

by Jeff Thompson


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We all face countless decisions throughout our careers. The specific circumstances that call us to lead will be different, but the core dilemmas and ethical challenges are very similar. Faced with these challenges, each of us must decide if we will follow our ego-centered inclinations or lead for the good of everyone whose lives we touch? Will we endanger or impair those around us to satisfy our own self-interest, or will we lead in a manner that is true to our values?

In his inspiring book LEAD TRUE, Jeff Thompson, MD, has masterfully compiled stories from the business, healthcare, and education fields, illustrating how a diverse group of leaders has employed values-based leadership and succeeded. These case studies offer dynamic, living narratives that demonstrate ways in which a leader, fueled by personal values, can change people, organizations, and even entire industries.

What sets this book apart is the interweaving of the author’s personal leadership story in healthcare to the insights from start-ups, mid-career, and top-level leaders—people who have proven that values-driven leadership is not simply a noble idea but one that actually works in practice. The author artfully shows that the goal of leadership is not to move one individual ahead of all others. When you lead true, you can move everyone forward—people, organizations, and communities—finding the best route for all.

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ISBN-13: 9781946633019
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication date: 04/18/2017
Pages: 264
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xiii

Foreword Jeffrey R. Immelt xv

Introduction: Your Personal Compass 1

Part I Live Your Values

Chapter 1 Choices 11

At each fork in the road, your decision changes you-and the world.

Chapter 2 Lead with Courage 29

Courage doesn't mean the absence or fear; it means fear doesn't get to make your choices.

Chapter 3 Lead with Discipline 47

Discipline keeps you from drifting off the cliff.

Chapter 4 Lead with Durability 59

Durability carries courage and discipline through the struggle.

Part II People

Chapter 5 Lead with Reverence 77

People won't remember your margins or your awards; they will remember how you treated them.

Chapter 6 Communicate Deeply 105

Talk to start, listen to connect and act to cement.

Part III Organization

Chapter 7 Lead to Exceed 125

Have the courage to measure and improve on excellence.

Chapter 8 Innovate to Serve Values 139

Have a disciplined disregard for conventional wisdom.

Part IV Community

Chapter 9 Lead Beyond Your Walls 161

The measure of true success is the health and well-being of the community.

Chapter 10 Funds and Foundations to Serve Your Values 177

Finances and facilities are tools-important, useful tools, but just tools.

Chapter 11 Lead the Moral and Financial Case for a Better Environment 195

Decrease costs, improve the economy, and protect our health.

Chapter 12 Lead Across the Divide 215

Create great strength with shared values and a big tent.

Conclusion: When Values Lead, We All Win 239

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