Lead with Love: Embracing Greater Purpose, Passion, Perseverance & Perspective

Lead with Love: Embracing Greater Purpose, Passion, Perseverance & Perspective


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Life is tough: full of challenges, disappointments, failures, and losses. Yet it is also rewarding, with triumphs, milestones, close family relationships, and friends making it all worthwhile. The task of leaders is to remind people of life's upside by bringing out their best and helping them avoid getting sidetracked by inevitable setbacks.

Lead with Love will help leaders appreciate how they can inspire others by reaching out to them with caring and sensitivity. Demonstrating this kind of positive attitude will stimulate followers to achieve, create, and bless the world with their gifts and talents. Yet leaders have a bigger task than just sharing a laugh or acting as the office cheerleader. They must also challenge others to reach for their full potential, or confront them when they make bad choices.

In his foreword to the book, ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky notes that leading is a continuing, ever-changing challenge. As he puts it, leading is no simple walk in the park, twenty-five yard chip shot field goal, or cruise down interstate, but a no-holds barred, complex, often mysterious challenge.

"Chances are you have read other devotionals or reflections on how to survive life's maze," Orlovsky says. "But this one is different. Lead with Love is a fantastic resource, one that will fit into your busy days at a pace suited for twenty-first century life. It will help equip you for the days, weeks, and months ahead."

Leading is a universal challenge. In some way, everyone is a leader. It can be a team, a family, a child, a mentee, or a small group. The words people speak, the actions they take, and the thoughts they think will ultimately be communicated to others. This leaves leaders with a clear choice—use this power in loving ways or employ it negatively through harmful words or actions that can destroy more effectively than bombs or bullets.

The short, concise meditations in these 40 devotionals are shaped around the themes of purpose, passion, perseverance, and perspective. They will help readers to contemplate how their words, actions, and thoughts affect others. And, create a desire to encourage others to reach for the stars instead of settling for below average. Author Brian Catanella writes from a well-rounded background of business expertise, community service, and coaching abilities that enable him to distill life's daily events into meaningful, teachable moments. Lead with Love is designed for a twenty-first century audience that wants to transform the world.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781098313586
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 10/01/2020
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Brian Catanella is passionate about teaching leadership principles through his writing, coaching, volunteering, and professional life as an investment consultant. By sharing God's love and wisdom, he hopes to contribute to the development of future leaders, as well as coaches, teachers, and parents. A volunteer with UrbanPromise Ministries, Brian and his family attend First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown, New Jersey.

Table of Contents

Foreword 1

Introduction 3

Part 1 Embracing Greater Purpose 7

1 All the Small Things 8

2 Honor One Another Above Self 11

3 Wings Like Eagles 13

4 Cleansing Thoughts 16

5 Like the Moon 18

6 Don't Swap Gold for Bronze 21

7 It Is Well 24

8 Jesus Glasses 27

9 Just Making Shapes 29

10 Start Where You Are 32

Part 2 Embracing Greater Passion 35

1 Let Another Praise You 36

2 Attack the Ball 39

3 Boast About My Weaknesses 42

4 Goals Don't Go with You 45

5 Honey and Vinegar 48

6 Play Their Music 51

7 Courage to Defend 53

8 Find Your Rainbows 56

9 Seek First 59

10 Trust in the Lord 62

Part 3 Embracing Greater Perseverance 65

1 Use Your Checklist 66

2 Love Discipline 69

3 Stress + Rest = Growth 72

4 Think About Such Things 75

5 Bull in the Ring 78

6 Fertilizer People 81

7 Spring Loaded 84

8 Don't Quit 87

9 Use the Wall 90

10 Prickly Burr Field 93

Part 4 Embracing Greater Perspective 96

1 Expense of Me 97

2 Eternal Vision 100

3 Gut Check 103

4 Through Faith There Is Hope 106

5 The Right Call 109

6 Accept It (Praise) 112

7 Anger Management 115

8 Call and Response 118

9 Slow Down 121

10 Fail Better 124

Acknowledgments 127

Epilogue: Love Is Tough 131

Endnotes 134

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