Leader's Guide to Standards / Edition 1

Leader's Guide to Standards / Edition 1

by Douglas B. Reeves
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Leader's Guide to Standards / Edition 1

In today's school environment educational leaders are mandated to use academic standards to measure the progress of their school's teachers and students. Despite the wealth of material that addresses the topic of academic standards there is little written for those who must lead the effort to put in place an effective standards system. The Leader's Guide to Standards is a landmark book— written by Douglas Reeves, an expert in academic standards, performance assessment, and accountability— that shows school principals, assistant principals, teachers, and district-level administrators how to build a comprehensive accountability system for standards-based reform that focuses on leadership skills. Reeves offers practical recommendations for assessing and nurturing teacher performance, setting up balanced assessment and accountability policies, and making the case for standards to the public. In addition, the book addresses the vital role that policymakers from the local school board to state and national leaders play in the successful implementation of educational standards.

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ISBN-13: 9780787964023
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/2002
Series: Jossey-Bass Education Ser.
Edition description: 1ST
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 9.22(w) x 6.28(h) x 1.24(d)

Table of Contents

Preface: Why Standards?


The Author.

Books by Douglas Reeves.

Part One: The Standards Imperative.

1. The Case for Standards.

2. Standards and Norms: What s the Difference?

3. Standards-Based Performance Assessment: The Key to Standards Implementation.

4. Power Standards: How Leaders Add Value to State and National Standards.

5. Instructional Leadership.

6. Standards and Community Leadership: Communicating with Parents, Politicians, and Community Members.

7. Data-Driven Decision Making.

Part Two: Strategic Leadership for Educational Standards.

8. Creating Ownership and Support for Standards.

9. Redefining Educational Accountability.

10. Assessing Leadership Performance.

Part Three: Leadership Roles for Educational Standards.

11. The Role of the Superintendent.

12. The Role of the Board of Education.

13. The Role of State Leadership.

14. The National Leadership Imperative.

Conclusion: The Enduring Values of Leadership.

Appendix: Leadership Tools, Checklists, and Forms.

A.1 Student Achievement Form.

A.2 Educational Practice Form.

A.3 Leadership Practice Form.

A.4 Curriculum Practice Form.

A.5 Data Analysis: Ordered Pairs Linking Professional Practice to Student Achievement.

A.6 Worksheet: Leadership and Learning Matrix Data.

A.7 Personal Leadership and Learning Matrix.

A.8 Professional Practice Inventory.

A.9 Leadership Practice Inventory.

A.10 Curriculum Practice Inventory.

A.11 Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Not Controllable by Leader.

A.12 Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Subject to Influence by Leader.

A.13 Parent Communication Checklist.

A.14 Faculty Communication Checklist.

A.15 Community Communication Checklist.

A.16 Faculty Perceptions of Standards: Survey.

A.17 Power Standards Development Process.

A.18 Standards-Based Performance Assessment Development Checklist.

A.19 Classroom Checklist for Standards Implementation.

A.20 School Checklist for Standards Implementation.

A.21 District Checklist for Standards Implementation.

A.22 Professional Development Self-Evaluation Scoring Guide.

A.23 Preliminary Checklist for Data-Driven Decision-Making Seminar Preparation.

A.24 Data-Driven Decision Making: Sample Completed Action Plan.

A.25 Data-Driven Decision Making: "Treasure Hunt".

A.26 Data-Driven Decision Making: Analyzing the Data.

A.27 Data-Driven Decision Making: Draft Needs Analysis.

A.28 Data-Driven Decision Making: Establishing New Goals or Revising Existing Goals.

A.29 Data-Driven Decision Making: Strategies to Support Specific Goals.

A.30 Data-Driven Decision Making: Determining Results Indicators for Targeted Strategies.

A.31 Data-Driven Decision Making: Action Steps and Schedule.

A.32 Master Task List.

A.33 Daily Prioritized Task List.

A.34 Project Task List.



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