Leadership Critical Thinking in African Tradition

Leadership Critical Thinking in African Tradition

by MD FACS Joseph A. Bailey II


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Critical Thinking (CT) is like the sun shining wherever there is a problem. CT pursuesdiscovery of the problem's undiscovered logical coherence and underlying Foundationcomprising its basic logical structure. CT creates, enhances, and/or maintains what it takes to:"Be Right," "Recognize Right," "Do Right," "Make Things Right," & "Defend the Right".CT AS PUBLIC SELF ORCHESTRATOREMPOWERER: CT takes charge/control of ones life + the situationOBSERVER: Focuses Attention on a problem's every side and every angleASSESSOR:sees "Big Pictures"/the "Important"; pin-points Hidden problemsJUDGES: advantages/disadvantagesPROBLEM SOLVER: gets one out of trouble; calculates risks to thriveSUPERVISOR: of Thought Structure builders; Options; CreationsOFFENSIVE PLANNER: prioritizes; strategy; tacticsPREDICTOR: Foresight; Forethought; TrendsDEFENDER: Ensures survival, self-preservation, self-protection, minimizes troublePROTECTOR: Self; Loved ones; the NeedyGUIDE: selects/cultivates Truths/Truth buds on the pathTROUBLE-SHOOTER: for flaws, mistakes, errorsCT AS PRIVATE SELF ORCHESTRATORSTANDARD SETTER: sound philosophy to get life's best gifts and not get life's worstPATH CLEARER: for Feelings, Meditation to discover Knowledge, ones MissionSELF-ESTEEM BUILDER: self-greatness; self-confidence; self-efficacyRELATIONSHIPS: social health absent clinging to people; no needing a leaderPHILOSOPHICAL COPING: with Grief; Failures; DisappointmentsENTERTAINER: Fun in mental gymnastics (e.g. wit, humor)CREATURE COMFORTS: Enough Money; Self-Reliance (e.g. in old age)

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