Leadership for 21st Century Learning

Leadership for 21st Century Learning

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"Learning leadership" refers to leadership strongly focused on improving education, specifically the vision, drive, and applied capacity to make changes happen so that learning environments move toward innovative 21st century models. This book develops the leadership dimensions and practices in line with advanced learning environments.

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Publisher: OECD
Publication date: 01/14/2014
Pages: 120
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Table of Contents

Executive summary 9

Chapter 1 Learning leadership for innovative learning environments: The overview: By the OECD Secretariat 13

The aims and background to this report 14

Building on earlier OECD analyses 15

The "why" of learning leadership 17

The "what" of learning leadership 20

The "how" of learning leadership 25

The "who" of learning leadership 37

The "where" of learning leadership 46

The "when" of learning leadership 49

Concluding orientations on learning leadership 51

References 54

Chapter 2 The practice of leading and managing teaching in educational organisations James P. Spillane 59

Introduction 60

Teaching: the essence of leadership work 62

Focusing in on the practice of leading teaching 64

Diagnosis and design: organisational infrastructure and practice 69

Conclusion 75

References 77

Chapter 3 Leading learning in a world of change John MacBeath1 83

Introduction 84

The character of leadership 84

Five principles of leadership for learning 87

Changing contexts for learning 94

Learning beyond schooling 95

References 104

Chapter 4 Leadership for 21st century learning in Singapore's high- performing schools Clive Dimmock Dennis Kwek Yancy Toh 107

Introduction 108

The context of the Singapore school system 108

A 21st century leadership model 109

Case studies of transformation in two schools 119

Conclusion 130

References 132

Chapter 5 Approaches to learning leadership development in different school systems Tanja Westfall-Greiter Judy Halbert Linda Kaser Roser Salavert Lone Lønne Christiansen Per Tronsmo Susanne Owen Dorit Tubin 135

Introduction 136

A network of change agents: Lerndesigners as teacher leaders in Austria Tanja Westfall-Greiter 137

Innovative learning environments: Developing leadership in British Columbia Judy Halbert Linda Kaser 146

Developing and nurturing leadership for learning in New York City Roser Salavert 152

Developing learning leadership in Norway Lone Lønne Christiansen Per Tronsmo 156

Learning leadership in South Australia Susanne Owen 164

Learning leadership for innovation at the system level: Israel Dorit Tubin 170

References 176

Chapter 6 Promoting learning leadership in Catalonia and beyond Anna Jolonch Márius Martínez Joan Badia 181

Internationalising educational innovation in Catalonia 182

Learning Leadership - the research study 190

References 203


Figure 4.1 The school design model: a framework for 21st century learning leadership 113

Figure 5.1 What does a Lerndesigner do? 139

Figure 5.2 The "NMS House" 141

Figure 5.3 The spiral of inquiry 150

Figure 5.4 Instructional inquiry cycle 154

Figure 5.5 School-wide inquiry cycle 155

Figure 5.6 DECD educational innovation 166

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