Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line

Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line

by Dean Crisp


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“This book was developed the hard way, in the real world, by a results-oriented leader who faced guns, bombs, dope fiends, riots, disgruntled employees, political espionage, lawsuits, mediocrity, and miracles. The author is a retired police chief who has worked and taught throughout this nation and around the world. As a cop, he understands what it means to achieve the mission in the face of danger and controversy. Dean Crisp has learned just how essential it is to win the hearts, minds, and actions of human beings in order to accomplish the goals of the organization.

“This book irreverently cuts through layers of complex language and research. It blasts through bureaucracy and distills the simple, compelling competencies that are essential to leadership success.” —Kathleen Sheehan, LAPD lieutenant (retired and former police chief)

“Chief Crisp has written a book that is not only helpful for the law enforcement leader but for anyone who is in a leadership role. It is a must read if you want to make yourself a better leader.” —Tim Plotts, captain, North Carolina Highway Patrol (retired)

“My only wish is that I could have read this book twenty years ago when I began my leadership career. It would have helped me avoid many leadership mistakes and made me a better leader. Highly recommend this book.” —Neil Moore, chief of police, Fort Wayne, Indiana (retired)

“Loved the leadership lessons along with great stories to tie everything together. Would absolutely recommend this book for every leader and anyone who wants to make their life better.” —Captain Buddy Dodson, Columbia Police Department (retired)

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ISBN-13: 9781640272552
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 07/06/2017
Pages: 180
Sales rank: 128,681
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9

My Purpose 11

Method 13

Landmark Books 15

About Leading Law Enforcement 19

About Being a Cop 21

Introduction 23

Chapter 1 Leadership-Relations hip-Partnership-Synergy 27

Chapter 2 Leadership Is a Lifestyle 33

Chapter 3 Create Passion 37

Chapter 4 Are You All In? 41

Chapter 5 Mindset 44

Chapter 6 Have a Clear Mission 50

Chapter 7 Keep Promises 53

Chapter 8 Commitment 56

Chapter 9 Are You Willing to Pay the Price? 60

Chapter 10 Be Courageous 63

Chapter 11 Have Self-Confidence 68

Chapter 12 GPS Moment 71

Chapter 13 Trust Your Instincts 75

Chapter 14 Setting Personal and Professional Goals 79

Chapter 15 Show That You Care 85

Chapter 16 Sacrifice, Service, Suffering 88

Chapter 17 Life Is Made Up of Daily Journeys-Enjoy Them 92

Chapter 18 Leaders Should Mentor Other Leaders 97

Chapter 19 Vision (Future State of Things) 100

Chapter 20 The Do Right Rule 103

Chapter 21 Leaders Should Grow Future Leaders 108

Chapter 22 Working Trust: Do they become us or Do we become them? 111

Chapter 23 Be a Good Listener 116

Chapter 24 Don't Let Anger Control You 120

Chapter 25 Grudges Are Destructive 123

Chapter 26 Embrace Diversity 126

Chapter 27 Knowing the Janitor 130

Chapter 28 Leaders Are Readers 134

Chapter 29 Genchi Genbutsu (Go and See for Yourself) 139

Chapter 30 Keep Leadership Simple 143

Chapter 31 Ubuntu (Acknowledge Others) 145

Chapter 32 Respect Power 149

Chapter 33 Living Forward 152

Chapter 34 Determination 155

Chapter 35 Sometimes, You Have to Just Do It 161

Chapter 36 Find the Right Fit 165

Chapter 37 Express Empathy 168

Conclusion 173

Bibliography 175

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