Leadership on Top: How Managers and Others Become Leaders

Leadership on Top: How Managers and Others Become Leaders

by Richard Searle


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Leadership On Top shares powerful ideas, methods and lessons which have been used by thousands of senior managers and others to become effective and fulfilled leaders of their business and organisation.

Richard Searle is a leading management educator who has spent twenty years working with the best companies and the best business school in the Asia Pacific Region. You will hear the voices of amazing leaders who have learnt from Richard and who contribute their profound insights to this book. Leadership On Top contains great stories which combine illumination, inspiration and humour.

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ISBN-13: 9781925515336
Publisher: Fontaine Press
Publication date: 08/15/2016
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction vii
Reflections from Past Participants and Colleagues xiii
Executive Summaries of Articles xix
Section One: Leadership, Power and Authority
The Seven Sources of Power for Effective Leaders 1
Confusing Formal Authority, Informal Authority and Leadership 6
The Big and Small of Leadership 10
Leadership Cream Rises to the Top (If We Let It) 13

Section Two: Leadership, Dialogue and Learning
The Seven Elements of Leadership Insight Dialogue 19
Could it be as Simple as Listening? 28
What Impact does our Leadership Development have? 32
Aboriginal Leadership Development Program 42

Section Three: Leadership and Self
Leadership that Transforms (Part1) 51
Being a Leader 59
True Self and Leadership 62
Leadership and Fulfilment 64

Section Four: Leadership, Purpose and Values
Leadership on Purpose 69
Strength and Vulnerability in Leadership 73
Leadership and the Better Person 79

Section Five: Leadership and Mindfulness
Mindfulness and Letting Go 87
Sleeping with the Enemy Stress 90

Section Six: Leadership and Emotions
Leadership is Emotional 97
Courage and Fear in Leadership 101

Section Seven: Leadership, Groups and Collaboration
The Secret Life of Organizations 109
Leadership that Transforms Groups and
Organizations (Part2) 112
The Relational Dilemma of Leaders 118

Section Eight: Leadership, Organisations and Performance
Leaders and the Stockholm Syndrome 123
Leading Your Organization to Succeed 128
Leadership and High Performance 133

Section Nine: Leadership, Strategy and Creativity
Strategic Success for Leaders 141
Strategic Approaches to our Leadership Challenges 147
Driving Miss Crazy 154
Creativity is Making More from Milk 157
Section Ten: Leadership and Change
Leaders Need to go Fishing for Change 163
Leading Organizational and Cultural Change 166
Changing Habits - Why Nuns are Faster than Us (Part1) 174
Changing Habits - The 3 Ps (Part2) 177
About Richard Searle 181

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