Leadership Roles for Librarians

Leadership Roles for Librarians

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ISBN-13: 9780837701547
Publisher: Hein, William S. & Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/01/2002
Series: AALL Publications Ser.
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 287
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Carol B. Allredxiii
Robert Berringxiii
John E. Christensenxiv
Herbert E. (Herb) Cihakxiv
Timothy L. Cogginsxv
Anne Grandexv
George Grossmanxvi
Michael J. Hannonxvi
Penny Hazeltonxvii
Joan Howlandxvii
Roy Merskyxviii
Roberta (Bobbie) F. Studwellxviii
Kay Toddxix
The Leader As Leader1
Ability to Anticipate and Seize New Opportunities4
Ability to Articulate a Coherent and Compelling Vision8
Ability to Convey Self-Confidence and Courage11
The Leader As Builder19
The Initial Spark20
Making the Case21
Need Assessment23
Design Development24
The Leader As Champion31
Leadership Principles and Traits33
Characteristics of Champions35
Why Leader As Champion36
A Leader As Champion Model: Diversity in the Institution39
A Champion's Checklist for Impacting Diversity in the Workplace41
Step 1Establish a Foundation for Diversity Within the Institution41
Step 2Develop a Diversity Plan for the Institution42
Step 3Implement the Plan--Recruiting the Candidates to Fill Positions42
Step 4Retain the Diversity Employee--Promotion, Training, Etc.43
Step 5Follow-Up, Evaluate, and Improve the Plan44
The Leader As Coach47
Why Library Coach Rather than Boss, Manager, Administrator, or Counselor?48
Whom Do We Coach?50
When Do We Coach?53
What Characteristics or Skills Must a Library Leader Coach Possess?55
Which Duties Does a Library Leader Coach Perform?59
Why Coaching Sometimes Fails64
The Leader As Innovator67
Defining Leadership68
Defining Innovation69
Discarding Misconceptions70
The Leader Must Be Hard70
Leaders Can Be Identified by the Size of Their Desks71
Real Leaders Overcome All Problems72
Knowing Where You Are Going72
Second Rule: How Far Do You Want To Go?74
Confucius: The Innovative Leader75
The Leader As Liberator81
Library Liberation Leadership--What It Is and Isn't82
Why Leaders Should Liberate Library Personnel84
Putting Liberation to Work in Libraries86
Benefits of Utilizing the Leader As Library Liberator Model91
The Leader As Manager97
Scientific Management100
Administrative Management101
Human Relations Theories102
Contemporary Management Thought104
Systems Theory105
Contingency Theory106
Peter Drucker108
Business Process Reengineering108
Legacies from the History of Management Thought109
How Management and Leadership Work Together110
Words of Wisdom from Peter Drucker114
The Leader As Marketer117
Marketing Versus Public Relations118
The Library and Its Parent119
Marketing Plan--Environmental Scan120
Staff Role in Marketing122
Product Identification123
Identify the User Groups124
Identifying User Needs125
Marketing Techniques125
The Plan126
The Leader As Mediator131
The Causes of Conflict132
Structural Causes132
Environmental Causes133
Interpersonal Causes134
Conflict Levels134
Conflict Resolution Approaches138
Conflict Mediation142
Advantages of Managerial Mediation143
Drawbacks of Managerial Mediation144
Preparing to Mediate145
Attributes of an Effective Leader-Mediator148
Active Listening149
Attending Skills149
The Mediation Encounter150
The Leader As Mentor155
Dimensions of Mentoring157
The Roles of a Mentor165
The Leader As Teacher169
Why Foster Learning?170
Characteristics of a Leader Teacher172
Opportunities to Foster Learning in Libraries174
The Leader As Transformer179
Why Transform?181
What Makes a Transformational Leader?184
When Is a Transformation in the Library Welcome?187
What Does an Effective Leader Contribute to the Successful Transformation of an Organization?188
People and Organizations191
Developing Strategies for Achieving Change and Excellence195
A Change Strategy Scenario196
Measuring to Evaluate Success197
The Leader As Visionary199
Challenges of Technology Leadership in Libraries200
Forecasting the Future200
Monetary Costs201
User Expectations202
Resistance to Change202
Information and Technology Overload202
Competitive Pressure from Peers203
Time to Monitor Developments203
Time and Expertise to Evaluate203
Uncertainty of Standards204
Network Security Issues204
Licenses and Copyright Issues204
Disruptive Technologies205
Perils of Planning206
Monitoring and Projecting Trends206
Overview--Update of Selected Library Technologies210
Online Databases212
Library Automation Systems213
Document Delivery214
Strategies and Principles for Leadership in Technology217
Remember That Technology Is a Tool, Not a Goal217
Always Be on the Lookout for Good Ideas218
Be Realistic in Your Assessment of New Technologies218
Develop Win-Win Partnerships220
Write Grant Proposals220
Stretch Your Staff221
Encourage Primary Patrons to Develop Technology Skills221
Plan Ahead but Review Technology Plans Frequently222
Think Big223
The Leader As Achiever225
Some Definitions and Basic Philosophies225
Thinking Creatively226
High Expectations230
Skill Building232
An Interdisciplinary Approach235
Public Relations243
Attracting Outside Help247
Some Conclusions248

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