Leadership with Consciousness

Leadership with Consciousness

by Tony Humphreys


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Leadership with Consciousness by Tony Humphreys

In Leadership; With Consciousness Tony Humphreys posits factors alone are not sufficient to explain the worldwide recession that started in 2008; indeed, he graphically points out that those economic processes are always enmeshed with powerful; often, unconscious defensive; emotional processes. These undetected emotional processes, particularly in leaders, pose great threat to economic, social and emotional prosperity. The seriousness of this threat has been exemplified by the revelations in western society of the hitherto unrecognised greed, avarice, secretiveness, narcissism, arrogance, bullying and superiority among the heads of important societal institutions such as banks and other financial institutions, property development companies and among leaders in government.

Humphreys is very emphatic that we can no longer protectively hide behind blaming of institutions or governments; it is crucial that we take on board that it is individual leaders who, from unconscious defensive places, act inhumanely and unethically and responsibility always belongs with individuals. The book argues strongly that it is the mature process of consciousness of the need to resolve their unconscious defences that lies at the heart of leadership effectiveness and development The more leaders become conscious of this, the better they will be as leaders. The book sets out to facilitate leaders in this, mature process by showing why and how unconscious defences are created, how they can be identified and how conscious resolutions can be found. When leaders lead with consciousness - when they are mature – everybody in society benefits.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781855942189
Publisher: Attic Press, Ireland
Publication date: 01/20/2012
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.70(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1 Genius of Unconsciousness 8

The Story Behind What We Do

The Power of Vulnerability

The Roots of Inferiority

Mis-taken Identity

A Person Always Knows What's Going On

Uncovering The Intentions of Stress

Stressing the Not So Obvious

The Intelligence of Stress

The Heart of the Matter

The Truth in the Lie

Mind Without Heart is Not Mind At All

Each Person is a Genius!

Is There More to Your Career Than You Realise

After All, It's Only Human To …

2 Men on Top 40

Men on Top

Leaders are Neither Born Nor Made

Are Leaders and Managers Different?

Falling Off Pedestals

The Addiction to Success

Addiction To What Others Think

Dangerous To Be Male

MALEs Ireland

Gender Inequalities

What Lies Behind the Mars-Venus Myth

A Matter of Time

3 It's Not the System, It's the Individual 64

Are We Victims or Creators?

It's Not the System, It's the Person

Banking on the Banks to be Mature

The Seven Deadly 'Sins' of Work Organisations

The Business of Education

Beyond the Usual Politics

4 Quest for Consciousness 78

Recession: Opportunity for Progression

To Question or Not to Question: That is the Question

Creating a Better Society

Is Unconditional Love Possible in the Workplace?

Is Compassion Possible in the Workplace?

Emotions Call for Motion

The Power of Anger

Guilt Trip

Mining the Diamond

The New Profession of Relationship Mentoring

5 People-Managing with Consciousness 100

Management Without Relationship

The End to Insensitivity

Lean-to Relationships

Who Knows You?

Revolutions and Inner Resolutions

Safety at Work

Examining Relationships

Dangerous to be Real

'CAVE' Dwellers

The Inner Terrain of Relationships

People Care!

Resolving Bullying and Passivity

Nobody Asks to be Bullied

The Difference Between Boundaries and Defences

Feedback and Wellbeing

Facing Up to Facial Expression

Asking For What You Want

6 Genius of Consciousness 138

The Genius of Consciousness

The Truth Will Set You Free

What Arises in Me is About Me

What People Say is About Themselves

Is it Me, You or We?

Being Affective in Your Profession

Unconditional Love is the Sine Qua Non of Conflict Resolution

Trusting Times

The Governorship of Self

Take Note of Tone of Voice

On Being Responsible

The Path to Accountability

The Uncomfortable Challenge of Accountability

East Meets West on Stress Reduction

The Place of Dignity and Compassion in the Medical Care of People

Meditation or Medication: That is the Question

7 Training for Consciousness 172

Training for Raising Consciousness

Step One: Identifying Unconscious Processes

Step Two: Raising Consciousness of What Has Been Identified

Step Three: The Development of Compassionate Understanding

Step Four: Making New Conscious Choices

Step Five: Conscious New Actions

Management with Consciousness: An Overview

Index 193

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