Leadership Workout: Shortcuts To... Informed Leadership Energised Leadership Empowered Leadership

Leadership Workout: Shortcuts To... Informed Leadership Energised Leadership Empowered Leadership

by Judith Mary Sharman


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Not a conventional leadership book, not a resource workbook, not 'crib sheets' and not even a tool kit but rather a hybrid of all four; 'Leadership Workout' fills knowledge gaps, prompts possible solutions and broadens the views of leaders - quickly and enjoyably.

"A really great read - surprisingly riveting given the subject matter - with lots of nuggets of important information made accessible for a busy leader. With helpful tips and approaches, it is easy to pick up and refer to time and time again."
~ Graham Haworth, HR & Legal Director, Crown Paints UK

This is not a book to read from cover to cover, from beginning to end, but rather one into which leaders can, using flow diagrams, access information at the level they need - quickly. Leaders can DIP, DELVE or DIG DOWN DEEP to suit the time available and the situation being faced. Comprehensive answers are provided to common and complex dilemmas facing leaders in the fields of product or service development, leadership, colleague relations, workplace culture and marketing. Leaders can delve, follow and tug those sometimes elusive threads and themes to expand their knowledge of their organization and their own effectiveness as leaders. Digging deeper in a systematic way not only strengthens leadership skills, resilience and adaptability but provides essential insights into the current reality of organizations. In short, this book strives to share with leaders, as economically and accessibly as possible, what the best, most trust-worthy and impartial mentors - of history and today would tell them - were they sitting alongside.

Section One: Navigating the Book, Navigating Leadership
Section Two: Strengthening Your Leadership - Aligning Your Leadership 'Inner Compass'
Section Three: Establishing the Current Reality of Your Organization
Section Four: Leadership Workouts - Bringing the Best from 'Thought-Leaders' to Sharpen Leadership Thinking
Section Five: Next Steps to Informed, Energized and Empowered Leadership

Graham Howarth is not the only person talking about this book, with major UK leaders vouching for it - this book is a 'must-read' for leaders of today and tomorrow!

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ISBN-13: 9780992810801
Publisher: Acorn and Oak Publishing
Publication date: 03/04/2014
Pages: 254
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