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Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution

Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution

by Bill Richardson

Hardcover(First Edition)

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Global climate change?

We can stop it.

Addiction to oil?We can replace it.

Technological innovation?

We can create it.

But we can't wait twenty, thirty, or fifty years.

Bill Richardson launched his campaign for the presidency to remind the American people--and their representatives in Washington--that we know how to get things done. We need to end our dependence on oil, and we need to do it yesterday.

This isn't something that's going to happen only in Washington, or Detroit, or even Hollywood or Tokyo. It's going to take all of us, a united United States. We have the opportunity, perhaps for only a few years, to make dramatic but beneficial changes in the way we run America.

As Leading by Example makes clear, if we succeed, with strong presidential leadership and the support of the American people, we will restore America's role in the world--a source of moral leadership, a source of astonishing technology, and a source of optimism to be admired.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780470186374
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 10/26/2007
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.08(w) x 9.24(h) x 0.92(d)

About the Author

Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) has served as Secretary of Energy and Ambassador to the United Nations. Now, as the only candidate with executive and foreign policy experience, he presents an action program to sharply reduce America's oil dependence, build foreign policy on our principles instead of our addictions, and lead the world with energy and climate solutions that might just save millions of American jobs—and the planet.

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Table of Contents


1. No Challenge Is Greater or More Important.

2. 1997–2007: Then and Now.

3. Oil, Coal, and the Planet’s Future.

4. A Confused World, an Opportunity to Lead.

5. Learning from Others.

6. The Costs of Action, the Price of Inaction.

7. Government Must Play a Role.

8. Using the Bully Pulpit: The Power of the Energy President.

9. Facing Reality.

10. 2020 Vision: An Energy Revolution, in Five Simple Steps.


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