Leaping Death

Leaping Death

by Hugh Hawkins


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In 1972 a couple with each person born on LEAP YEAR DAY IN 1896 were killed by a tornado when DEATH, ‘THE GRIM REAPER,’ created an extra day to end the life of the psychic Jack Riggins. The DEVIL used the idea to send his disciples from hell to earth. They all have the same gift being born on February the 29th of 1976. Heaven also sends disciples to earth to battle the evil forces. It is good versus evil in the final showdown with DEATH stalking both sides.

Hunter Stokes was born on Feb. 29, 1976. He soon found out that being born on a 'LEAP YEAR DAY' was weirder than he thought. His best friend Miller shares the same birthday. But when an accident takes Miller's life at age 17, Hunter can't deal with it emotionally and is placed in an asylum in Lynchburg, Virginia. On his 21st birthday, Hunter realizes he has special powers. All kids born on his birthday have a gift: they are able to roam free for an extra day while the rest of the people on earth are frozen in time.

Hunter escapes from the asylum. While experiencing the phenomenon of being free to move while others are frozen, he finds Marina Hampton, another person who shares his birth date. Together they form a good faction and try making sense of all the crazy world happenings. They, along with the others they meet in Los Angeles, California, are not allowed to tell anyone of their special gift, except others born on their birthday.
People start dying without reason. Hunter's group learns there is a supernatural force that wants no part in these 'LEAP YEAR KIDS' having any gift. How are they going to survive?

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ISBN-13: 9781434396259
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/13/2008
Pages: 620
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.37(d)

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Leaping Death 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
WilliamLonsdale More than 1 year ago
I found myself not being able to put this book down once I started reading this novel. As a fan of Stephen King, (and science fiction thrillers), this book delivered on everything. The characters and events had you captivated until the book was through. There was an incredible amount of symbolisms with numbers, and worldly disasters that had me scratching my head. There are tie-ins with the 1989 'San Francisco Earthquake,' the 1998 disastrous flight of '111' from New York to Paris that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, people who are born on Leap Year Day, and how "Death surrounds all of us' and is not just a feeling, Death can be brought to the earth and humanized! The book starts with a young man named Hunter Stokes learning he has special powers as a person with the birthday of February.29/1976(Leap Year Day.) He is able to roam the earth, with fellow people born on his day, for 24 hours while the rest of the earth is frozen. Hunter soon realizes that he is the re-incarnation of a World War Vetreran that survived a plane crash, devloped amnesia and had unknowingly cheated 'Death' his whole life with a special psychic power. Death creates an 'extra day' following Leap year in 1972, to kill the war veteran. The devil loves the idea so much he sends dicsciples from hell to be born on the next leap year day of 1976. Heaven also sends discpiples down to combat the evil forces. These 1976 Leap Year babies received their powers on their 21st birthday in 1997. They formed good and evil factions while not being able to tell another human soul about their gift. The bad faction uses the day to their advantage in stealing from banks, and anything of monetary value while the good tries to stay away from the evil faction. All the while 'Death' is trying to wipe out either side to correct the loophole he created in 1972. The leap year day babies from '76 start dying and being erased from total existence. Hunter starts realizing his powers, when he meets his re-incarnated love from a life past in Marina Hampton. She too is a leap year day baby from '76. Soon they put the pieces to all the events as Hunter begins realizing his old psychic powers. The rest of the free world cannot explain the world happenings of blown up banks and money stolen without a trace to speak of. Hunter soon realizes that he is at battle against the Devil's son of Duke Duster. A Leap Year baby of '76, who is being led by the Devil himself to destroy the world. Death stalks both sides. Hunter leads a 'good faction' into Canada to hide from the 'evil faction'. It isn't too long before the real world starts realizing people born on this day, have a lot of interesting phenomenons with what keeps happening after February turns into March. A world wide manhunt is led. Hunter starts realizing that numbers, and other disasters, all have a symbolic meaning with Leap Year kids and that the end of the world maybe near, and that Duke is probably the one to end it. I don't know how the writer came about the concept of incorporating the dates, times and events of the real-life occurences, but they are mind-boggling and intriguing. The author has often compared the book to Stephen King's 'THE STAND' VS the pop-culture success of the movie "FINAL DESTINATION" where death is always a presence in life. I would add the movie 'THE NUMBER 23' as another similar book when it comes to numbers and parallelisms. I hope this book catches on and is made