Learn APA Style: Writing in Psychology and the Social Sciences

Learn APA Style: Writing in Psychology and the Social Sciences

by Mark Hatala


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ISBN-13: 9781933167022
Publisher: Hatala Geroproducts
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Pages: 136
Sales rank: 607,395
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About the Author

Mark Hatala has been teaching writing in psychology at the college level for over 25 years. He has a number of journal publications and regularly presents with his research team at regional and national conferences. In addition to being a college professor, Dr. Hatala has been a machinist, an opera usher, a bus driver, a fry cook, the lead singer in a punk band, a market researcher, a financial planner, and a baseball umpire. He is an avid backgammon and cribbage player and enjoys time spent with his three children.

Table of Contents

Structure of the book
APA style in a nutshell
Section 1 - The Publication Manual
1.01-1.16 Writing for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
Test your knowledge - Section 1.01-1.16
2.01-2.13 Manuscript Structure and Content
Test your knowledge - Section 2.01-2.13
3.01-3.23 Writing Clearly and Concisely
Test your knowledge - Section 3.01-3.23
In Depth: Clear and concise writing
In Depth: Non-sexist and non-biased writing
4.01-4.49 The Mechanics of Style
Test your knowledge - Section 4.01-4.49
In Depth: Abbreviations
In Depth: Punctuation
5.01-5.30 Displaying Results
Test your knowledge - Section 5.01-5.30
6.01-6.32 Crediting Sources
Test your knowledge - Section 6.01-6.32
In Depth: Crediting sources in manuscript
7.01-7.11 Reference Examples
Test your knowledge - Section 7.01-7.11
In Depth: Author names in references
8.01-8.07 The Publication Process
Test your knowledge - Section 8.01-8.07

Section 2 - Explanations and Examples
Types of Sources
Types of Articles
Empirical studies
Theoretical articles
Methodological articles
Case studies
Other types of articles
Citation explanation
Manuscript with one author
Manuscript with two authors
Manuscript with three, four, or five authors
Manuscript with six or more authors
Multiple manuscripts from the same author from the same year
Multiple manuscripts from the same author from different years
Multiple manuscripts within the same set of parentheses
Manuscript with no identifiable author
Reference examples
Journal article with one author
Journal article with two authors
Journal article with three authors
Journal article with four authors
Journal article with five authors
Journal article with six authors
Journal article with seven authors
Journal article with eight ot more authors
A note about DOI numbers
Magazine article
Online magazine article
Newspaper article
Online newspaper article
Book chapter
Encyclopedia or reference work
Online encyclopedia or reference work
Online encyclopedia or reference work, no author or editor
A note about retrieval dates
Online dictionary
Subject-specific book
Paper or poster presentation
Doctoral dissertations and master's theses
Dissertation abstract
Reviews and peer commentary
Audiovisual media (TV shows, movies, etc.)
Blog post
Comment on a blog post
Video blog post (or online video)
Technical and research reports
Music recording and music videos
Setting up a paper in Microsoft Word or google docs
Sample Papers
Sample student research paper
Sample journal submission
Odds and ends
Active vs. passive voice
As cited in . . .
Proper citation of a single source within a paragraph
Personal communications
Reference alphabetization
Single-sentence paragraphs
Websites: A final caution

Section 3 - Topic Ideas and Sources
Body image
Bystander effect
Context-dependent memory
Exercise and depression
Eyewitness testimony
Implicit vs. explicit memory
Mood and recall
(Plus 11 more topics)

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