Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World: Essays in Honour of Margaret Clunies Ross

Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World: Essays in Honour of Margaret Clunies Ross


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ISBN-13: 9782503525808
Publisher: Brepols Publishers
Publication date: 08/28/2007
Series: Medieval Texts and Cultures of Northern Europe Series , #18
Pages: 470
Product dimensions: 6.56(w) x 9.65(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations     x
List of Illustrations     xi
Tabula Gratulatoria     xii
Introduction   Judy Quinn     1
Theoretical Frameworks for Understanding Old Norse Literature
The Speaking Bodies of Saga Texts   Jurg Glauser     13
The Icelandic Saga as a Kind of Literature with Special Reference to its Representation of Reality   Vesteinn Olason     27
Political Echoes: Reading Eyrbyggja Saga in Light of Contemporary Conflicts   Torfi H. Tulinius     49
Structuralist Approaches to Saga Literature   Lars Lonnroth     63
Reconstructing Skaldic Encomia: Discourse Features in Pjodolfr's 'Magnus verses'   Diana Whaley     75
Old Norse Myth and Society
How Uniform Was the Old Norse Religion?   Stefan Brink     105
Odinn, Warriors, and Death   Jens Peter Schjodt     137
Myth and Ritual in the Haleygjatal of Eyvindr skaldaspillir   Russell Poole     153
Famous Last Words: Monologue and Dialogue in Hamdismal and the Realization of Heroic Tale   John Hines     177
Oral Traditions in Performance and Text
The Immanent Saga of Guhmundr riki   Gisli Sigurdsson     201
The Art of Poetry and the Sagas of Icelanders   GudrunNordal     219
Mansongr - a Phantom Genre?   Edith Marold     239
Skaldic Poetry and Performance   Stefanie Wurth     263
Vernacular and Latin Theories of Language
Poetry, Dwarfs, and Gods: Understanding Alvissmal   John Lindow     285
The Notion of Effeminate Language in Old Norse Literature   Mats Malm     305
Aelfric in Iceland   Kari Ellen Gade     321
Old Icelandic Grammatical Literature: The Last Two Decades of Research (1983-2005)   Fabrizio D. Raschella     341
Prolonged Traditions
The 'Discourse of Counsel' and the 'Translated' Riddarasogur   Geraldine Barnes     375
Vatnsdoela saga: Visions and Versions   Andrew Wawn     399
Skanderbeg: An Albanian Hero in Icelandic Clothing   M. J. Driscoll     423
A Bibliography of Margaret Clunies Ross's Publications   Anna Hansen     447

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