Learning Before Birth: Every Child Deserves Giftedness

Learning Before Birth: Every Child Deserves Giftedness

by Brent Logan


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ISBN-13: 9781588202314
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/28/2003
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 0.55(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

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Guest More than 1 year ago
For years hopeful parents have played music and language tapes to their unborn babies. But does this practice produce positive results? According to the subject's foremost authority, substantial evidence for permanent advantages finally exists. This book is the first to detail the history, theory, testing, and techniques of a revolution in when and how we begin to learn. 100,000 children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds have been endowed with profound talents for facing the contentious 21st century; over merely a few years, global culture is moving into especially capable hands. This timely innovation of sonic enrichment during pregnancy has been praised worldwide by obstetricians, pediatricians, educators, psychologists, and, most importantly, parents. Time, Newsweek, Vogue, New York Times, London Times, CNN ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, NPR, CBC, BBC, and hundreds of other media reports have described its superlative success, as has the popular television documentary, 'Brave New Babies,' narrated by actress Miranda Richardson, airing in many countries and shown repeatedly on The Learing Channel. Features of these remarkable youth include: Delivery with no crying, greater neonatal weight and length, extended newborn attention spans, parental voice recognition at birth, increased physical strength, undisturbed sleep patterns, closer family bonding, accelerated developmental skills, early coordination, extreme linguistic proficiency, enormous selfmotivation, prolific creative powers, exemplary academic achievement, emotional balance, expanded cognitive abilities, and enhanced social awareness. An amazing aptitude enables them to resolve problems with far more speed and effectiveness than peers unstimulated in the womb. Who better to relate this paradigm upgrade than its originator, the field's leading resource, developmental psychologist, Brent Logan. With his latest book, no expectant parent will miss their exclusive chance for providing a legacy by which the individual, family, and entire human community can benefit beyond measure. London's Today states, 'It could revolutionize prenatal care across the globe.' The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation comments, 'We commend Brent Logan for his commitment and dedication to this very worthwhile work.' Physician Sarah Brewer, with personal experience using this approach--as related in her popular volume, Super Baby--calls it 'a brilliant invention,' echoed by famed obstetrician Rene Van de Carr, author of While You Are Expecting, 'Every parent-to-be should hear about this,' while Roy Ridgeway, Caring for Your Unborn Child, believes, 'It is hard to overestimate the benefits.' And bestselling author Armin Brott, The Expectant Father, says, 'I really enjoyed Learning Before Birth.' 'A leading and revered expert in his field,' according to Executive Woman of London, Brent Logan, who directs Prenatal Institute in Seattle--has for 20 years pioneered how best to empower the fetus. His journal articles initiated investigations producing a breakthrough which grants lifetime assets for today's increasingly challenged children. He first brought his message to the vast populations of China, Russia, India, and Southeast Asia. Now, prompted by requests from parents everywhere, Learning Before Birth makes this vision available for anyone wishing an improved future--by nurturing a natural window of opportunity in pregnancy. Please welcome the Gifted Generation!