Learning English with Laughter: Module 2 Part 1 Workbook

Learning English with Laughter: Module 2 Part 1 Workbook


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Module 2 Part 1 Workbook: CURRICULUM FOR HIGH BEGINNERS Second Edition This Learning English with Laughter's Teen-adult series has four Modules. This Workbook is part of a series of the three books, Student Reader, Workbook and Teacher's Guide that comprise Module 2 Part 1. It is intended for English second language beginners aged 13 years and older. This Workbook has 46 pages for 20 lessons. It provides practice of all concepts taught in the Student Reader and includes a 7 page glossary of the 272 words introduced in the new vocabulary. There are spaces for student's notes. THE STUDENTS DO THE WRITTEN WORK IN THIS WORKBOOK. Many of the exercises and activities will be incomplete if bought without the series - Student Reader, Workbook and Teacher's Guide. All answers, tests and extra activities for photocopying are in the Teacher's Guide.Throughout this book the students participate in: - Word order exercises- Match the meaning- Word Bingo- Writing answers in sentences- Using prepositions with dates - oral - written- group activity- Completing sentences - Whole class - using role cards to complete sentences- Gathering information to express comparative distances- Completing dialogues- Recording a partner's responses- Completing comparative sentences- Writing comparative sentences- Using adjectives to write descriptions- Writing questions using "going to"- Writing answers using "well"- Writing sentences that describe pictures- Using "ever" in questions and answers about pictures- Writing topic sentences to start a paragraph- Cloze exercises using new vocabulary- Completing role-plays- Partner activities using reported speech- Past tense review- Writing sentences using "have got"- Expressing distances reviewThese activities and exercises reinforce the contents of Module 2 Part 1 Student Reader.The availability of this series of Modules, each in two Parts, allows schools, colleges and universities to provide books for half of each Module at a time. This gives flexibility in administering the program. These books have been popular for the last decade. The online version is being used in more than 70 countries of the world.

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ISBN-13: 9781482526561
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/11/2013
Series: Learning English with Laughter , #8
Pages: 62
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

Daisy Stocker B.Ed., M.Ed. taught in the British and Canadian school systems in different capacities over many years. George Stocker D.D.S. practiced Dentistry and taught in hospitals, colleges and universities.
In 1990 they left their Canadian careers and traveled to Czechoslovakia to teach and assist in establishing the first private language school in the country. During the following years the Stockers developed this series of textbooks. Frequent surveys were given to the students to assess the many components of their lessons. The results of the surveys were discussed with the students and only the most helpful content was retained.
This grassroots feedback obtained from our students has been positively confirmed by students and teachers in more than 70 countries around the world.
Since leaving the Czech Republic the Stockers have taught in Budapest, Hong Kong and Northern India. They make their home in Victoria, Canada.

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