Learning in a Burning House: Educational Inequality, Ideology, and (Dis)Integration

Learning in a Burning House: Educational Inequality, Ideology, and (Dis)Integration




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ISBN-13: 9780807751770
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication date: 01/28/2011
Pages: 144
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Table of Contents

Foreword Marian Wright Edelman ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction 1

The Desegregation Dilemma 1

Desegregation v. Integration 3

Centering Race and Voice in the Desegregation Discourse 5

Black Superintendent Perspectives 7

Purpose and Overview 9

Part I Educational Quality And Inequality

1 Neither Separate nor Mixed nor Equal 15

An Unequal and Improper Education 16

Is Separate Inherently Unequal? 22

Our Colorblind Constitution 25

The End of Racism? 27

Conclusion 30

2 A Safe House: Life in Segregated Schools 32

From Negro Student to Black Superintendent: An Informed Perspective 33

Black Schools as Pillars of Strength 37

Preparing Students for the White World 40

Conclusion 47

Part II The Ideology Of Integration

3 Integration and Interest Convergence 51

From Jim Crow to Oliver Brown 52

Why Brown Happened When It Happened 54

Education as a Civil Right 59

Too Much Deliberate, Not Enough Speed 60

Conclusion 63

4 Vestiges of Desegregation: Proximity Without Affinity 64

Consequences for Black Families, Schools, and Communities 65

Diversity as Education Policy: The Illusion of Inclusion 70

From Vestiges of Segregation to Vestiges of Desegregation 72

Underestimating the Prejudice of Race 76

Conclusion 78

Part III The Integration Goal

5 A Burning House: The Disintegration of Integration 81

Dangerous Conditions: A Loss of Moral Vision 82

Fanning the Flames: The Problem with Liberalism 83

Assessing the Damage: The Importance of Structural Integrity 89

Conclusion 90

6 On Becoming Firefighters: Our Moral Activist Duty to Equal Education 92

A Moral Vision of Equal Education 93

A Critical Race Approach to Equal Education 94

Conclusion 104

Conclusion: Learning in the World House 106

The Death of Distance: Preparing Global Citizens through Education 107

Improved Means to an Improved End: Aligning Meaningful Goals to Meaningful Outcomes 108

Our Great Inheritance: Learning in the World House 109

References 111

Index 123

About the Author 130

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