Learning Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 / Edition 2

Learning Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 / Edition 2

by Catherine Skintik
Pub. Date:
Prentice Hall

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Learning Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 / Edition 2

Designed for students at a variety of skill levels, Learning Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 teaches using real-world design examples.The Learning series provides students with a total-immersion, hands-on tutorial that walks them step-by-step, mouse-click by mouse-click,keystroke by keystroke through all the features of the software application. The well-illustrated, spiral-bound text contains easy-to-read, appealingly formatted procedural explanations and step-by-step exercises in a multi-part Lesson format.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780131868878
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 10/03/2005
Series: DDC Learning Series
Edition description: 3RD BK&CDR
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 8.26(w) x 10.86(h) x 0.46(d)

Table of Contents

Lesson 1Get Started with Dreamweaver1
Exercise 12
About Macromedia Dreamweaver2
Start Dreamweaver3
Open a Web Page4
Dreamweaver Workspace4
Work with Panels and Panes6
Close and Exit Dreamweaver7
Exercise 29
Create a New Site9
Create Web Pages17
View Site Files19
Web Design Guidelines20
Exercise 323
About HTML and XHTML24
HTML Document Structure24
HTML Tags25
Add Keywords to a Web Site26
Enter Text on a Web Page26
Use Paragraph and Heading Tags27
Use Code and Design Views27
Open a Different Web Site29
End of Lesson Projects32
Exercise 432
Summary Exercise32
Exercise 534
Application Exercise34
Exercise 635
Curriculum Integration Exercise35
Exercise 736
Critical Thinking Exercise36
Lesson 2Work with Web Page Text and Links37
Exercise 839
Insert Text from Office Documents39
Modify Font Formats42
Insert Special Characters44
Check Spelling44
Find and Replace Text44
Save Edits45
Exercise 949
Adjust Paragraph Alignment49
Change Paragraph Indention49
Create Lists50
Insert a Date51
Use the History Panel52
Exercise 1056
About Dreamweaver's HTML Code Features56
Use the Code Inspector56
Display Head Content58
Use Code Hints and the Tag Chooser59
Use the Tag Inspector60
Insert Snippets60
Use the Reference Panel61
Clean Up XHTML Code62
Find and Replace Code62
Exercise 1167
About Links67
Create Text Links68
Link to Named Anchor68
Link to E-Mail Address70
Other Ways to Link70
Exercise 1273
Preview a Site in a Browser73
Work in the Files Panel73
End of Lesson Projects79
Exercise 1379
Summary Exercise79
Exercise 1481
Application Exercise81
Exercise 1582
Curriculum Integration Exercise82
Exercise 1683
Critical Thinking Exercise83
Lesson 3Work with Graphic Elements and Templates85
Exercise 1786
Change Page Background Color86
Insert Horizontal Rules86
Use Web-Safe and Custom Colors87
Exercise 1891
Insert Image on Page91
Modify Image Properties92
Position Image on Page93
Edit Graphics Within Dreamweaver96
Manage Graphic Files96
Exercise 19100
Insert Background Picture100
Create Image Maps101
Create Navigation Bars with Images102
Use the Assets Panel104
Exercise 20109
About Templates109
Create a New Template109
Apply a Template111
Edit a Template and Update Pages113
Exercise 21116
Use the Library116
Use Design Notes118
End of Lesson Projects123
Exercise 22123
Summary Exercise123
Exercise 23125
Application Exercise125
Exercise 24126
Curriculum Integration Exercise126
Exercise 25128
Critical Thinking Exercise128
Lesson 4Work with Tables and Forms129
Exercise 26130
About Tables130
Create a Table130
Insert Text and Images in Table Cells132
Adjust Table Structure132
Exercise 27138
Modify Table Borders and Backgrounds138
Import Table Data139
Sort Table Data140
Use Format Table Command140
Insert Table-Related Tags141
Exercise 28144
Use a Table for Page Layout144
Work in Layout Mode144
Format Layout Cells147
Exercise 29151
About Forms151
Create a Form151
About Dynamic Data158
Exercise 30163
Form Handling163
Test a Form164
End of Lesson Projects167
Exercise 31167
Summary Exercise167
Exercise 32169
Application Exercise169
Exercise 33170
Curriculum Integration Exercise170
Exercise 34171
Critical Thinking Exercise171
Lesson 5Work with Layers, Frames, and Styles173
Exercise 35175
About Layers175
Insert Layers176
Size and Position Layers176
Use the Layers Panel177
Name Layers177
Add Content to Layers177
Exercise 36182
Manipulate Layers182
Control Layer Visibility184
Advanced Layer Properties184
Convert Layers to Tables184
Looking Ahead185
Exercise 37189
About Frame Pages189
Create a Frameset189
Work with Frames190
Add Content to Frames192
Exercise 38197
Change Frame and Frameset Properties197
Set Frame Target for Links198
Preview a Frameset199
Modify Page Properties199
Exercise 39204
About Styles and Style Sheets204
Use the Property Inspector to Create Custom CSS Styles205
Use the CSS Styles Panel to Create Custom CSS Styles205
Apply Custom CSS Styles207
Edit Custom CSS Styles208
Dreamweaver CSS Reference209
Exercise 40212
Create External Cascading Style Sheet212
Advanced CSS Features215
End of Lesson Projects218
Exercise 41218
Summary Exercise218
Exercise 42220
Application Exercise220
Exercise 43222
Curriculum Integration Exercise222
Exercise 44223
Critical Thinking Exercise223
Lesson 6Work with Behaviors, Timelines, and Multimedia Objects225
Exercise 45226
About Behaviors226
Use the Behaviors Panel226
Dreamweaver Actions228
Modify or Remove Attached Actions234
Exercise 46238
About Timelines238
Use the Timelines Panel238
Create a Rotating Banner Ad Using the Behaviors Channel239
Create Animation Using Timeline Channels241
Exercise 47246
Create Curving Animations246
Record a Layer's Path246
Change Image and Layer Properties with Timelines247
Edit Timelines in Timelines Panel248
Exercise 48252
About Multimedia Files252
Insert Flash or Shockwave Movie252
Modify and Play Movie253
Insert Flash Buttons and Flash Text254
Other Multimedia Plugins256
End of Lesson Projects262
Exercise 49262
Summary Exercise262
Exercise 50263
Application Exercise263
Exercise 51264
Curriculum Integration Exercise264
Exercise 52265
Critical Thinking Exercise265
Lesson 7Manage and Publish A Web Site267
Exercise 53268
Select Target Browsers268
Check and Modify Links270
Exercise 54275
Run Dreamweaver Reports275
Validate Web Pages276
Exercise 55280
Publish a Web Site on a Server280
Check Files In and Out285
Copy Files from a Remote Server286
End of Lesson Projects289
Exercise 56289
Summary Exercise289
Exercise 57290
Application Exercise290
Exercise 58291
Curriculum Integration Exercise291
Exercise 59292
Critical Thinking Exercise292

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