Learning Microsoft Office 2007 / Edition 1

Learning Microsoft Office 2007 / Edition 1

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Learning Microsoft Office 2007 / Edition 1

Designed specifically with the needs of high school students and teachers in mind, this powerful program provides less reading and more hands-on exercises in every lesson to help students build confidence and proficiency in using the new Office 2007 user interface and new commands in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook. With over 300 hours of instruction, this program is ideal for both introductory and advanced courses.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780133639445
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 03/30/2007
Edition description: Spiral, Book & CD-ROM
Pages: 585
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 10.98(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Lesson 1

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2007

Exercise 1

About Business Technology

About Microsoft Office 2007

Use the Mouse

Use the Keyboard

Start and Exit Microsoft Office Programs

Identify Common Screen Elements

Conventions Used in This Book

Exercise 2

About Commands

About the Ribbon

Use the Ribbon

Use Access Keys

Use the Office Button

Use the Quick Access Toolbar

Use a Mini Toolbar

Use Shortcut menus

Use Dialog Box Options

Use Task Panes

Exercise 3

Use Window Controls



Use Multiple Windows

Exercise 4

Use the Help Program

Search for Help

Use the Help Table of Contents

Recover a File

Word 2007

Lesson 1

Getting Started with Word 2007

Exercise 1

Start Word

The Word Window

Change the Word Window

Type in a Document

Correct Errors

Use Undo, Redo, and Repeat

Save a New Document

Close a Document

Types of Business Documents

Exit Word

Exercise 2

Create a New Document

Work with Show/Hide Marks

Move the Insertion Point in a Document

Use Click and Type

Save Changes


Preview an Open Document

About Press Releases

Exercise 3

Correct Spelling as You Type

Correct Grammar as You Type

Check Spelling and Grammar

Use the Thesaurus

Exercise 4

Use AutoCorrect

Select Text in a Document

Replace Selected Text

Align Text Horizontally

Align a Document Vertically

Line Spacing

Paragraph Spacing

About Memos

Exercise 5

Format a Business Letter

Insert the Date and Time

Use Uppercase Mode

Change Case

Create an Envelope

Exercise 6

Set Tabs

Format a Modified-Block Business Letter

Shrink One Page

Exercise 7

Format a Personal Business Letter

About Fonts

Change the Font

Change Font Size

Apply Font Styles

Apply Underlines

Create Labels

Exercise 8 Critical Thinking

Exercise 9 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 2

Basic Editing Skills

Exercise 10

Use Proofreaders’ Marks

Open a Saved Document

Insert and Edit Text

Use Overtype Mode

Save a Document with a New Name

Exercise 11

Use Split Screen View

Open Multiple Documents at the Same Time

Arrange Documents On-Screen

Compare Documents Side by Side

Exercise 12

Move Text

Use Cut and Paste

Use the Clipboard Task Pane

Use Drag-and-Drop Editing

Select Paste Formatting Options

Move a Paragraph

Exercise 13

Use Copy and Paste

Use Drag-and-Drop Editing to Copy

Exercise 14

Open a Document as Read-Only

Open a Document from Windows

Document Properties

About File Types

Exercise 15

Preview a Closed Document

Print a Closed Document

Exercise 16 Critical Thinking

Exercise 17 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 3

Formatting Basics

Exercise 18

Apply Font Effects

Font Color

Highlight Text

Format Painter

Exercise 19

Use Symbols

Exercise 20

Indent Text

Exercise 21

Bulleted Lists

Numbered Lists


Exercise 22

About Styles

Apply Styles

Create a Style

Edit a Style

Reapply Direct Formatting

Clear Formatting

Exercise 23

About Document Production

Set Margins

Set Page Orientation

Format a One-Page Report

Exercise 24

Use Themes

Use AutoFormat As You Type

Exercise 25 Critical Thinking

Exercise 26 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 4

Word and the World Wide Web

Exercise 27

About the World Wide Web

Create a Web Page Document in Word

Use Web Layout View

View a Web Page Document in a Browser

Exercise 28

Open a Web Page Document in Word

Use Web Page Titles

Apply a Background

Exercise 29

Create Hyperlinks

Exercise 30

Send a Document as an E-mail Attachment

Exercise 31 Critical Thinking

Exercise 32 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 5

Working with Tables

Exercise 33

Create a Table

Enter Data in a Table

Select in a Table

Change Table Structure

Format a Table

Exercise 34

Set Alignments within Table Cells

Set Cell Margins

Align Table on the Page

Column Width and Row Height

Exercise 35

Draw a Table

Move and Resize Tables

Merge and Split Cells

Rotate Text

Wrap Text

Exercise 36

Calculations in a Table

Number Formats

Sort Rows

Cell Borders and Shading

Exercise 37 Critical Thinking

Exercise 38 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 6

Creating Documents with Merge

Exercise 39

Mail Merge Basics

Use Mail Merge

Create a New Address List

Use Merge Fields

Exercise 40

Merge with an Existing Address List

Edit an Address List

Customize Merge Fields

Merge Envelopes and Labels

Create Envelopes

Create Labels

Exercise 41

Sort Recipients in an Address List

Select Specific Recipients

Create a Directory with Mail Merge

Exercise 42

Filter Recipients

Merge to an E-mail Message

Exercise 43 Critical Thinking

Exercise 44 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 7

Creating and Editing Long Documents

Exercise 45

Create an Outline

Edit an Outline

Collapse and Expand Outlines

Number an Outline

Exercise 46

Set Margins for Multiple Page Documents

Insert Page Breaks

Insert Section Breaks

Insert Headers and Footers

Insert Page Numbers

View the Word Count

Exercise 47

Footnotes and Endnotes

Find and Replace

Insert Bookmarks

Select Browse Object

Exercise 48

Use Full Screen Reading View

Use Document Map

Use Thumbnails

Preview Multiple Pages

Copy or Move Text from One Page to Another

Print Specific Pages

Exercise 49

Insert Comments

Track Changes

Customize Revision Marks

Compare and Combine Documents

Accept/Reject Changes

Exercise 50 Critical Thinking

Exercise 51 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 8

Enhancing Documents and Automating Tasks

Exercise 52

About Desktop Publishing

Create Newsletter Columns

Set Column Width

Insert Column Breaks

Balance Columns

About Layout and Design

Exercise 53

Use Dropped Capitals

Enhance a Document with Borders and Shading

Exercise 54

Insert Shapes

Insert a Text Box

Format Objects

Resize Objects

Position Objects

Exercise 55

Insert Clip Art

Format Pictures

Use the Clip Organizer

Insert SmartArt

Exercise 56


Exercise 57

Insert a File in a Document

Building Blocks

Exercise 58

Record a Macro

Run a Macro

Exercise 59 Critical Thinking

Exercise 60 Curriculum Integration

Excel 2007

Lesson 1

Getting Started with Excel 2007

Exercise 1

Start Excel

The Excel Window

Excel Interface

Navigate the Worksheet

Change Between Worksheets

Worksheet Views

Exit Excel

Exercise 2

Create a New (Blank) Workbook

Create a Workbook from a Template or Another Workbook

Enter Labels

Make Simple Corrections

Undo and Redo

Delete (Clear) Cell Contents

Save a Workbook

Close a Workbook

Exercise 3

Open Workbooks

Change from Workbook to Workbook

Compare Workbooks


Pick From List


Spell Check

Exercise 4

Enter Numeric Labels and Values

Enter Dates

Create a Series

Change Data Alignment

Change Column Width

Exercise 5

Enter a Formula

Edit a Formula

Exercise 6 Critical Thinking

Exercise 7 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 2

Working with Formulas and Formatting

Exercise 8

Select Ranges

Range Entry Using Collapse Button

Exercise 9

Choose a Theme

Apply Cell Styles (Quick Styles)

Apply Font Formats

Apply Number Formats

Exercise 10

Copy and Paste Data

Copy Formats

Relative Reference

Absolute Reference

Preview and Print a Worksheet

Exercise 11

Insert and Delete Columns and Rows

Move Data (Cut/Paste)

Drag-and-Drop Editing

Exercise 12

Insert, Delete, Copy, Move, and Rename Worksheets

Change the Color of a Worksheet Tab

Hide Sheets

Group Sheets

Exercise 13 Critical Thinking

Exercise 14 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 3

Working with Functions, Formulas, and Charts

Exercise 15

Use Functions

Common Functions

Insert a Function


Exercise 16

Excel Tables


Exercise 17

Named Ranges

Exercise 18

Understand IF Functions

Nested IF Functions

=SUMIF() and SUMIFS() Functions

=COUNTIF() and COUNTIFS() Functions

Exercise 19

Chart Basics

Select Chart Data

Chart Elements

Create Charts

Change Chart Types

Select a Chart

Resize, Copy, Move, or Delete a Chart

Exercise 20

Change Data Series Orientation

Format a Chart

Resize, Move, or Delete a Chart Object

Change Chart Text

Enhance Chart Background

Format Category and Value Axes

Exercise 21 Critical Thinking

Exercise 22 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 4

Advanced Printing, Formatting, and Editing

Exercise 23

Print a Workbook

Print Multiple Copies

Modify Page Setup

Insert Headers and Footers

Page Layout View

Exercise 24

Insert Page Breaks

Page Break Preview

Set Print Area

Repeat Row and Column Labels

Other Sheet Tab Options

Exercise 25

Copy and Paste Special

Transpose Data

Exercise 26

Combine Data with Copy and Paste Special

Exercise 27

Freeze Labels While Scrolling

Split a Worksheet into Panes

Exercise 28

Drag-and-Drop Data Between Workbooks

Link Workbooks

Exercise 29

3-D Formulas

Duplicate Workbook Window

Exercise 30 Critical Thinking

Exercise 31 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 5

Advanced Chart Techniques

Exercise 32

Print a Chart

Publish Chart to the Internet/Intranet

Exercise 33

Paste a Picture of a Chart

Link a Chart

Embed a Chart into a Word Document

Edit a Linked or Embedded Chart

Exercise 34

Create Organization Charts

Create SmartArt

Exercise 35 Critical Thinking

Exercise 36 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 6

Advanced Functions, PivotCharts, and PivotTables

Exercise 37

Create Predictions and Estimations




Exercise 38

Use the PMT Function

Create What-If Data Tables

Solve a Problem with Goal Seek

Use Solver to Resolve Problems

Exercise 39

Create Lookup Functions

Exercise 40

Create PivotTables and PivotCharts

Use the PivotTable Field List

Exercise 41 Critical Thinking

Exercise 42 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 7

Internet and Integration with Excel

Exercise 43

Save a Worksheet as a Web Page

Exercise 44

Copy Data from a Web Page

Create a Web Query

Exercise 45

Link and Embed Excel Data

Paste a Picture

Link Data

Edit Linked Data

Embed Data

Edit Embedded Data

Exercise 46 Critical Thinking

Exercise 47 Curriculum Integration

Access 2007

Lesson 1

Getting Started with Access 2007

Database Basics

What is Access?

What is a Database?

What is a Database Management System?

How is an Access Database Organized?

How are Access Tables Related?

Exercise 1

Start Access and Open a Database

Work with the Navigation Pane

Save a Copy of a Database

Open and Close Objects in a Database

Move through a Datasheet or Form

Sort Records

Exercise 2

Enter Records

Edit Records

Select Records

Delete Records

Print Datasheets and Forms

Print Preview

Exercise 3

Plan a Database

Create a Database

Create a Table from a Datasheet

Save Changes to a Table Design

Rename a Field in a Datasheet

Delete a Field from a Datasheet

Exercise 4

Open a Database File

Create a Table with a Template

Create a Table in Design View

Select a Field for the Primary Key

Open a Database Exclusively

Set a Database Password

Exercise 5 Critical Thinking

Exercise 6 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 2

Working with Tables and Datasheets

Exercise 7

Open a Table for Editing in Design View

Rename a Field in Design View

Add a Field in Design View

Delete a Field in Design View

Reorder Fields

Change Field Properties

Exercise 8

How Data is Stored in a Plain Text File

Import Data

Export Data

Save Import or Export Steps

Exercise 9

Insert a Field on a Datasheet

Change Field Properties from Datasheet View

Move a Column

Hide and Unhide Columns

Change Datasheet Column Widths

Freeze Columns

Exercise 10

Relate Tables

Enforce Referential Integrity

Show Related Records

Exercise 11 Critical Thinking

Exercise 12 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 3

Simplifying Data Entry with Lookups and Forms

Exercise 13

Create a Lookup

Create a Value List

Lookup Field Values from Another Table

Create a Multivalued Field

Exercise 14

Create a Quick Form

Create a Form with a Wizard

Create a Form from Scratch

AutoFormat a Form

Exercise 15

Understanding Layout View

Adjust the Control Margins and Control Padding

Move Fields in the Layout

Size a Control

Delete a Control

Reset Tab Order

Align Controls with One Another

Change Control Formatting

Exercise 16

Work in Form Design View

Select and Move Controls

Resize Controls

Work with Headers and Footers

Add Page Number Codes

Add Date/Time Codes

Move Controls Between Sections

Insert an Unbound Label

Insert a Form Title

Exercise 17 Critical Thinking

Exercise 18 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 4

Find Information in a Database

Exercise 19

Find Text

Replace Data

Search Using Wildcards

Use Multiple Sorts

Change Column Order

Remove a Sort

Exercise 20

Filter a Record Subset

Filter By Selection

Filter for Multiple Selections

Filter For Entry

Filter By Form

Save a Filter as a Query

Exercise 21

Compare Queries to Sorts/Filters

Create a Query with a Wizard

Create a Query in Query Design View

Display the Query Datasheet

Save a Query

Exercise 22

Open a Query for Editing

Select, Move, and Delete Fields

Add Fields to a Query

Use All Fields of a Table for a Query

Rename a Query

Save a Copy of a Query

Exercise 23 Critical Thinking

Exercise 24 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 5

Display Information with Reports

Exercise 25

Report Layout Types

Views for Working with Reports

Ways to Create a Report

Create a Quick Report

Create a Report with the Report Wizard

Create a Blank Report in Layout View

Work with Print Preview and Report Views

Print a Report

Save a Report

Exercise 26

Use Report Design View.

Work with Headers and Footers

Move a Control Between Sections

Add Sorting and Grouping

Add a Calculated Field to a Report

Exercise 27

About Labels

Use the Label Wizard

Exercise 28 Critical Thinking

Exercise 29 Curriculum Integration

PowerPoint 2007

Lesson 1

PowerPoint Basics

Exercise 1

About PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Window

Create a Presentation from a Blank Presentation

Work with Placeholders

Add Slides to a Presentation

Select a Slide Layout

Save a Presentation

Exercise 2

Open an Existing Presentation

Move from Slide to Slide

Apply a Theme

Change Slide Layout

Work with the Normal View Panes

Spell Check a Presentation

Exercise 3

Insert Clip Art

Resize and Position Clip Art

Use Undo and Redo

Change Theme Colors

Change Theme Fonts

Change Background Style

Exercise 4

Create a Presentation from a Template or Existing


PowerPoint Views

Copy, Duplicate, and Delete Slides

Rearrange Slides

Exercise 5

Create Slides from an Outline

Reuse Slides from Other Presentations

Insert Header/Footer, Date, and Slide Numbers

Hide Background Graphics

Exercise 6

Create Notes Pages and Handouts

Change Slide Size and Orientation

Use Print Preview

Print Presentation Materials

Exercise 7 Critical Thinking

Exercise 8 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 2

Work with Text and Graphic Elements

Exercise 9

Select Text and Placeholders

Change the Appearance of Text

Use AutoFit Options

Copy Text Formatting

Create New Theme Fonts

Exercise 10

Work with Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Align Text

Adjust Paragraph Spacing

Move and Copy Text

Adjust and Format Placeholders

Exercise 11

Insert Symbols

Insert and Format a Text Box

Create Column Text in a Text Box

Insert and Format WordArt

Exercise 12

Insert a Table

Format or Modify a Table

Insert or Link Excel Worksheet Data

Exercise 13

Insert a Chart

Format or Modify a Chart

Insert a SmartArt Graphic

Format or Modify a SmartArt Graphic

Exercise 14

Use Rulers, Guides, and Gridlines

Draw and Format Shapes

Arrange Objects

Exercise 15

Insert a Picture from a File

Format Pictures

Insert a Movie

Insert Sounds and Music

Exercise 16

About the Slide Master

Customize Slide Master Elements

Create a Custom Layout

Work with Notes and Handouts Masters

Exercise 17

Create a Theme or Template

Apply Custom Themes and Templates

Exercise 18 Critical Thinking

Exercise 19 Curriculum Integration

Lesson 3

Prepare and Present a Slide Show

Exercise 20

Add Slide Transitions

Control Slide Advance

Animate Text and Objects

Rehearse Timings

Exercise 2

Create a Custom Show

Insert Links on Slides

Insert an Action Button

Exercise 22

Hide Slides

Set Slide Show Options

Control Slides During a Presentation

Annotate Slides During a Presentation

Exercise 23

Send a Presentation for Review

Finalize a Presentation

Package for CD

Other Output Options

Exercise 24 Critical Thinking

Exercise 25 Curriculum Integration

Outlook 2007

Lesson 1

Getting Started with Outlook

Exercise 1

About Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Start and Exit Outlook

Change the Outlook View

Navigate among Outlook Components

Exercise 2

Navigate in Mail

Create Messages

Send and Receive Messages

Read Messages

Reply To and Forward Messages

Print Messages

Exercise 3

Use Categories

Flag Messages for Follow-Up

Delete, Copy, and Move Messages

Find Items with Instant Search

Attach Files to Messages

Receive Message Attachments

Select a Theme or Stationery

Create a Signature

Use the Address Book

Exercise 4

Navigate in the Calendar

Change the Calendar View

Schedule Calendar Items

Schedule Recurring Calendar Items

Set Reminders

Print a Calendar

Exercise 5

Use Notes

Create Contacts

Change the Contacts View

Create Tasks

Change the Tasks View

Print Notes, Contacts, or Tasks

Exercise 6 Critical Thinking

Exercise 7 Curriculum Integration

Challenge Lesson

Exercise 1

Copy Word Table Data to an Excel Worksheet

Manipulate Data in Excel

Link Excel Data to a Word Document

Update Linked Data and E-Mail the Document

Exercise 2

Export a PowerPoint Presentation to Word for Handouts

Modify the PowerPoint Handouts in Word

Export a PowerPoint Outline to Word

Format the PowerPoint Outline in Word

Exercise 3

Create Pictures from PowerPoint Slides

Add a Field and Create a Form in Access

Insert Pictures in an Access Form

Exercise 4

Save a Word File as a Web Page

Save a Presentation as a Web Site

Create Hyperlinks in a Word Document

Preview and Test the Web Site

Exercise 5

Export an Access Table to Excel

Analyze Access Data in Excel

Send a Worksheet as E-Mail

Receive, Save, and Edit an E-Mailed Worksheet

Exercise 6

Create Queries in an Access Database

Use an Access Query as a Data Source for a Form Letter

Mail Merge

Embed Excel Data in a Word Document

Complete the Merge

Use an Access Table as a Data Source for an Envelope

Mail Merge

Exercise 7

Save an Excel Worksheet as a Web Page

Link a Word Document to an Excel Web Page

Send a Word Document via E-Mail

Exercise 8

Link an E-Mail Message to an Excel Worksheet

Prepare a Word Document for Use as a Form Letter

Link an Excel Worksheet to an Access Database

Exercise 9

Insert Downloaded Clip Art in an Excel Worksheet

Paste Excel Charts in a PowerPoint Presentation

Save Office Files in HTML Format

Insert and Test Hyperlinks



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