Learning more about Autism - Dealing with Autism in the Family

Learning more about Autism - Dealing with Autism in the Family


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Table of Contents

Definition of Autism
Probable Causes of Autism
Genetic Background
Symptoms of Autism
Symptom Triad
Voice and Facial Response
Self-Injurious Behavior
Recognition of Symptoms and Diagnosis
Diagnosis of Autism
Treatment of Autism
Attitude of People towards Autistics
Stress on Family
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Autism is a many times inherited disorder which becomes apparent in early childhood. Children suffering from autism are going to have a lot of problems in communicating verbally. This is a neuro- development disorder which is going to prevent children from learning and communicating in a verbal language, as well as understanding abstract concepts.

This book is going to give you more information about this disorder, its reasons, it symptoms, and how you can cope with a child suffering from autism in your family.

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