Leaving No Stones Unturned: Essays on the Ancient Near East and Egypt in Honor of Donald P. Hansen

Leaving No Stones Unturned: Essays on the Ancient Near East and Egypt in Honor of Donald P. Hansen

by Erica Ehrenberg (Editor)



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ISBN-13: 9781575060552
Publisher: Penn State University Press
Publication date: 06/30/2002
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 1.16(d)

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Digging with Donald - Selma Al-Radi

Power and Protection: A Little Proto-Elamite Silver Bull Pendant - Joan Aruz

Perfomativity and the Image: Narrative, Representation and the Uruk Vase - Zainab Bahrani

Early Late Cypriot Ceramic Exports to Canaan: White Slip I - Celia J. Bergoffen

Sarvistan Reconsidered - Lionel Bier

The Rooster in Mesopotamia - Erica Ehrenberg

Some Aspects of the Precinct of the Goddess Mut in New Kingdom - Richard A. Fazzini

Defending Connoisseurship: A Thrice Re-inscribed Sphinx of Dynasty XII - Rita E. Freed

Tomorrow We Dig! Excerpts from Vaughn E. Crawford’s Letters and Newsletters from al-Hiba - Prudence O. Harper

Pay-Dirt in the End - Edward J. Keall

1000 B.C.E? 900 B.C.E.? A Greek Vase from Lake Galilee - Gunter Kopcke

Pithoi of Hatshepsut’s Time - Christine Lilyquist

In Search of Prestige: Foreign Contacts and the Rise of an Elite in Early Dynastic Babylonia - Marc Van De Mieroop

Sacred Pathways - Bojana Mojsov

The Reattribution of Middle Uruk Materials at Brak - Joan Oates and David Oates

Seeing the Past in the Present: Twenty-Five Years of Ethnoarchaeology at al-Hiba - Edward L. Ochsenschlager

Pyramid Origins: A New Theory - David O’Connor

A Decorated Bronze Belt in the Detroit Institute of Arts - Elsie Holmes Peck

An Egyptian Goddess in Detroit - William H. Peck

The ‘Jeweler’s’ Seal from Susa and Art of Awan - Holly Pittman

Early Islamic Seals: Their Artistic and Cultural Importance - Priscilla Soucek

Ancient Egyptomania: The Uses of Egypt in Graeco-Roman Alexandria - Marjorie Susan Venit

The Temple Mound at Bismaya - Karen Wilson

How Tall Was Naram-Sin’s Victory Stele: Speculation on the Broken Bottom - Irene J. Winter

Mapping Himyarite Zafar - Paul Yule

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