Leaving the Beach

Leaving the Beach

Leaving the Beach

Leaving the Beach

Paperback(Second Edition Softcover)

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"This is an outstanding novel... Erin is a perfectly flawed heroine." ~ Semifinalist, 2017 BookLife Prize (10 out of 10 in All 5 Categories Judged)

"Rowen's angsty, passionate debut explores the virtues and pratfalls of rock and roll fandom... Rowen's frank delivery will hold readers from start to finish." ~ Publishers Weekly

Erin Reardon gets her first kiss from Jim Morrison and loses her virginity to David Bowie. When she flunks out of college, Bruce Springsteen comforts her, and Elvis Costello breaks her heart in Europe. So what happens when she finally meets a rock star in the flesh?

Erin's a lonely misfit with an eating disorder and a wild imagination. She believes she was born to save-and love-at least one tortured musician, and is willing to risk almost everything to fulfill that destiny.

"...gracefully grapples with several important issues, including alcohol and drug addiction, loss, grief and sexuality... There are also many entertaining pop-culture references to offset the weighty themes... An intriguing novel that looks at the ways that people cope with the pain in their lives." ~ Kirkus Reviews

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a newly revised and edited second edition of a critically-acclaimed, award-winning literary/women's fiction piece sure to compel you to keep those pages turning.

AUTHOR'S CONTENT WARNING: Leaving the Beach is told in first person by an unreliable narrator named Erin Reardon. Erin is bulimic, she suffers from anxiety and depression, and she engages in dangerous behaviors. Other themes in the book include suicide and suicidality. If any of these topics might distress or trigger you, please read with caution or choose another book. And if you or anyone you know is struggling with eating issues or other mental health issues, help is always available. The National Eating Disorders Association is a great place to start.


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622535804
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication date: 06/17/2019
Edition description: Second Edition Softcover
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

AUTHOR: I'm drawn to stories about women facing and overcoming challenges at various stages of life, so I love reading and writing women's fiction. Music, musicians, and music fans tend to find their way into my work too. Other interests include feminism, body image issues, parenting, and current events. I blog about that stuff and more whenever I can. My essays have been featured on numerous sites and blogs, including Mutha Magazine, Feminine Collective, and Huffington Post. A graduate of Providence College, I was raised in the Massachusetts Merrimack Valley, and live in the Boston area with my family and pets.

EDITOR: In 2014, I eased into editing. A critique group made its way onto my priority list. If a writer buddy needed a beta read, I jumped at the chance to apply a critical eye as well as positive reinforcement to the task. With every project I worked on, whether writing or offering constructive criticism, I aimed to improve my craft as I helped my fellow author. Becoming an editor wasn't my goal, but as I learned more about the mechanics of writing, a natural evolution occurred. My editing skills grew at a much more rapid pace than my writing skills did. Since 2014, I've edited countless anthologies, novels, and independent short works from various authors. I wish I had counted. That number would be pretty handy right about now. My primary focus is on speculative fiction, but I'm also interested in women's fiction and romance.

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