Leaving the Pack (Silver Nights Trilogy, book 1)

Leaving the Pack (Silver Nights Trilogy, book 1)

by David J. O'Brien

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BN ID: 2940045947268
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2014
Series: Silver Nights Trilogy , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 505 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

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Leaving the Pack (Silver Nights Trilogy, book 1) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
I don’t read a whole lot of paranormal romance these days. I started out with a love for it, but I’ve now shifted into an affinity for contemporary romance. I am glad, however, I took a chance on this paranormal book because I think it is probably one of the most believable I have read to date. Paul is a werewolf, but not in the traditional sense. He’s been running with a pack of other werewolves who, for 3 evenings during a full moon, go a bit bootie crazy as their body chemistry shifts. The rest of the time they are professional men. One night, Paul meets Susan and recognizes her as the woman he wants to spend his life with. Now, he must not only leave his pack but also convince this woman to stay with him even after she finds out his true nature. Well, this was a pretty sexy and action packed book. I really liked the way the werewolf legend was changed in order to be more modern and to make it more believable. I really think this is what modern paranormal romance should do. Plus, it’s a great crossover novel for people who may not be into paranormal romance. The chemistry between the main characters was great. That is one of the most important things to me in books is to be able to not only understand the attraction, but feel the anticipation. I got that here. Susan and Paul are not a sugary, flowers and rainbows kind of couple. There was a hint of realism to their interactions that only served to pull me further into the story. My only complaint about the book is that it did seem to get bogged down in descriptions at times. You learn a lot about Paul’s pack and its history. I perhaps could have done without some of that. I do, however, think if you can get through those points in the book it is well worth the read. 4 stars. Reviewed by Sara Squared for Crystal’s Many Reviewers *Copy Provided for review*
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
This book is not the typical shape shifter/werewolf book. I kept waiting and waiting to find out what this author’s take on the werewolf would be and thoroughly enjoyed the unfolding of the history of Paul and his ancestors when it arrived near the end. This is definitely a love story but it also tells of Paul’s strong ties to his “gang” or pack – the group of young men that he spends three nights with every month during the full moon. The author has written a believable story with characters living real lives in a real world - even though Paul and his mates are a bit other than the humans they live among. This book has fights, blood, some violence, love, sex and conflicts to overcome. I liked all of the characters in the book and look forward to learning more about them and their pack in the books to follow. 4.5 stars
Sami_Creech More than 1 year ago
Paul has been the leader of the pack for some time now and knows that soon it will come time for him to settle down and pass the reins onto someone else. He can feel it in the air that his life is going to change tonight. As usual him and his pack meet up and head out to the clubs to blow off a little steam. Susan is sitting at the bar with some of her work mates and starting to question why they came to this particular bar. That is until she spies a group of men walk into the club that exude confidence and something else she can’t quite put her finger on. She starts to flirt from afar with one of the men but does not want to appear to him as all the rest of the women who are drooling non-stop. Paul makes his way over to Susan and the going is rough at first but soon they hit it off. Paul knows from their first encounter that Susan is the one. He just has to figure out how to tell her what he is and prepare his pack for his departure. Will Paul lose Susan when she finds out the truth? Will Susan be strong enough to deal with Paul’s secret? Or will they both loose a one of a kind love over doubts and legends?
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
The story opens with Paul waking up by the knowledge that today is the day he will meet the woman with whom he’ll spend the rest of his life. It’s a day he awaits with great joy and mind-numbing fear! For Paul McHew, lawyer by day and werewolf by night, is the leader of a werewolf pack that runs the local city streets during the three nights of every full moon cycle each month.   During that time the pack seeks to drink their fill and enjoy as many women as they can have; they’re full of an extraordinary energy and lust for life during this lunar time.  However, they will die out unless they marry outside of their pack and what human would marry a werewolf? Susan is a feisty gal who actually makes the first move when she spots Paul in a local bar. For the first few minutes it even seems as if they clash so much, there isn’t a chance they will wind up on a date let alone fall in love.  However, that spark has been lit for sure and they do begin to have some wildly hot romantic nights, spend many an evening sharing drinks, and even get to the point when Paul tells Sara he has to be with his buddies at the time of the full moon.  Susan is amused for the first few months but then begins to wonder at this obsession Paul must fulfill each month! Meeting Paul’s family and planning for the holidays delights Susan, yet Paul is unhappier within himself as time passes for he must tell her about the secret his family has held for centuries.  Humans have been told some truths, some lies, some fantastical stories and more about the true identity of werewolves, with the result being that all humans associate with the word werewolf is absolute, unmitigated horror! Some scenes in the book carry just enough violence to confirm the association, but the reader must decide how much of reason and animal behavior accounts for what happens in each scene. This is the story of a huge romance that must unfold with the reality of horror diluted by the truth.  David O’Brien paces the conflict perfectly and it all reads like a light-hearted, passionate romance tinged with some darkness.  It seems like a wonderful beginning to this horror-romance trilogy and it has just the right amount of passion and intrigue to keep the reader avidly flipping the pages!  Nicely done, David O’Brien – looking forward to the next novel!