Lectures on Negative Dialectics

Lectures on Negative Dialectics

by Theodor Adorno



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ISBN-13: 9780816491292
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/01/1973

About the Author

Theodor Adorno was a member of the Frankfurt School.

Table of Contents

  • Translator’s Note
  • Editor’s Foreword
  • Lectures One to Ten
  • Lecture One: The Concept of Contradiction
  • Lecture Two: The Negation of Negation
  • Lecture Three: Whether negative dialectics is possible
  • Lecture Four: Whether philosophy is possible without system
  • Lecture Five: Theory and practice
  • Lecture Six: Being, Nothing, Concept
  • Lecture Seven: ‘Attempted breakouts’
  • Lecture Eight: The concept of intellectual experience
  • Lecture Nine: The element of speculation
  • Lecture Ten: Philosophy and ‘depth’
  • Lectures Eleven to Twenty-Five: Negative Dialectics
  • Additional Notes
  • Appendix: The Theory of Intellectual Experience
  • Bibliographical Sources

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