Legal Forms for Starting and Running a Small Business

Legal Forms for Starting and Running a Small Business


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ISBN-13: 9780873379717
Publisher: NOLO
Publication date: 02/01/2004
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 8.36(w) x 10.76(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

Attorney Fred S. Steingold practices law in Ann Arbor, Michigan. An expert on small business law, he represents and advises many small businesses. He is the author of Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business and The Employer's Legal Handbook. His monthly column, "The Legal Advisor," is carried by trade publications across the country.

Table of Contents

I. How to Use This Book
   A. Four Practical Ways to Use the Forms in This Book
   B. Do You Need a Lawyer?

1. Contract Basics
A. Names Clause: Identifying the Parties to a Contract
   B. Signature Clause: Signing a Contract
   C. Standard Clauses
   D. Resolving Disputes
   E. Attachments
   F. Amendments

2. Forming Your Business
A. Form 2A: Checklist for Starting a Small Business
   B. Form 2B: Partnership Agreement
   C. Form 2C: Pre-Incorporation Agreement
   D. Form 2D: Corporate Bylaws
   E. Form 2E: Stock Agreement
   F. Form 2F: LLC Operating Agreement for Single-Member LLC

3. Running Your Corporation
A. Form 3A: Notice of Shareholders' Meeting
   B. Form 3B: Notice of Directors' Meeting
   C. Form 3C: Shareholder Proxy
   D. Form 3D: Minutes of Shareholders' Meeting
   E. Form 3E: Minutes of Directors' Meeting
   F. Form 3F: Minutes of Telephone Conference Directors' Meeting
   G. Form 3G: Consent of Shareholders
   H. Form 3H: Consent of Directors

4. Borrowing Money
A. Understanding Promissory Notes in General
   B. The Promissory Notes in This Chapter
   C. Form 4C: Promissory Note (Amortized Monthly or Annual Payments)
   D. Form 4D: Promissory Note (Balloon Payment)
   E. Form 4E: Promissory Note (Interest-Only Payments)
   F. Form 4F: Promissory Note (Lump-Sum Payment)
   G. Form 4G: Security Agreement for Borrowing Money

5. Buying a Business
A. Form 5A: Contract for Purchase of Assets From an Unincorporated Business
   B. Form 5B: Contract for Purchase of Assets From a Corporation
   C. Form 5C: Corporate Resolution Authorizing Sale of Assets
   D. Form 5D: Contract for Purchase of Corporate Stock
   E. Form 5E: Bill of Sale for Business Assets
   F. Form 5F: Seller's Affidavit: No Creditors
   G. Form 5G: Security Agreement for Buying Business Assets

6. Leasing Space
A. Form 6A: Gross Lease
   B. Form 6B: Net Lease for Entire Building
   C. Form 6C: Net Lease for Part of Building
   D. Form 6D: Sublease
   E. Form 6E: Landlord's Consent to Sublease
   F. Form 6F: Assignment of Lease
   G. Form 6G: Notice of Exercise of Lease Option
   H. Form 6H: Extension of Lease
   I. Form 6I: Amendment to Lease
   J. Form 6J: Attachment to Lease

7. Purchasing Real Estate
A. Beware of Possible Environmental Problems
   B. Form 7B: Contract to Purchase Building
   C. Form 7C: Option to Purchase Building
   D. Form 7D: Contract to Purchase Vacant Land
   E. Form 7E: Option to Purchase Vacant Land
   F. Form 7F: Attachment to Real Estate Purchase Contract
   G. Form 7G: Amendment of Real Estate Purchase Contract
   H. Form 7H: Removal of Contingency
   I. Form 7I: Extension of Time to Remove Contingencies
   J. Form 7J: Exercise of Option to Purchase Real Estate

8. Buying, Selling, Manufacturing
   A. Form 8A: Sales Contract (Lump-Sum Payment)
   B. Form 8B: Sales Contract (Installment Payments)
   C. Form 8C: Bill of Sale for Goods
   D. Form 8D: Security Agreement for Buying Goods
   E. Form 8E: Contract for Manufacture of Goods
   F. Form 8F: Equipment Rental Contract
   G. Form 8G: Storage Contract
   H. Form 8H: Consignment Contract

9. Hiring Employees and Independent Contractors
   A. Form 9A: Employment Application
   B. Form 9B: Authorization to Release Information
   C. Form 9C: Offer of Employment
   D. Form 9D: Confidentiality Agreement
   E. Form 9E: Covenant Not to Compete
   F. Form 9F: Contract With Independent Contractor

   A. How to Use the CD-ROM
   B. Tear-Out Forms

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