Legal Guide for Police: Constitutional Issues

Legal Guide for Police: Constitutional Issues

by Taylor and Francis

Paperback(Older Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780870845345
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/01/1998
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 210

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Results of Failure to Comply with Constitutional Mandates1
1.1Civil Liabilities2
1.2Civil Rights Actions2
1.3Liability of Supervisors, Administrators, and Agencies7
1.4Admissibility of Evidence13
Chapter 2Police Power and Limitations17
2.1Police Power, Authority, and Responsibility17
2.2Limits on Police Authority19
2.3Bill of Rights19
2.4Due Process of Law20
2.5Effects of Broadening the Scope of the Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause21
2.6Protection of Rights via State Constitutions and Laws22
Chapter 3Police Authority to Detain25
3.1General Considerations25
3.2Consensual Encounters26
3.3Terry v. Ohio Stop-and-Frisk Rationale27
3.4Application to Off-Street Situations34
3.5Application to Detention of Motorists35
3.6Detention of Luggage38
3.7Duration of the Detention39
3.8Detention to Check Driver's License and Registration41
3.9Detention at Sobriety Checkpoints42
Chapter 4Law of Arrest47
4.1General Considerations47
4.2Statutory Authority to Arrest49
4.3Definition and Elements of Arrest51
4.4Arrest Under the Authority of an Arrest Warrant56
4.5Arrest without a Warrant66
4.6Post-Arrest Probable Cause Determination80
4.7Use of Force in Making an Arrest83
4.8The Citation and Summons in Law Enforcement88
4.9Arrest After Fresh Pursuit90
Chapter 5Search and Seizure with a Warrant93
5.1General Considerations93
5.2Constitutional Provisions94
5.3The Exclusionary Rule95
5.4Extension of the Exclusionary Rule to All Courts: Mapp v. Ohio95
5.5Application and Modification of the Exclusionary Rule97
5.6Seizure with a Valid Search Warrant--General100
5.7Requirements of a Valid Search Warrant101
5.8Execution of the Search Warrant110
5.9Search of a Person on the Premises Where Such Person is Not Described in the Warrant115
5.10Return of the Warrant116
5.11Advantages of the Search Under a Valid Warrant117
Chapter 6Search and Seizure without a Warrant119
6.1General Considerations120
6.2Search Incident to a Lawful Arrest120
6.3Search with a Valid Waiver130
6.4Search of Movable Vehicles and Objects137
6.5Exigent Circumstances Exception to the Warrant Requirement141
6.6Seizure without a Search (Plain View)143
6.7Search by a Private Individual146
6.8Search of Premises Not Protected by the Fourth Amendment (Open Fields)148
6.9Standing to Challenge the Search151
6.10Search after Lawful Impoundment (Inventory Searches)154
6.11Stop-and-Frisk Seizures157
6.12Search of Pervasively Regulated Business163
6.13Seizure of Verbal Evidence via Concealed Recorders or Microphones164
6.14Border Searches166
6.15Airport Searches167
Chapter 7Questioning Suspects171
7.1General Considerations171
7.2The Free and Voluntary Rule172
7.3The Delay in Arraignment Rule177
7.4Warning and Waiver Requirements (Miranda Rule)179
7.5Exclusion of Confession as a Means of Enforcing the Fourth Amendment191
7.6Right to Counsel194
7.8Derivative Evidence199
7.9Admissible Statements (Including the Public Safety Exception)200
7.10Admissibility of a Second Confession After an Inadmissible First Confession204
Chapter 8Pretrial Identification Procedures207
8.1General Considerations207
8.2Fingerprinting and Photographing Suspects208
8.3Lineup--Self-Incrimination Challenge210
8.4Lineup--Right to Counsel Challenge211
8.5Lineup--Due Process Challenge212
8.6Pretrial Photographic Identification215
8.7Dental Examination216
8.8Voice Exemplars217
8.9Footprint Comparisons and Other Body Examinations218
8.10Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Tests218
AppendixBill of Rights (First Ten Amendments) and Fourteenth Amendment223

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