Legal Rules and Legal Reasoning

Legal Rules and Legal Reasoning

by Larry Alexander



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Legal Rules and Legal Reasoning by Larry Alexander

This title was first published in 2000: This two-volume collection of essays brings together major contemporary theoretical works on freedom of speech. Volume I, begins with a theoretical overview of freedom of speech and then turns to the topics of what justifies freedom of speech and what kinds of acts raise free speech concerns. Volume II, examines the distinctions among content regulations and between content and content-neutral regulations. It also analyses the concept of the public forum, inciting and hateful speech and lastly the tension between the subsidizing activities of the affirmative state and the negative liberty of freedom of speech.

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ISBN-13: 9781138717152
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 11/12/2018
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About the Author

Larry Alexander has been a journalist and columnist for the Intelligencer Journal newspaper in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for more than a decade, winning numerous awards for excellence in journalism. He grew up on the same street in the same town as Major Dick Winters, three decades later.

Table of Contents

Contents: Legal Rules and Indirect Consequentializm: Pursuing the good - indirectly; Law and exclusionary Reasons. The Dilemma of Rule-Following: The gap; The deceptive nature of rules (with Emily Sherwin); Can law survive the asymmetry of authority?. Rules and Legal Reasoning - A) Precedent: Constrained by precedent; Precedent. B) Analogy: Bad beginnings; The banality of legal reasoning. C) Legal Principles: Striking back at the empire: a brief survey of problems in Dworkin's theory of law; Against legal principles (with Kenneth Kress); Replies to our critics (with Kenneth Kress). D) Interpretation: Practical Reason and Statutory Interpretation; All or Nothing At All?: The intentions of authorities and the authority of intentions (1995). Rules and Constitutionalism: The Constitution as law (1989); Originalizm, or who is Fred? (1995); Constitutional tragedies and giving refuge to the devil (1998); Introduction from Constitutionalizm: Philosophical Foundations (1998).