Legalese to English: A Workbook for Civil Procedure

Legalese to English: A Workbook for Civil Procedure

by Elura Nanos, Michele Sileo


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Legalese to English: Civil Procedure is the first volume in a groundbreaking series of law-school study guides. The step-by-step approach set forth in Legalese to English is one that has already propelled thousands of students to the top of their law-school classes. The authors use their signature straight-talking style to break down tough cases and concepts into simple, manageable components. What's more, this is the first study guide truly written for students. From its conversational style to its workbook pages, to its "Study Recipes", this book makes the complex subject of Civil Procedure manageable for new law students.

For the first time, readers can use a study guide to provide both reference information and study planning. Legalese to English: Civil Procedure helps students tackle Civil Procedure with the use of:
• Case and concept summaries, in lighthearted, easy-to-understand language.
• Workbook-style layout, in which students are prompted to complete writing and outlining exercises.
• "Study Recipes" for each civil procedure subtopic, which give students daily, weekly and monthly study guidance for preparing for class and exams.
• Step-by-Step essay exam flowcharts, giving students a blueprint for exam-writing.
• The Uniqueness of Civil Procedure - a discussion of the overall concept of this subject, what makes it complex, and how to tackle it.
• "Things to Ignore" and "Student Traps"- key points to help students streamline studying and maximize exam-readiness.
• Writing exercises, time-management strategies, and note-taking advice.
• "How to Get a D in Civil Procedure" - a chapter devoted to explaining typical 1L perils unique to Civil Procedure.

Readers will not only conquer complex concepts with ease, but will also get much-needed guidance about the study process itself. Legalese to English is the centralized source of information that brings together substantive legal concepts with a workable study methodology.

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ISBN-13: 9780837739120
Publisher: Hein, William S. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 08/15/2011
Pages: 254
Sales rank: 1,105,120
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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Personal Jurisdiction: When traveling doesn't seem like much fun
III. Forum Non Conveniens: One last effort to get rid of this case.
IV. Venue: Which federal court in the forum state?
V. Subject-Matter Jurisdiction: The rules of playing with the big boys.
VI. Supplemental Jurisdiction §1367: Two for the price of one.
VII. Removal: When going to Federal Court is the defendant's idea.
VIII. Getting through Erie without dropping out of law school.
IX. Collateral Estoppel & Res Judicata: Cool legal tools, and we're not
talking about the lawyers!
X. Joinder: Everyone, all together now!
XI. Rule 12: The Great Dismisser: The Champion of defendants.
XII. Summary Judgment: Federal Rule 56: Cutting to the Chase.
XIII. The Rest of the Rules of Civil Procedure
XIV. How to get a D on a Civil Procedure Exam

Customer Reviews

Legalese to English: A Workbook for Civil Procedure 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It broke down the topics in easy ways that I could understand, and told me what to ignore and focus on for the cases. It gave me a method for studying, creating flow charts, developing pre-written answers, and tackling exam questions.It also helped me understand how all the cases fit togther under a topic heading. Also, while not all the cases were the same as the ones I covered in my class, the majority were, which was sufficient for this book to be of great use. I would definitely recommend this.