Legend of the Forest Beast

Legend of the Forest Beast


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The beloved tutor Alchir has vanished! And a dangerous criminal with a grudge against Alchir has just escaped from prison. Kaye is determined to find the tutor and earn a fine reputation as a knight. The search leads Kaye, Reggie, and Beau to a sinister manor house at the edge of a dark forest where nearby villagers live in terror of a deadly monster. As they investigate the mystery of the forest beast, they uncover a terrible plot that could destroy Knox. When there's no one to turn to for help, can they save the kingdom-and their lives-by themselves?

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ISBN-13: 9781937615321
Publisher: Cardboard Box Adventures
Publication date: 06/29/2016
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.41(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

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Legend of the Forest Beast 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Holly More than 1 year ago
Legend Of The Forest Beast is the 3rd book in the Sire Kaye Series!! The race is on for Sir Kaye, Reggie & Beau as their tutor, Alchir has gone missing and with a dangerous criminal with a grudge against Alchir has escape prison. Kaye is determined more than ever to find him, bring him home and prove to everyone that he is a knight. The road will lead them to the edge of a dark forest that everyone claims that a beast lives in but it proves to be in their favor as they uncover a more darker sinister plot against Knox that will leave you on the edge of your seat by the last page! This series keeps getting better and better as it goes! I so don't want to spoil anything but finding out what the beast is and how they use the beast will make you laugh out loud!! I love the fact that each one of these books leaves you with a shocker and now with only one more book to read, it makes you want to find a quiet space for a couple of hours just to see how it all ends for these three boys!! Reading books like this one, makes me wished that I had something like this just to fulfill my need for reading books that have adventure along with a mystery that would have kept me occupied for a couple of hours!! Thank You to Don M. Winn for writing a great 3rd book in this series that makes me wonder how is it all gonna end!! This book came from my own personal Library!
Karatheredhead More than 1 year ago
Sir Kaye the Boy Knight: Legend of the Forest Beast is book 3 in the Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series. I have not read the first two books, but it was easy to jump in and follow along despite that! I would like to go back and read The Knighting of Sir Kaye and The Lost Castle Treasure since I enjoyed Legend of the Forest Beast so much! I also look forward to reading book 4, The Eldridge Conspiracy (out in 2017)! Legend of the Forest Beast is for middle readers (ages 9-12), however, I think parents and anyone would enjoy this series. The story was full of adventure and suspense. I loved the character Reggie since he was sort of the bookish character! Parents will also love this series for their children as there are underlying lessons to be learned. Girls will also like this series, since there is a Queen and a very interesting character, LayLa. This book was incredibly well written and easy to follow. At times, it reminded me of Princess Bride and other stories taking place in medieval times. The illustrations are also a nice pause in the book and give some extra visual imagery to the story! I look forward to reading more from Don M. Winn!
RuthieJonesTX More than 1 year ago
Legend of the Forest Beast, the third in the adventures of Sir Kaye and his friends Reggie and Beau, does not disappoint. In the first book (The Knighting of Sir Kaye) and the second book (The Lost Castle Treasure), the reader is introduced to the boys and is immediately swept up in their delightful quest for adventures. The books are about Sir Kaye and his knighthood, and Reggie has been tasked as the official royal chronicler and narrator of these wonderful tales. In Legend of the Forest Beast, the boys find themselves on another dangerous quest to rescue their tutor Alchir from Bragwayne’s castle. Throughout their journey, the boys end up rescuing all sorts of other people gone missing because of the terrifying and mystical Forest Beast. They must work together and rely on both their wits and their logical and critical thinking skills to gain entrance to the castle and unearth and stop Bragwayne’s evil and selfish plans. In all three books, Kaye and Reggie learn hard lessons as they struggle with humility and pride. Kaye is often too busy fretting about being a knight and his unfortunate (and hopefully temporary) new knight name that he sometimes forgets to act as a knight should. Reggie is riddled with self doubt and believes he is unteachable and not as smart as his friends. Reggie is my favorite character because he is so flawed and truly believes he is incapable of saving the day. As Legend of the Forest Beast unfolds, Reggie discovers he is valuable to the quest and is actually quite clever and heroic. It is through Reggie that the reader catches fun and entertaining glimpses into castle life because he must go undercover and become both kitchen boy and page to Bragwayne. Readers of all ages will delight in these tales of Sir Kaye as told to us by Reggie because the boys encounter real and relatable issues along the way: greed, fear, bullying, humility, patience and tolerance, working together and leveraging each other’s strengths, and putting others in need first. These books are filled with teachable moments for young readers. Based on the suspenseful ending of this third book, the fourth book (out in 2017) promises more thrilling adventures for Sir Kaye, Reggie, and Beau! *** “What’s more important—what you do or what people think of you?” ~ chapter 16
MomsChoiceAwards More than 1 year ago
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