Legend of the Lord of the Wind: The Return of the Messiah

Legend of the Lord of the Wind: The Return of the Messiah

by Etienne L Smit

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Part memoir, part spiritual awakening and part anthropological journey through the author’s experiences following one spectacularly terrifying night on a remote farm when he unexpectedly walks into a Yeti, this metaphysical blockbuster culminates in the rediscovery of an astonishing message concerning the Second Coming, a message in the shape of a ten thousand year-old Hopi Indian prophecy that has bearing on the 2012 predictions. The world as we know it about to change fundamentally in ways that very few of us aware of. The combination of these two unprecedented world-altering events is about to affect each and every one of us irrevocably. But there’s far more to this than meets the eye. There is a reason why no one has been able to decode what is about to happen.

This intriguing personal journey takes the reader on a fascinating and humorous adventure through the transformation of consciousness resulting from meditation and decoding symbols occurring during visions and dreaming, from South Africa to India and back again, discovering the most extraordinary revelations about the deeply secretive world of the Shaman, the Yogi and the Mystic, and shedding light on what is as yet a virtually completely unknown aspect of the Human psyche. His acerbic, self-deprecating, and at times scathing humor, his incisive honesty and astute prose, reminiscent of American icons Tom Wolfe or an unhinged Hunter S. Thompson in full flight, make for gripping reading.

This exploration of matters such as spirituality versus religions, the Hopi prophecy relative to the parables of Christ and the teachings of various prominent Eastern Mystics of bygone eras, Shamanic reality, the Cosmic cycles of time, the structure of the Cosmos, quantum theory and parallel universes, aliens, hallucinogens and mysterious inexplicable archeological phenomenon, has produced a work of genuine socio-spiritual significance that presents a fascinating – not to mention quite startling new perspective on the world that we inhabit so superficially.

A very thoroughly researched document, the author has drawn from a range of eminent scholars and specialists in these and related fields, such as Swiss psychoanalyst CG Jung, Shamans from Australia to Siberia and others to substantiate and further elaborate on his own personal experiences.

This story contains a message of incalculable value for all of Mankind. It affects everyone. Everyone should read it.

If you want to know what’s coming, read this book.

‘This book is a masterpiece!
It has been the most inspirational I have ever read.
It has changed my life’. J Bruckman

Part of the proceeds generated from the sales of this book will be utilized in the creation of a Biosphere in South Africa for the conservation and preservation of as wide a range as possible of the flora and fauna vital to the survival of all the tribes of Man.

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ISBN-13: 9780620549387
Publisher: Etienne L Smit
Publication date: 11/14/2012
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 386
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