Legendary Hearts of Horses

Legendary Hearts of Horses

by Adrienne Neary


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"Legendary Hearts of Horses" is the result of Adrienne Neary's collection and analysis of various information sources regarding the large heart gene. Her work began in the early 2000's, eventually turning into a manuscript, first published in 2020.

In this book, Neary follows the equine large heart trail instigated by the famous American Thoroughbred, Secretariat. The revelation of a 'super heart' during his autopsy, set the horse industry afire. Following the equine pedigree history that other researchers identified as being the fountain spring of this marvelous trait, she leaps from breed constraints and boldly jumps into the vast pool of equine evolution and human ambition.

There are rich quotes enhancing the description of Central Asian horses, Spanish Mustangs, two of the founding stallions of the British Thoroughbred, and even Xenophon's description of the famous horse, Bucephalus.

It's easy to see the connections throughout history as Neary traces the large heart trait into the past. It is clearly connected to 'Old World' horses, and even suggests that horses in the wild had been very creative and proactive about their own survival. But, this book isn't just about genetics or the physical hearts of horses... it's the realization and captivation that the physical and spiritual forces combining to make 'heart' so inspirational, are ever present within all of us. Insightful and at times deeply moving, this is a book that appeals to a wide audience.

This book elucidates the intangible qualities of heart that horses have demonstrated throughout history, along with their incredible generosity and abilities. Enhanced by historical references, expert science and a surprising, fortuitous discovery, this a thought provoking book for anyone interested in history, evolution, and of course, horses.

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About the Author

Adrienne Neary is an equestrian, writer, author, illustrator and researcher. She has contributed to publications such as the Equine Journal, Dressage & CT, Equerry, The Franklin Journal, and the Horseman's Yankee Pedlar… has shown her artwork in NYC, Boston and Lexington, KY, and has created a successful line of equine anatomy charts that have sold all over the world.

During her career as a Dressage coach and lead trainer for a Dressage and Carriage Driving facility, she had the opportunity to pioneer a novel, integrated form of horse care. She details that work in her text book called "Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical". This unique manuscript displays her extensive knowledge as a Classically trained rider, Certified Reiki practitioner, and her experience as a gentle and compassionate teacher for people and horses. Neary enhances all of her projects with well written and beautifully illustrated manuscripts, and/or charts.

Adrienne works from her home in New Hampshire. When she's not working, she spends her time with her Husky/Shepherd cross, who - in turn, spends all of her waking hours dreaming of living in the wild and all of her sleeping hours devising ways to train Adrienne better. Adrienne also visits her retired OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbred), who is living the good life with good friends not too far away. For more information about Adrienne's books, blogs and happenings, visit www.beechtreearts.com, www.coherenthorsemanship.com

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