Legendary Songs of Cole Porter

Legendary Songs of Cole Porter



With fluid melodies and sophisticated lyrics that practically define the meaning of urbane, Cole Porter still understood that it was love in both its higher and lower forms that made the world go round, and his songs are a litany to the fortunes and misfortunes of people's attempts to understand that most elusive and glorious of emotions. This 22-track collection has more solid classics than you can shake a stick at, as song after song, done by some of the greatest pop singers of all time, impresses with its wit, wisdom, and pure melodic construction. Highlights are constant, but check out "I've Got You Under My Skin" by Peggy Lee, "Get Out of Town" by Mel Tormé, "Don't Fence Me In" by Louis Armstrong, and "True Love" by the Four Aces to see how four very different approaches to Porter songs brings you around to the same conclusion: this is beautiful stuff.

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