Legends Lost: Amborese

Legends Lost: Amborese

by Nova Rose, Janet McNulty


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Amborese thought she was a peasant's daughter until one night dark creatures murdered her parents and pursued her into the forest. Saved by a talking cat and her friend Zolo, she fled for her life only to learn that she had a bigger destiny than she once believed. Pursued across the five lands of Tesnayr by an evil wizard's army, Amborese must overcome her doubts and unite the dragons, elves, dwarves, and the five lands themselves. But will they follow a mere girl?

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ISBN-13: 9781466211711
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/23/2011
Pages: 514
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.15(d)

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Legends Lost Amborese 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
It's been over 300 years since there was a Queen of Tesnayr. Queen Rosina was betrayed by Clymorus because she was too busy grieving her husband and turned into a talking cat called Sposa. Sposa has wandered the lands of Tesnayr seeing many evils of Clymorus and Murnok. The heir of Tesnayr has been missing for 300 years until Amborese yet she doesn't believe that she's the lost heir of Tesnayr. Amborese is friends with Zolo, who is a mentor, wizard, and friend, that knows Amborese's true identity as the last heir of Tesnayr. Amborese's parents are murdered while giving Amborese a chance to escape Clymorus's clutches. Thru Amborese's travels meet up with two brothers Scypher and Malak, who teach Amborese about sword fighting and archery. It's Amborese's job to unite the lands of Tesnayr and can not do it alone. Amborese must reforge the old alliances with elves, dwarves, men, and dragons to complete her task. Scypher is running from his past as the last desendant of Murnok and other secrets. Philip,a Byleon,also helps Amborese in her quest and seeking adventure away from the Changing Woods. Amborese meets the unicorns and fairies as well. Who can Amborese trust? Will she be able to unite the lands? Can Murnok and Clymorus be stopped? Your answers await you in Legends Lost:Amborese.
BookwormReflects More than 1 year ago
Legends Lost Amborese By Janet McNulty An evil wizard has plunged the land of Tesnayr into darkness, three hundred years later Amborese finds a necklace that signifies she will be the one who will be able to reunite the five lands and put a stop to Clymorus. Amborese must travel to the land of the elves to find the other half of her pendant and combine them to make the Gantylla Shealayr and save her people. Along the way she meets several beings who soon become her allies in the fight for freedom. Janet McNulty managed to incorporate many classical fantasy characters including a gryphon, unicorns and even orcs, making this a great read just to see what she will bring to life next. This book has so many sub story lines you know precisely what each character is going through and each one plays a role in the epic battle, though this can be a daunting task for some authors Janet McNulty did a wonderful job keeping you informed and never loosing you in the process. I did enjoy this book but it wasn’t as original as I had hoped we have seen a lot of the characters in the past and the story line is a bit clichéd; chosen one must stop the big battle and gains several allies along the way. If you are a hard core fan of the genre I am sure you will love this book.
lprather66 More than 1 year ago
This is an epic adventure that will take the reader on a fantastic journey full of magical creatures such as dragons, unicorns, fairies, dwarfs, elves and talking cats. Amborese runs into the forest to escape from the creatures who murdered her parents.She is rescued by an old wizard, Zolo and his talking cat, Sposa. Zolo tells Amborese that she is actually the last remaining heir to Tesnayr which has been in turmoil for hundreds of years. It is her destiny to bring the five lands that make up Tesnayr together to fight an evil wizard who wants to rule over them. This is the beginning of her journey where friends will be made and lost in the struggle to unite the five lands. The author does an excellent job of developing each character. The descriptive details will transport you to a different world where magical creatures do exist. This is ultimately a story of good versus evil. Where good will win if we stand up for what is right. Love and forgiveness is the key to that victory. I highly recommend this book!
BooksRMagicVR More than 1 year ago
This book has all elements of fantasy and the plot came as a real surprise. Amborese is the last true heir of Tesnaryr and she is the one destined to unite the divided lands and save it from the tyrant, Clymorus. Clymorus lived 300 years ago, but before his death, stored all his powers in a necklace. This necklace, which was lost across centuries, finally got into the possession of Amborese, who sets out to destroy it. She was accompanies with many interesting friends on the way. Amborese experiences loss, love, friendship, adventure, fear and leadership for the first time in her life. The perilous journey transforms her as a leader, from an ordinary girl. Great plot, writing, world-building and characters. I just have one complaint..there is over-explanation at many places, which makes the book huge - 3 parts. But, as the plot is interesting, one can't give up. Recommended to fantasy lovers!
CS-Lune More than 1 year ago
I always expect a lot from fantasy/adventure books since I am a huge fan and reader of the genre. Legends Lost: Amborose felt short of meeting my expectations. There were some things that could be much more better, writing style that could be improved, and some things that could be edited out. However, there are definitely some things to salvage from the novel. Let me start with it. I don't read a lot of books about talking cats, or anything that has to do with any type of animal being one of the protagonists and able to do human things, such as talking. It was really hard to visualize talking cats, it's not like elves or dwarves because in my mind they've become a separate race, neither animal nor human being. But cats. I was actually surprised with the first plot twist concerning cats. Honestly, I was intrigued at how the story was going to develop from that point on. And as the story progressed, there were more talking cats, which had a reason to be. When I was a child, I entertained the idea of having a talking animal by my side, as companions. Hence, I think this book will definitely catch the attention of younger, maybe middle school, children. The writing style and pace of the story blends itself into that anyway. I had problems with the writing style. It felt bland and uninteresting. There were several said bookism that made the sentences feel awkward and missing punctuation. An editing could've done great! Almost every sentence started with a pronoun or a name, it made the paragraph felt choppy and hard to read. The author could've done a better job converging those sentences into a better flowing paragraphs. It felt like reading a manuscript, if someone is going to write a Fantasy genre story, it better have some good description of the place and the events going on. The Iorks reminded me of the orcs, for some reason, I'd always picture orcs whenever Iorks were mentioned. That means that the author did a bad job at describing the creatures she is creating for the story. The narrating style was fast and easy to read. It was very systematic, for example: A did that. A jumped high to avoid crashing. A then ran as fast as she could. etc. You get the idea. I did not bonded with Amborose from the beginning. She did not strike me as interesting and I lost interest in her. She was very plain, sometimes she'll turn bipolar: from the confused girl to the strong (almost violent) in a split of a second. Everything was so convenient for her. She needs a sword, viola, she founds one. There was once scene that boiled my blood. They're entering this dingy town and she's scared. She decides to walk out alone, alone! Girl, I wouldn't walk out alone in this place, especially since you don't know how to fight yet! Of course, prince charming saves the day, how convenient. Then teaches her how to sword-fight and some archery. I don't think she worked enough. And I don't really understand how can she be the queen if the previous queen left no heir? Care to explain please? The book was unnecessarily long, I was bored half-way through and grumbled every time I had to pick it up to continue reading. The easy read made it a bit bearable because I did not have to think a lot about it. I understand fantasy books are long, but they are long because world building, character development, and event creations take a lot of space. There were almost none of these elements in this book, and I felt it was a disappointment. A journey. I love stories that have to do with journeys, they're always fascinating. I love traveling! I just wished this story was a bit more spicy, with more emotion and excitement. The names were good, I almost wished that there was a little bit more of background on the characters, not just mere introductions. Look at Tolkien, he has hundreds of characters in his masterpiece, and he takes the time to flesh each one out. I remember most of them because they did a good deed to our traveling friends. I am not trying to say that every fantasy author should make a rip-off from good fantasy authors out there, but merely take a cue. Cheat and do better than them. There is a second installment. I hope the author got better at it and delivers a good enough book. From what I read of the preview, it holds a bit of promise. Again, there is betrayal.
tiffanydavis2 More than 1 year ago
I want to start by saying that I absolutely loved this book. I loved the Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones type feel it had. The writing style was simply amazing, making it easy to dive into this book, while making it hard to put it down. The story line itself was just great and kept me wanting to read more. Definitely one of those "I really should get to bed, but maybe after just one more chapter" types. I loved Amboreses' character. I love the way that she is introduced into the story, and then the way you get to see her character truly grow. She starts off as a peasant girl, but then learns that she is really heir to the throne that has been empty for hundreds of years. I honestly hope that the author continues this series, as it is one that I will continue to read. Well worth the time!
D_Ann More than 1 year ago
So while the summary was interesting enough for me to want to read it, the story fell flat. I felt like I was reading a pared down version of Lord of the Rings. Mysterious, dark artifact that's the only way the evil protagonist can fully resurrect, check; a group of adventures that are up against the evil figure, doubly check; numerous adventures through plains, mountains and woods intermixed with battles against evil, triple check. The story is different enough to be called its own, but a lot of the plot points are similar to Tolkien's trilogy. Rose does add her own races into the mix; we get to meet fairies and unicorns, and we have two talking cats in the group. Their interactions with one another are different and unique. I did like Malak even though he wasn't in the story that long. His devotion to his brother and Amborese came through the pages. Sposa was also a favorite and I was glad that she was able to redeem herself. But overall, I couldn't stop comparing it to Lord of the Rings. Amborese and company even have to go over a mountain pass, but since it's blocked, they end up going through it, stumbling across the ruins of a city, and have to fight a monster to get out. It just struck me as the battle in Moria against the Balrog except that the wise, old wizard Zolo (i.e. Gandalf) was not present. I kept thinking that I'd rather just be reading that book, the imagery and writing are much better. ** I received this book from the Bookplex**
sewolf0310 More than 1 year ago
Written in 3 books, although I don’t feel that was necessary, the story flows nicely with appropriately named chapters, making it easy to follow. Long ago, in a place called Tesnayr, lived Queen Rosina, who was saddened to learn the man she trusted, Clymorus, after her husband was killed, had let her kingdom fall into despair. Tesnaryr was actually a region consisting of 5 lands, Belyndril, Murdair, Belarnia, Hemil and Sym’Dul, each with their own races, elves, dwarves, fairies, etc. Clymorus murdered her in order to try to rule all of Tesnayr, but she felt so bad she asked not to die. She was granted her wish, to come back as a cat and watch over a child who was to become the new Queen. 300 years later a small child named Amborese watched as Iorks killed her parents. Meeting the cat, Sposa, and learning the old man, Zolo, was a wizard, she learned of her past. As in all wars between races, many died in the 5 lands, no one trusting the other. Only Amborese was able to unite the battling foes on her quest. This was not something she had ever imagined or wanted. Everywhere she went, it seemed that people died. Along the way, Amborese makes quite a few friends, willing to follow her and help her in her quest. Each with his own special talent. Each willing to die to protect her and help her in her quest to reach the throne and restore Tesnayr to what it once was. While Amborese gained friends, Clymorus was also building his strengths and his armies, willing to help him defeat Amborese and all those who aid her. It is the age old story of good vs evil. Although a very good story, it was a bit drawn out. Yes, 5 lands and their different races showed their anger at what at happened 300 years ago, but after the first 2 or 3, the detail could have been a bit shorter. Not wanting a story to end too soon, the point of the story was Amborese against Clymorus, the good vs the evil, to see who would rule Tesnayr. It just seemed to take forever to get to that point, and it was over too quickly.
KenishaP More than 1 year ago
The story begins with the betrayal of a grieving queen. Clymorus gains control of the kingdom and has nothing but ill intent, but, as always, there is a glimmer of hope... Amborese, a young girl raised in a peaceful village finds her life turned upside-down when monsters attack her home. She sets out on a journey to rise to her destiny. The book keeps up a snappy pace of action that has Amborese and her companions traveling around the realm, stumbling into danger and encounters with new allies. There is action, magic, romance, close calls and betrayals. Still, I can't feel that this story is really more than an average attempt at best. Many of the characters are fairly interesting. Amborese develops from a confused girl to a strong (sometimes even quite violent/brutal) young woman. It's interesting to watch how she overcomes each challenge. There is a very large cast of characters. Sometimes the story/characters get downright silly. Get ready for lots of talking cats! Talking cats named Zippy. The writing is really straightforward, which I feel is a drawback. The descriptions are often wooden and bland. A bit more pizzazz would really bring the tale to life. I feel that if you are going to do a dragons-and-elves fantasy story, you must really do it well so that it stands out among the hundreds of other such fiction that is constantly being published. There are punctuation errors and a few odd formatting issues that make me think this needs just a bit more editing. I feel like this would be a good fantasy for a younger audience, such as middle school kids. It is a really lengthy tale, and I can imagine it would captivate younger readers.
Francine1440 More than 1 year ago
Legends Lost: Amborese written by Nova Rose is a fantasy adventure novel set in a world ruled by an evil man, Clymorus, who uses cruelty and magic to wield his power over the poor citizens of Tesnayr. The only one who can save the oppressed people is a young, kind and a bit shy girl named Amborese. It is her destiny to battle the evil that is all she has ever known in her young life and to become queen, bringing peace to her people. In order to gain control and improve life for everyone she must go on an adventure quest fraught with danger, dark magic, dwarves, wizards, and worst of all, Iorks, hideous beasts who live only to do their master’s bidding. Everyone wants Amborese’s necklace because it proves she is the new queen and with this proof comes the protection of the phoenix. The book is a rather lengthy read at a little over four-hundred pages on an ereader but the writing is so well done that it takes little time to read it because you won’t want to put it down. It appeals to the senses of both males and females, from young adults to senior citizens. The main character is a very well written young woman who is the ideal of a strong and powerful role model for young ladies. She is surrounded by a variety of friends throughout the novel, all unique in character with various strengths and weaknesses that serve to make them not only likeable but also believable. There’s a bit of romance, just a hint, but enough to keep the attention of all those romantics out there. Filled with lots sword play, archery and even a dragon ride or two, this book is a roller coaster of an adventure that’s hard to put down. I found the book quite reminiscent of the books written by George R.R. Martin from which the television series Game of Thrones is based on, only for a younger age group or those that like a bit less blood and sex. My favorite characters were the talking cats, both former humans, who provide not only help to the traveling group but some comic relief as well. I loved this book and ate up the pages as I followed Amborese’s quest to become queen. There are many twists and turns right up until the epilogue. I am hoping to see some of the characters in future books or at the very least another novel set in Tesnayr.
Tahoetessa More than 1 year ago
Loved the characters! Funny and witty, mixed with romance and adventure. Also loved the fact that the books are all included, instead of waiting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Legends Lost Amborese is in the Tolkien Tradition with orcs, elves, dwarves, wizards, empty throne of warring lands, and a reluctant heroine. The story is well told, and definitely draws the reader into the action. Amborese is heir to a throne that's been empty for three hundred years, since a rogue wizard usurped it from the rightful king. She doesn't know she is not a peasant girl until destiny circles her with orc attacks, a rescuing (good)wizard, and talking cats with attitudes. This book is well worth reading. It's highly enjoyable, and available in both print and e-book versions. I recommend it for all who enjoy Tolkien's Hobbitt and Lord of the Rings books, or similar stories.