Legends of New Pulp Fiction

Legends of New Pulp Fiction

by Ron Fortier


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LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION • Publisher - Airship 27 Productions • Editor - Ron FortierAssistant Editors - Todd Jones - Jaime RamosArt Director - Rob DavisCover Painter - Douglas Klauba • Collected within these two covers are sixty fantastic stories of action, adventure, mystery, horror, fantasy and suspense. It is a treasure chest of the best of the New Pulp Movement, the fastest growing style of fiction writing in world today. And all of it generated as a benefit project . Sixty writers and thirty six artists have pooled their talents to produce a volume like none other ever conceived before. If you are unfamiliar with New Pulp, then look no further than this one book. Then buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692601136
Publisher: Airship 27
Publication date: 12/22/2015
Pages: 778
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.55(d)

About the Author

Begun in 2004, Airship 27 Productions was the brain-child of veteran comic book writer Ron Fortier. Long familiar with the countless pulp book reprints being done every year to keep alive the memory of those classic 1930s heroes, Ron wondered why no one was bothering to create brand new adventures of these amazing characters. Partnering with professional comic book illustrator and graphic artist, Rob Davis, he then self-published THE HOUNDS OF HELL, co-authored with Gordon Linzner. In this tale, the popular pulp hero the Moon Man battles the equally famous pulp villain Doctor Satan. Combining their artistic sensibilities from their comic book experiences, the two added nine black and white spot illustrations and a brilliant wrap around cover by Tom Floyd.

They followed this book with their first anthology, LANCE STAR - SKY RANGER, starring all new exploits of a long forgotten Canadian aviation pulp hero. The art this time being provided by Rich Woodall. Then came two anthology volumes of SECRET AGENT X and the first all new adventures of CAPTAIN HAZZARD - CHAMPION OF JUSTICE, a one shot wonder back in 1938. Fortier and Davis reproduced Hazzard's one and only book and have since release three new volumes in this on-going series. More are planned.

Today Airship 27 Productions continues its mission of producing brand new adventures of classic pulp heroes with over 100 titles in the catalog; featuring such iconic heroes as Sherlock Holmes, Sinbad the Sailor and Robin Hood. Focusing on action adventure stories, coupled with today's most talented young illustrators and delivered in colorful, beautiful designed packages to please the most critical book lover.

The company's dirigible logo is emblematic of Ron and Rob's high flying goals; to produce the finest quality books that are always fun to read, again and again.

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