Leibniz: Determinist, Theist, Idealist

Leibniz: Determinist, Theist, Idealist


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ISBN-13: 9780195084603
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 10/27/1994
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.31(w) x 9.50(h) x 1.25(d)
Lexile: 1520L (what's this?)

Table of Contents

I.Determinism: Contingency and Identity
1.Leibniz's Theories of Contingency9
1.Leibniz's First Main Solution10
2.Leibniz's Second Main Solution22
3.Leibniz and Possible Worlds Semantics46
4.On Leibniz's Sincerity50
2.The Logic of Counterfactual Non-identity53
1.Problems of Transworld Identity53
2.The Conceptual Containment Theory of Truth57
3.Actuality in the Conceptual Containment Theory63
4.An Anti-Semantical Theory of Truth65
5.Why Did Leibniz Hold the Conceptual Containment Theory?67
6.Conceptual Containment and Transworld Identity71
3.The Metaphysics of Counterfactual Nonidentity75
1.Substance and Law77
2.Substance and Miracle81
3.Perception and Relations102
AppendixA Priori and A Posteriori109
II.Theism: God and Being
4.The Ens Perfectissimum113
1.Absolute Qualities as "Requirements" of Things115
2.Sensible Qualities, Knowledge, and Perfection119
3.Is Leibniz's Conception of God Spinozistic?123
5.The Ontological Argument135
1.The Incomplete Proof136
2.Proof of Possibility141
6.Existence and Essence157
1.Is Existence an Essential Quality of God?158
2.Defining Existence164
3.Existence Irreducible170
7.The Root of Possibility177
1.The Proof of the Existence of God from the Reality of Eternal Truths177
2.Leibniz's Theory Examined184
8.Presumption of Possibility192
1.Jurisprudence and Pragmatism in Theology194
2.Jurisprudence and the Logic of Probability198
3.A Proof for the Presumption of Possibility202
4.Presuming the Possibility of Beings as Such206
5.Objections Considered209
III.Idealism: Monads and Bodies
9.Leibniz's Phenomenalism217
2.Esse Is Percipi235
4.The Reality of Phenomena255
10.Corporeal Substance262
1.Bodies and Corporeal Substances262
2.The Structure of a Corporeal Substance: Alternative Interpretations265
3.The Structure of a Corporeal Substance: Some Texts274
4.Monadic Domination285
5.Principles of Unity291
11.Form and Matter in Leibniz's Middle Years308
12.Primary Matter341
1.Three Senses of "Matter" in a Letter to Arnauld341
2.Matter and the Eucharist349
3.Bernoulli's Questions361
4.The Debate about Thinking Matter364
13.Primitive and Derivative Forces378
1.The "Mixed" Character of Derivative Forces378
2.Primary Matter and Quantity393
Index of Leibniz Texts Cited411
General Index423

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Leibniz: Determinist, Theist, Idealist 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
peoppenheimer on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book, the fruit of decades of Leibniz scholarship, is a masterpiece of history of philosophy. Three central aspects of the philosophy of Leibniz are examined, with meticulous attention to the primary texts, and carefully worked out interpretations, some of them novel. The secondary literature on Leibniz up to 1994 is given due attention, and Adams engages with alternative interpretations, and with some of the editorial decisions of editors of Leibniz's works. This book is required reading for the history of early modern philosophy.