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Caister Academic Press
Lentiviruses and Macrophages: Molecular and Cellular Interactions

Lentiviruses and Macrophages: Molecular and Cellular Interactions

by Moira Desport


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Lentiviruses and Macrophages: Molecular and Cellular Interactions

Lentiviruses comprise a genus of diverse viruses in the Retroviridae family, which are united in their ability to infect and persist in macrophages. Infections are characterized by immune system dysfunctions following sometimes lengthy incubation periods. The viruses in this genus include primate lentiviruses such as HIV as well as animal lentiviruses including equine infectious anaemia virus (EIAV). An intriguing feature of lentiviruses is their ability to hijack macrophages so that they are simultaneously involved in the dissemination and control of virus spread throughout the host, leading to disease induction and/or transmission to a new host. Macrophage biology is at an exciting stage with a wealth of new information being generated as their role in parasitic, viral and bacterial infections as well as in chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease is dissected. Despite the devastating infections that lentiviruses cause, they also have enormous potential as research tools due to their ability to integrate into the host genome, and are being exploited for use as delivery vehicles in gene therapy. Understanding the lentivirus-macrophage interaction is vital for developing novel antiviral strategies and will permit their use as research tools to be fully realized. Research in this area has never been more exciting!

In this timely book, top lentivirus and macrophage specialists comprehensively review cutting-edge topics in the molecular and cellular biology of the lentivirus-macrophage interaction. Topics include: lentivirus tropism and disease, macrophage biology, macrophage in HIV-1 infection and disease progression, post-entry restrictions to lentiviral replication, HIV-2 tropism and disease, SHIV model of disease, the felid immunodeficiency viruses, EIAV, small ruminant lentiviruses, bovine lentiviruses, coinfections and superinfections. Essential reading for every lentivirologist and retrovirologist, this is also a recommended text for all virology, immunology and molecular biology laboratories.

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ISBN-13: 9781904455608
Publisher: Caister Academic Press
Publication date: 03/01/2010
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

List of Contributors v

Preface Howard E. Gendelman ix

1 Lentivirus Tropism and Disease Jodi K. Craigo Ronald C. Montelaro 1

2 A Bird's-eye View of Macrophage Biology Ian Ross 25

3 The Macrophage in HIV-1 Infection and Disease Progression Paul R. Gorry Jasminka Sterjovski Melissa J. Churchill 81

4 Post-entry Restrictions to Lentiviral Replication Jenny L Anderson Gilda Tachedjian 105

5 HIV-2 Tropism and Disease Kelly Cheney Áine McKnight 165

6 Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Model of Disease Tatsuhiko Igarashi 181

7 SIV Pathogenic and Non-pathogenic Infections Thaidra Gaufin Ivona Pandrea Cristian Apetrei 201

8 The Felid Immunodeficiency Viruses: Viral Cell Tropism and the Pathogenesis of Feline AIDS Brian J. Willett Margaret J. Hosie 231

9 Equine Infectious Anaemia Virus Pathogenesis and Replication Wendy Maury J. Lindsay Oaks 251

10 Small Ruminant Lentiviruses and Cross-species Transmission Giuseppe Bertoni Barbara Blacklaws 277

11 The Bovine Lentiviruses: Pathogenesis and Cell Tropism Moira Desport Sandy McLachlan 307

12 Lentivirus Coinfections and Superinfections Sue VandeWoude Mary Poss 329

Index 341

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