Les Champion des Dames

Les Champion des Dames

by Continens Paradisi


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The idea behind this disc is that Martin le Franc, one of the great poets and intellectuals of the middle years of the fifteenth century, has ridden into the court of Burgundy -- one of the better appointed of European kingdoms in the later Middle Ages -- to declaim, promote, and, hopefully, make some money off of his celebrated "Le Champion des Dames." An elaborate poetic defense of the fairer sex, le Franc's "Le Champion des Dames" attracted the attention not only of all literate Medieval Europe through its idealized portrait of love, but also the attention of the two greatest Franco-Flemish composers of the time: Guillaume Dufay and Gilles Binchois. This disc intends to re-create an imaginary recital in that le Franc would utter his ornate love poems alternating with performances of songs by Dufay and Binchois on the same subject. As realized by the Continens Paradisi with speaker Olivier Bettens, the result could not be more appealing. Speaker, singers, and players all perform with compelling expression, complete conviction, and consummate virtuosity. Listeners for whom spoken French is merely a sequence of beautiful but incomprehensible sounds might find themselves skipping Bettens' readings after a few hearings. But the performances of Continens Paradisi, an early music ensemble of international, indeed, intercontinental origins, are so wonderfully evocative and marvelously affective that no listener who loves early music could fail to enjoy this disc. Ricercar's sound is intimate and immediate.

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Release Date: 02/08/2005
Label: Ricercar
UPC: 5400439002289
catalogNumber: 228
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  1. Le Champion des Dames, poetry: Prologue

    1. Prologue  (01:55)
  2. Bon jour, bon mois, bon an et bonne estraine, rondeau for 3 voices  (03:28)
  3. Le Champion des Dames, poetry: L'assault de Malebouche

    1. L'assault de Malebouche  (03:18)
  4. Nous vous verens bien Malebouche, rondeau for 3 voices, R. 33  (01:16)
  5. Donnés l'assault a la fortresse, rondeau for 3 or 4 voices  (04:56)
  6. Le Champion des Dames, poetry: Cristine de Pizan

    1. Cristine de Pizan  (03:23)
  7. Deuil angoisseus rage demesurée, ballade for 3 voices, R. 50  (03:00)
  8. J'ay grant (dolour), rondeau for 3 voices  (01:49)
  9. Adieu, adieu, mon joyeux souvenir, rondeau for 3 voices, R. 1  (06:33)
  10. Le Champion des Dames, poetry: "L'Amour" selon Brief Conseil

    1. "L'Amour" selon Brief Conseil  (02:19)
  11. Se la face ay pale, ballade for 3 voices  (01:33)
  12. Filles a marier ne vous mariez, chanson for 4 voices, R. 55  (02:02)
  13. Le Champion des Dames, poetry: "L'Amour" selon Le Champion

    1. "L'Amour" selon Le Champion  (03:40)
  14. Ce moys de may, rondeau for 3 voices  (03:00)
  15. Tristre plaisir et douleureuse joie, rondeau for 3 voices, R. 45  (04:48)
  16. Estrinés moy, je vous estrineray, rondeau for 3 voices  (04:00)
  17. Le Champion des Dames, poetry: Corps de femme

    1. Corps de femme  (02:40)
  18. Mon cuer me fait tous dis penser, rondeau for 4 voices  (03:54)
  19. Je loe Amours et ma dame mercye, ballade for 3 voices, R. 52  (03:26)
  20. Quel fronte signorille in paradiso, for 3 voices  (03:10)
  21. Le Champion des Dames, poetry: Dufay et Binchois

    1. Dufay et Binchois  (02:06)
  22. Seigneur Leon, vous soyes bienvenus, rondeau for 4 voices (attributed)  (03:06)

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