Les Misérables: 10th Anniversary Concert

Les Misérables: 10th Anniversary Concert

by Original Broadway CastOriginal London Cast


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Originally conceived as a simple recording production, Les Miserables evolved quickly into one of the premiere theater events of the 1980s. Theatrically on par with Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis is drawn from the Victor Hugo novel of the same name. The story chronicles the life of Jean Valjean, a simple Frenchman arrested as a youth for stealing a loaf of bread. After serving five years for that crime, as well as an additional 14 for attempted escape, Valjean is released on parole. Upon changing his name and eluding his parole officer, he becomes the surrogate father of a young girl and a Mayor as the French Revolution sets in. As the war rages, he finds that he cannot change the man he is. Les Miserables is typical of theater in the '80s, with extravagant effects and large, full-cast numbers. The beautiful score is full of emotion and humor, including such memorable and noteworthy songs as "Look Down," "Do You Hear the People Sing?," "Bring Him Home," "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables," and the ubiquitous "On My Own." In 1995, a tenth anniversary concert was performed at Royal Albert Hall, combining members of the original cast, including Colm Wilkinson and Michael Ball, as well as Lea Salonga (the original Kim from Miss Saigon). Fully enjoyable, it may not be the best compilation of the music available, but it is definitely a worthwhile listen.

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Release Date: 06/01/2004
Label: First Night (Red)
UPC: 0766927332623
catalogNumber: 73326

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Original Cast Recording   Primary Artist
Geoffrey Palmer   Violin
Juliet Alderdice   cast
Chris Beck   cast
Jeffrey Bryant   Horn
Julian Cummings   Violin
Mike Dolan   Violin
Kathleen Dyson   Choir, Chorus
Michelle Fine   Choir, Chorus
Colin Green   Guitar
Jeania Harris   Choir, Chorus
Ellen Jackson   Choir, Chorus
Alison Jiear   cast
Terrance Kelly   Choir, Chorus
Tommy Körberg   cast
Ken Lawrence   Violin
Steve Pearce   Bass
Andy Reiss   cast
Francois Rive   Cello
Andrew Robbins   Choir, Chorus
Lea Salonga   cast
David Towse   Violin
Peter Vel   Cello
Neil Watson   Double Bass
Judy Kuhn   cast
Marion Morgan   Choir, Chorus
Prudence Whittaker   Clarinet
Michael Ball   cast
David Alder   Choir, Chorus
Geoffrey Browne   Oboe,Cor anglais
Nigel Pinkett   Cello
Gerry Ruddock   Trumpet
Anthony Crivello   cast
Mike Baker   Timpani
John Barr   Choir, Chorus
James Warburton   Horn
Don Thompson Quartet   Viola
Steve Ellis & The Starfires   cast
Colm Wilkinson   cast
Keith Burns   cast
Jonathan Carney   Violin,Leader
Michael Burgess   cast
Ben Evans   cast
Leila Ward   Oboe
David Charles Abell   Conductor
Rosemary Ashe   cast
David Bardsley   cast
Guy Bebb   Violin
Charles Beldom   Violin
Ulrika Butt   Choir, Chorus
Ken Caswell   Staging
Martin Chivers   Viola
Joseph Lloyd Collatin   Choir, Chorus
Neil Couperthwaite   Choir, Chorus
Tricia Deighton   Choir, Chorus
Julian Fairbank   Drums
Susie Fenwick   Choir, Chorus
Paul Gardham   Horn
Paul Heggarty   Choir, Chorus
Peter Hetherington   Double Bass
Gary Huddlestone   cast
Glynn Kerslake   cast
Andrew Klee   Violin
Darryl Knock   cast
Peter Ledbury   Choir, Chorus
Sally Mates   cast
David Newland   Viola
Peter Nutting   Violin
Raymond Ovens   Violin
Craig Pinder   cast
Wendy Pollock   Choir, Chorus
Peter Polycarpou   cast
Anthony Protheroe   Violin
Philip Quast   cast
Stephen Quigley   Percussion
Andrew Sippings   Viola
Gareth Snook   cast
Dorothy Vernon   Choir, Chorus
Julia Worsley   Choir, Chorus
Annette Yeo   Choir, Chorus
Nick Holder   cast
Richard Layton   Violin
Andy Williamson   Choir, Chorus
Robert Winn   Flute
Gareth Wood   Double Bass
Kate Young   Keyboards
Myra Sands   Choir, Chorus
Karen Broughton   Choir, Chorus
James Head   Choir, Chorus
Tammi Jacobs   Choir, Chorus
Michael McCarthy   cast
Michael Strassen   Choir, Chorus
James Wren   Choir, Chorus
Carolyn Allen   Choir, Chorus
Alun Armstrong   cast
Joe Atkins   Trumpet
Jackie Marks   cast
Jo-Anna Lee   Choir, Chorus
Roy Benson   Double Bass
Nigel Richards   cast
Jill Martin   cast
Anthony Clegg   Choir, Chorus
Aidan Cook   Choir, Chorus
Albert Dennis   Double Bass
Aline Mowat   cast
Alain Petitclerc   Violin
Adam Searles   cast
Marc Joseph   Choir, Chorus
Dave Greer   Choir, Chorus
Peter Bruce   Choir, Chorus
Michael McLean   Choir, Chorus
Jeff Leyton   cast
Jack McCormack   Double Bass
Mike Sterling   cast
Charles Nolan   Violin
Russell Gilbert   Violin
Colin Huber   Violin
Kevin Duffy   Violin
Christopher Lydon   Violin
Stephen Kear   Violin
David Herd   Violin
Steve Merson   Violin
Robin del Mar   Viola
Christopher Irby   Cello
Roger Argente   Trombone
John Dulieu   Choir, Chorus
Derek Richards   Choir, Chorus
Richard Addison   Clarinet,Saxophone
Philip Cox   Choir, Chorus
Rebecca Thornhill   Choir, Chorus
Mary-Louise Clark   cast
David Delve   Choir, Chorus
Leon Ferguson   Choir, Chorus
Deidre Forrest   Choir, Chorus
Graham Gill   cast
James Francis Johnson   Choir, Chorus
Grace Kinirons   Choir, Chorus
Beverly Klein   cast
Becky Norman   Choir, Chorus
Paula Simpson   Choir, Chorus
Mandy Travis   Choir, Chorus
Elizabeth Watts   Choir, Chorus
Mai Huggins   Choir, Chorus
Ruthie Henshall   cast
Lucianne Evans   cast
James Barron   Choir, Chorus
Jenny Galloway   cast
David Shannon   Choir, Chorus
James Daley   cast
Steve Balsamo   Choir, Chorus
Matthew Cammelle   cast
Lisa Peace   Choir, Chorus
Andrew Williams   Viola
Seann Alderking   Keyboards
Fento Gray   Choir, Chorus
Jonathan Hart   cast
Sarah-Jane Hassell   cast
William Heggart   Cello
Derek James   Trombone
Mario Frangoulis   Choir, Chorus
Matt Dean   Choir, Chorus
David Arneil   Choir, Chorus
Caroline Tatlow   Choir, Chorus
James Staddon   cast
John Bimson   Horn
Clive Dobbins   Violin
Peter Sermon   Viola
Paul Ringham   Trumpet
Sara West   Choir, Chorus
Mary Samuel   Viola
Daniel Lee   cast
Sally Bourne   cast
Phil Cavill   cast
Chris Coleman   Choir, Chorus
Lindsey Danvers   cast
Frances Fry   Choir, Chorus
Kimberley Partridge   Choir, Chorus
Emma Kershaw   Choir, Chorus
Rachel Spry   cast
Tony Timberlake   cast
Zoe Tyler   Choir, Chorus
Grania Renihan   Choir, Chorus
Glenn Carter   Choir, Chorus
Norma Atallah   Choir, Chorus
Valda Aviks   cast
Paul Baker   Choir, Chorus
Julie Balfour   Choir, Chorus
Adrian Beaumont   Choir, Chorus
Annalene Beechey   Choir, Chorus
Stephanie Benavente   Choir, Chorus
Sally Bentley   Choir, Chorus
Claudia Bradley   Choir, Chorus
Cliff Brayshaw   Choir, Chorus
Cathy Breeze   cast
Linda Mae Brewer   Choir, Chorus
Reinhard Brussmann   cast
Richard Burman   Choir, Chorus
Clare Burt   Choir, Chorus
Amanda Chennell   Choir, Chorus
Hannah Chick   cast
Danny Coll   Choir, Chorus
Hilary Cromie   Choir, Chorus
Laurence Cromwell   Cello
Jody Crosier   Choir, Chorus
Amanda Dainty   Choir, Chorus
Emma Dears   Choir, Chorus
Hadrian Delacey   Choir, Chorus
Carl Donohue   Choir, Chorus
Lynden Edwards   Choir, Chorus
Julia Farino   Choir, Chorus
David Fawcett   Choir, Chorus
Susan Fay   Choir, Chorus
Barry Findleton   cast
Matthew Gould   Choir, Chorus
Halcro Johnston   cast
Helen Hobson   Choir, Chorus
Samantha Grant   Choir, Chorus
Jonathon Greatorex   Choir, Chorus
Vikdal Gyula   cast
Lindsey Hamilton   Choir, Chorus
David Hampshire   Choir, Chorus
Allan Hardman   Choir, Chorus
Nicholas Hart   Choir, Chorus
Alasdair Harvey   Choir, Chorus
Sarah Hay   Choir, Chorus
Andrew Hesker   Choir, Chorus
Richard Garth   Choir, Chorus
Martin George   Choir, Chorus
Christopher Holt   Choir, Chorus
Christopher Howard   cast
Julia Howson   Choir, Chorus
Lisa Hull   cast
Linda Jarvis   Choir, Chorus
Jerzy Jeske   cast
John Owen-Jones   Choir, Chorus
Takeshi Kaga   cast
Shaun Kerrison   cast
Samantha Lavender   Choir, Chorus
Gerard Leighton   Choir, Chorus
Jeremy Levitsky   cast
Anthony Lyn   Choir, Chorus
Claire Machin   Choir, Chorus
Michael William Magee   Choir, Chorus
Michael Maguire   cast
David Malek   Choir, Chorus
Robert Marien   cast
Deborah McHardy   Choir, Chorus
Mark McKerracher   cast
Stewart McLlwham   Flute
Jill Nalder   Choir, Chorus
Sarah Naughton   Choir, Chorus
James Powell   cast
Gilbert White   Violin
Øystein Wiik   cast
Rob Guest   cast
Michael Cantwell   Choir, Chorus
Michael Chapman   Bassoon
Andrew Fuller   Cello

Technical Credits

John Cameron   Score
Victor Hugo   Contributor
Alain Boublil   Composer,Liner Notes,Text
Claude-Michel Schönberg   Composer,Liner Notes
Nick Gomm   Engineer
Barry Barnes   Stage Manager
Martin Koch   Musical Supervision
Nicholas Allott   Executive Producer
David Hunt   Engineer
David Charles Abell   Director
Andy Bruce   Sound Design
Herbert Kretzmer   Composer,Liner Notes
Jean-Marc Natel   Text
Cameron Mackintosh   Liner Notes
Trevor Nunn   Director,Liner Notes
John Caird   Director,Liner Notes
Alan Boyd   Producer
Andreane Neofitou   Costume Design
Martin McCallum   Managing Director
Kate Salberg   Company Manager
Edward Behr   Liner Notes
James Fenton   Material
Paul Findlay   Managing Director
Richard Lienard   Sound Design

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