Lesbians Rock Volume 3: Stories of Women Loving Women

Lesbians Rock Volume 3: Stories of Women Loving Women

by Ms Ann Patterson


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Ordinary lives of women loving women. Stories of lesbians of all ages and walks of life as they celebrate gentle romances, loving, dealing with problems, illness, prejudice, death, while having playful adventures as they share their love and life on a daily basis, falling more in love as each day passes.

"Kia smiled as she acknowledged that final wave by Sonja. She already knew in her heart the girl who waved was extra special to her. Living in Los Angeles where people were distant and different, Kia had been friends with a girl who said she was a lesbian and explained what she felt inside her heart that made her believe she saw boys differently than her "girl crazy" girlfriends. She and Kia had remained friends in high school and in the neighborhood, but Kia had never felt what the friend described until now. She had gone on dates with boys and had a good time but never felt the desire and need for "making out" just for the fun of it. Yes, she had kissed a boy; on the other hand, she turned down his request to "go steady" with him and wear his class ring around her neck. She had no interest in being "chained" to him or any boy."
"After setting her briefcase on the hood of Kia's car, Ms. Shaw turned to them. "Sonja, Kia, I am concerned about you. I want both of you to know that if you ever need to talk to somebody who understands your relationship, please know I'll be in your court. I am aware of some remarks being made behind your backs and I worry about you." She hesitated for a response from them."
"Tess let her thoughts settle before she spoke. "Donna, I want to spend more time with you before we just hop in bed. I believe that step in a relationship is too important to take lightly. So far, I've not chosen to have sex with anyone. I want my first time, with you or whoever, to be because it's love, the lasting kind, not just an acquaintance. I know my mind is on you all the time and you bring up wonderful feelings in me, but let's wait a little longer." She looked into Donna's eyes."
"Rose enjoyed the warmth of Charlotte's hug and how tightly her arms wrapped around her, pulling her close. After a few moments she loosened her arms thinking the hug had been long enough, but Charlotte's arms held strong, so Rose tightened her arms around Charlotte a second time. Rose smiled as she recognized Charlotte's lasting hug was filled with the special love that lifelong, heartfelt friendship can bring."
"Trina smiled and followed Kay to the bedroom. Kay turned to kiss her slowly and long while removing her shirt and jeans then together, they lay on the bed. "Trina, you're already precious to my heart." She continued to make love to Trina, to give sweet pleasures that Trina had never known before. Kay knew how wonderful the loving could be and wanted Trina to know, not just what she had missed in the adult years of her life, but also what loving could be like if the two women became one in love for the rest of their lives."
"She kissed the wrinkles on Marge's forehead. "And, I'm falling in love. The feelings of excitement swirling through me are amazing."
Marge opened her eyes and smiled. Lucy kissed her softly, then again with the passion building up inside her. "Old ladies like us love just as passionately with great emotion as the youngsters around us." She placed her hand on the side of Marge's face and kissed her until their tongues danced together.
"Tess smiled and looked straight into Donna's eyes. "That's the way to be. Of course, I don't speak from personal experience. I haven't been in a relationship. There just weren't places to meet very many lesbians. Those I met when I went to the only bar in town, I realized, were more focused on their drinking instead of living. And, I knew I didn't need an alcoholic in my life. I don't have a problem with having a drink or two, but when a person swigs down one after another every time they sit at a bar, I see trouble."

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ISBN-13: 9781493602599
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/21/2013
Pages: 180
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About the Author

Ann Gross Patterson, now living in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. with her partner/wife of fourteen years awaits the day when her state will join sixteen other states to allow gay marriage. They own their home and have pets including two small dogs, one adopted cat, a cottontail rabbit, four laying hens and a pet turkey named T-Bird. Ann, a teenager in the 1950's, knew her romantic heart was different than her sister's who was 'boy crazy' and had a boyfriend from her early teens. Ann knew she had a 'girl crush' on various girls, then women; even so, she married a man who pursued her throughout her college years because the pressure from parents, church and society. She divorced after sixteen years and three wonderful children, when her husband became abusive. After raising her children as a single mother and her first grandson his final teen years, she followed her heart and came out publicly as a lesbian. From that day forward, she has remained proud and happy as the lesbian she had always known she was. Her children accepted her decision and continued to love and accept her as they always had.
Ann began writing at the age of sixty-nine and found her primary genre to be lesbian romance. Her stories tell about ordinary women, lesbians whose hearts are naturally attracted to women, not men. The characters in her stories live real lives in ordinary homes, facing real and ordinary problems while sharing the same romantic love known by heterosexual/straight couples. Together they purchase homes, enjoy pets of all kinds, go to church when accepted at the church of their choice, take vacations, grill steaks on the patio, face their problems and contribute to their communities while also enjoying the company of gay friends and straight friends and neighbors.
Her stories are written not only for lesbians and their friends but also for Questioning youth, Just Out women and for family members of gays and lesbians who desire to understand the ordinary lives of gay couples.
Ann graduated from Modesto High School and Fresno State University, both in California, and taught "Creative Writing" to eighth grade students starting in 1960. From that day she intended to write a book but put it off for fifty years. Today, she encourages anyone who has ever said, "Someday I'm going to write a book" to do it now instead of waiting for the years to pass.
She served in official capacity as management for numerous nonprofit organizations in Idaho before moving to Oregon.

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