Lesser Known Fly Fishing Venues in South Park, Colorado: Every Public Access in South Park Basin outside of the Dream Stream and Eleven Mile Canyon

Lesser Known Fly Fishing Venues in South Park, Colorado: Every Public Access in South Park Basin outside of the Dream Stream and Eleven Mile Canyon

by Michele White

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The intention of this map booklet is to relieve some of the daily fishing pressure that exists at the better known fly fishing venues: Dream Stream and Eleven Mile Canyon. Many anglers come to South Park to experience fishing our Gold Medal Waters (Charlie Myers State Wildlife Area, aka, “Dream Stream” and “Eleven Mile Canyon”). That said, there are four reservoirs in South Park with inlets and spillways and four major tributaries that comprise the South Platte River in the basin of South Park. The water above the reservoirs is recharged through run-off from the surrounding mountains and through springs and aquifers near the surface in the alluvial basin. The significance of the wild headwaters is that you can find wild resident trout year round above the reservoirs.

When people come into my shop, I try to find out what their goal is for the day. Do they want to catch a grand big fish? Many fish? A variety of trout species? A shot at cutthroats? Pike? Are they fishing with a group of people? Do they have children or a dog? Would they like to hike or park next to a river? (Do they want to spin-fish, use bait, or keep a trout?) – There are multiple venues for a variety of fishing methods in South Park.

Prior to opening this shop, I was a geologist and GIS operator, which means I make maps using software. The back of my shop has a wall devoted to maps showing people where they are, orienting them to the region and the flow of the South Platte River, and showing a variety of options for their day. My maps have personal notes and colored lines drawn on them. People capture images of my maps using their cells phones. I began to realize that these maps in booklet form would be useful in diverting anglers to the Lesser Know Fly Fishing Venues of South Park.

Michele White, owner Tumbling Trout Fly Shop, Lake George, Colorado

NOTE: There are also public access fishing areas between Fairplay and Hoosier Pass up towards Alma, and also between Como and Boreas Pass. I didn’t include them in this book because those waters are high alpine and out of the South Park Basin – this basin seems to be an acceptable driving distance for people coming up for the afternoon. The trout species in the higher elevation headwaters include native cutthroat and brookies.

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About the Author

Michele White lives in the Puma Hills on the east rim of South Park, Colorado. She is a retired international exploration geologist with a master's degree in Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Ore Deposits and a minor in Biology. She worked at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City in the fossil fish department contributing to paleo-fish kill studies. She owns Tumbling Trout fly shop in Lake George, Colorado and is a certified licensed insured and bonded professional fly fishing guide. She has been fly fishing and rowing a dory with her husband, also a geologist, on the Great Rivers of the West for over 20 years. (They are both certified white water boat handlers). She also serves as V.P. of Education for the Pikes Peak Chapter of Trout Unlimited in Colorado Springs and volunteers on regional conservation projects. As a writer, Michele White (maiden Murray) is a contributing editor on the masthead for Mountain Gazette, (thanks to John Fayhee). She has been published in Discover the Outdoors, EQUUS, Fly Fishing World, Native People's Magazine, New Tribal Dawn, and The Aquarian.

Table of Contents

Lake George Area 4

Bottom Spillway and Twin Creek 4

Happy Meadows 7

Platte Springs Triangle (South Platte/Tarryall River confluence) 9

Tarryall River Ten Public Access Venues 12

Tarryall 2 of 10: China Wall (1 was the Platte Springs Triangle) 13

Tarryall 3 of 10. Spruce Grove campground (after June 1) 15

Tarryall 4 of 10. Twin Eagle picnic area (after June 1) 16

Tarryall 5 of 10. Secret USFS at Allen Creek 18

Tarryall 6 of 10. Ute Creek trailhead 20

Tarryall 7 of 10.Tarryall Reservoir Spillway 22

Tarryall 8 of 10. Tarryall Reservoir Inlet 24

Tarryall 9 of 10. Tarryall SWA 25

Tarryall 10 of 10. Michigan campground (along Tarryall Road) 27

Lost Creek Wilderness (The Least Known Tributary) 29

“Lost Creek” (in Park County) - “Goose Creek” (in Jefferson) 30

Tomahawk Access Option 1 34

Tomahawk Access Option 2 35

Badger Basin and Access Above Spinney 37

Access #1 above Spinney reservoir 39

Access #2 above Spinney 40

Access #3 above Spinney 41

Access #4 above Spinney 42

Access #5 above Spinney 43

Badger Basin at the confluence of two forks of the South Platte. 44

Badger Basin on the Middle Fork above the Hartsel Springs Ranch. 45

Badger Basin on the Middle Fork between Hartsel and Tomahawk. 47

Badger Basin on the South Fork in the vicinity of Hartsel. 48

Badger Basin: FourMile Creek 52

Wild Headwaters 54

Jefferson Creek (and Jefferson Lake) 57

Teter-Michigan Creek SWA 58

The Cline Ranch (Tarryall Creek) 59

Knight Imler and 63 Ranch SWA 60

Rough and Tumbling Creek 63

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