Lessons Learned: ...maturing unto perfection in the Lord Jesus Christ...

Lessons Learned: ...maturing unto perfection in the Lord Jesus Christ...

by D. Rudolph Gibson


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I am physically disabled, that is, a dwarf (pseudoachondroplasia) with advanced arthritis (especially in the fingers), degeneration of the cartilages in the shoulders, hips and knees, and a less than 50% level of workplace endurance. As a result, I was placed on permanent disability and can no longer work the proverbial 9-5 job. Since I can no longer work a regular job, I do have the ability to write books - and this is my first published book. It was written for all who hunger to learn the truth (as I have learned) of what the Bible reveals and teaches about how to overcome false prophets, the world, the wicked one, the flesh, as well as how to live a God-fearing life to glorify Him. There are only seeds of truth planted and watered in this book...but God will give the increase, 1 Corinthians 3:6-7. He draws all men to Himself, John 6:44; 14:6 ... not me, nor any other writer. Let the word of the Lord Jesus Christ have free course and be glorified; and let many of the readers of this book be edified, comforted, and matured unto perfection in Him. D. Rudolph Gibson, Author

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