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Let Go of the Hands You Hold

Let Go of the Hands You Hold

by Marissa Glover




By turns clever, earnest, probing, and mischievous, Marissa Glover's poems take as their subjects the ever-relevant topics of sex, parenthood, loss, illness, and faith, and yet everywhere, in their tone and attitude, speak in the singular voice of a sly and vibrant woman banging up against the absurdities and disappointments of modern life. In an alternately refined and breezy idiom, she converses with former flames and current politicians with the same ease and aplomb she does figures from biblical history or the heroes of classical Greece. Sometimes whimsical and often cheeky, her spirited poems always mean what they say and speak forcefully from hard-won experience. Above all, reading her collection, you feel you are being addressed by a weary but resilient and savvy fellow traveler who has done her bit of living and has something urgent to tell you, often tantalizingly "slant," about holding on to integrity and dignity in a world that seems utterly fallen.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780881467826
Publisher: Mercer University Press
Publication date: 04/01/2021
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Marissa Glover teaches writing, humanities, and public speaking courses at Saint Leo University. Before academia, Glover worked as a writer and editor for more than fifteen years. She is currently coeditor of Orange Blossom Review and a senior editor at The Lascaux Review, and her own work has been widely published in various journals and anthologies. LET GO OF THE HANDS YOU HOLD is her first full-length collection.

Table of Contents


The Happy Hour of Assault 3

Chair Envy 4

Bigger Isn't Better 5

Better than Sex 7

His Skin a Gleaming Rust 8

This Is My Body, Broken 9

The Problem with Us 10

Externals 11

Appetites 12

Master of My Domain 13

Robert Frost Said Poetry Is a Way of Taking Life by the Throat 14

Love Is Not Love* 15


I Dream I'm Cassandra 19

A Taste for Naming 20

How to Be a Pirate 21

Every Man We've Ever Hated 22

Holding It In 24

The Worst Thing to Have Is a Vagina 25

Woman in the Dock 26

Politicking 27

Greetings from Helmand 28

History Is Now and England 29

If the President Asks About My Heritage 30

Jesus Said* 31


Truth We Cannot Tell 35

Life in the Time of Terror 36

The World Asks Too Much of Mothers 38

Unintended Consequences 39

Learning Beneficence 40

Everyone Says They Saw the Signs 41

When You Say People Mistake Motion for Progress 42

Decimation 43

Before the Apocalypse, Sentries Abandon Post 44

Bones 45

If All My Dreams Came True* 46


Some Things Are Decided Before You Are Born 49

Parenting by Peripatetic Fragments 51

Housebroken 53

Blessed Are the Peacemakers 54

Making Confession 55

Anatomies of Difference 56

After the Diagnosis 58

Chronic 59

The Cone of Uncertainty 60

I Don't Want to Write Any More Poems 61

In Each of Her Folds a Promise Waits* 62


Autodidacts 65

Loss by the Gallon 67

Visitation 68

I Will Never Be the Woman 69

Running into My Ex at Publix 71

Boomerang 72

Daughter of the Revolution 74

A Single Gust Is All It Takes 76

Things We've Handed Down 77

The Last Goodbye's the Hardest 79

Wait for Me 80

Fagaceae Quercus Virginiana 81

Skipping Stones 82

In Praise of Science & Silverados 83

Reduplication 84

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