Let it Glow!: 108 Recipes for Radiance

Let it Glow!: 108 Recipes for Radiance

by Pratibha Masand Sachdev


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In this poignant and insightful memoir, Pratibha Masand Sachdev offers homage to her grandmother?s life and culinary skills. By sharing her life journey, the art of intuitive cooking, and the simple science of self-nurture, she encourages us to return to our roots, seeking the answers from the universe within us. She reminds us gently that too often we fail to see the sun that is already lit within our soul, while we seek a lamp from others.

Offering over 108 simple food and skincare recipes for radiance, she talks about her own healing journey?her rediscovery and simple daily application of Ayurveda and how she connected with her inner wisdom by paying attention to the ebb and flow of her emotions. This journey of an ordinary woman who was privileged to have extraordinary experiences and transform her life will engage readers as they travel along with her.

As you traverse through these pages, your own recipe for good health and radiance awaits you. Compound it, and be your own pharmacist. Explore and discover that healing light within you and Let It Glow!

?This delightfully heartfelt and powerfully written collection of true stories, recipes, and daily practices shows one modern Indian woman?s journey through hard times using wisdom gathered from her precious grandmother and talented aunts. Bravely sharing how she personally has been able to rediscover joy, health, and inner nourishment, Pratibha Masand Sachdev offers her family recipes for you to use along with your own intuition to discover what ignites your own special glow. What a beautiful gift!?

? Melanie Sachs; author of Ayurvedic Beauty Care:

Ageless Techniques to Invoke Natural Beauty

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ISBN-13: 9781452523330
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/10/2014
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.43(d)

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Let it Glow!

108 Recipes for Radiance

By Pratibha Masand Sachdev

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Pratibha Masand Sachdev
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2333-0


gratitude.... abhaar

guru gobind dohu khare, kakey lagoon paay? balihari guru aapne jin gobind diyo milaay!

– Kabir

On the path of self – discovery, I met my teacher and my God, I was in a dilemma, who should I bow down to first. In gratitude, I bow down to my teacher for leading me to God!

– Kabir

Life has presented me with many teachers and many lessons, from a very early age on. My journey from India to Barbados, then back to India and finally to America, which I now call my home; exposed me to many wonderful mentors. Each and every soul that crossed my path has taught me a precious lesson, either by imparting a nugget of wisdom or a morsel of bittersweet challenge. As the canvas of my life was being painted, sometimes I became the brush, sometimes the color and at other times I became the artist. I realized that the choice was always mine, to accept and surrender or to walk away. I thank the Universe for those who shaped me, polishing me with love and for the ones who grated and shaped me for the good. For every painful rub and harsh grate only allowed me to shine with grace and serve with greater love.

I offer my saadar pranam or respectful gratitude to my spiritual Guru's; Sai, Satya and Amma for their grace and blessings.

This book is a shradhanjali or a homage my paternal grandmother Sugi Boolchand Masand. Thanks for embracing me, nurturing me, inspiring me, and loving me; I love you.

Hardik dhanyawad or heartfelt gratitude, to all my readers who have chosen to read this book.

Thanks to my Grand Uncles, Bhai Sahib Arjandas Masand and Kaviraj Kishinchand Punjabi; for introducing me to the wonderful world of Ayurveda and the power of prayer at a very tender age. Very sick and ailing, I had returned from a long summer vacation in Haridwar, where I was diagnosed with severe jaundice. A physician trained in modern medicine, my uncle Dr. Vishno Wadhwani joined hands with Dada Kishinchand a traditional ayurvedic doctor. Together they nursed me back to good health. A beautiful marriage of ancient wisdom and modern scientific advances unfolded right in front of my eyes as I healed my body.

In gratitude to my beloved father Late Ratanlal Masand for inculcating me with a love of History and Herbology. My incessant queries about herbs, elements, nature, prayers, rituals or lack thereof were always answered. Sometimes they were answered with a smile and in a very playful manner and at other times with solemn seriousness. Woven into this tapestry of my life, is the love of many paternal aunts, uncles and cousins; Sugi's children. I would especially like to thank Nanik, Ashok, Jawahar, Anil, Kamu and Omesh Masand for their unconditional love.

Thank you, Meera and Vinod Lal, my parents for welcoming me into your life, with a gift of two loving siblings and their families. I express my gratitude also to our late grandparents, Pesumal and Indira Satdev, for blessing us always.

I am in debt to Melanie and Robert Sachs, who dusted the cobwebs off my knowledge and brought forth many time tested Ayurvedic beauty therapies for introspection and integration. Somewhere in modern day to day living, lessons learned earlier but hidden in the childhood memory resurfaced many years later. Thanks for guiding me with your love, kindness and wisdom. I offer you, Infinite love and gratitude, my beloved teachers.

My journey into healing was guided by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Bri. Maya Tiwari and Debbie Ford taking my yoga and meditation practices to the next level. In gratitude for their wisdom, workshops and books which helped me understand the connection between mind, body and spirit and the scientific application and validation of Ayurveda in modern times.

Enthralled by all this exposure, I learnt about Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. Meeting Joshua Rosenthal and enrolling in his program, was a Déjà vu! as well as a Eureka! moment for me. His teaching was simple yet profound; it resonated with me and reminded me of my days in Sugi's kitchen. I was able to learn from teachers like Dr. Andrew Weil, Marc David, David Wolfe, Annemarie Colbin, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Walter Willet and Dr. John Douillard to name a few. Thank you Joshua Rosenthal, I was finally home with my tribe!

My aadar or sincere respect to my Hay House guides; Louise Hays, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Brian Weis, Dr. Christian Northrup and Cheryl Richardson whose work I have loved and admired for many years. In gratitude to the Balboa Press team, Reid Tracy, Nancy Levin, Mollie Harrison, Nicole Osbun, Shawn Waggener, Andrew Carter and Maneli Reihani. Thank you for creating this space in your publishing house for my little book.

I express my devotion or anuraag to my friends, my support system. Dr. Shalini Saksena, my friend, philosopher and guide, I thank you for your constant love, support and encouragement. Mary Mahabir, I thank you for accepting me in my financially torn and mutilated condition and having faith in me. Fred Badalli, Nizara Juman my dear friends for standing strong besides me when I needed you, Sundri Mahtani for your nurturing care during my first pregnancy, Kala and Rashmi Hathiramani for sharing their love of cooking, hospitality and home. I am in gratitude to Piyush and Avanti Majmudar, Vinod and Puja Hiranandani, for being a solid example of love and commitement in a marriage.

Thank you, Michele Caws for being my accountability partner as we both wrote our books. I cherish our working remotely, yet together at four o'clock in the morning. Lindsey Smith, thank you for joyfully leading the writing workshop. Christi Molinari thanks for sharing your knowledge of skincare ingredients and techniques.

Last but not the least, I offer my Prema or utmost love to my beloved husband Sandeep, children Swati, Angad and Rangan. Without your love, support, critique and compassion this book could not have been penned.

Above and beyond all, I bow down to the most important teacher in the Universe that dwells within us and is not separate from us. The journey from me to myself was a very long one. But when I met myself, I instantly recognized a long lost soul mate within, I said I am Pratibha Masand Sachdev and I am a radiant being of love and light. Aham Bhramasmi! Kun Fayakun! I am that I am! Thanks for living with me and within me. I greet you, I salute you, I embrace you, I acknowledge you; the beloved of my being.

Namaste! ... I love and honor you!


introduction.... parichay

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world – Mother Teresa

In each one of us, dwells a still small voice, a source we call by different names. Some of us call it intuition, some call it guidance, and some call it the universe within. This simple book you hold in your hands offers messages of practical guidance I have received during this beautiful journey called life. It holds within its pages, suggestions for daily growth and sustenance. Some messages hold the recipes of cooking by spirit, nurturing through soul food, yet others of herbal recipes used for my skincare and also ingredients used for my personal exploration and spiritual growth.

I have personally experienced this guidance during my waking moments and my sleeping moments. This soft voice spoke to me when I was happily engaged in daily chores, when I cried in deepest anguish and as I lay on a sick bed too ill to stir. It led me each time to the pure core of my being, even in the murkiest moments of my life. A simple ordinary woman, I was led by this inner voice through extraordinary experiences. For this, I am eternally grateful to the Universe that resides within me.

This book is homage to my paternal grandmother Sugi Boolchand Masand. It was in her lap I learned the meaning of true radiance. I played with her in her kitchen, in the meadows, in the bazaars of Ulhasnagar; gathering herbs, cooking soul food, mixing simple ingredients for the nourishment of my mind, body and spirit. As I patiently persevered, I learned the true meaning of radiance that came from leading an organic life; loving and serving others without forgetting the self.

As I talk in depth about my culinary journey and my travels through various countries and continents, I share with you my moments of discovery, when each herb spoke to me and shared its own personal story. I also narrate my meeting and learning from various spiritual masters and my realization that our own radiance resides within us and is always ready to illuminate our path.

Too often we fail to see the sun that is lit within our soul, while we seek a lamp from others.

As I travelled on this journey of life, I learned that my life is a testimony of power of affirmative thinking and prayer. I gathered that I am here to play, to work, to love and to have faith; that in doing so Gods purpose for my life will keep unfolding itself. I understood that true work is accomplishment of something by hand, intellect and heart, which shall help others as much as it helps me. Play; the doing of something different from the routine, meditating, relaxing with a hobby, spending time in fresh air, in the woods, in my garden and in pleasant tasks like playing with my children always brought me great joy and kept me grounded and connected to earth.

I discovered that we all have a capacity to love. Love to me, in a broader sense is a desire to nurture, to share, to preserve, to protect; a feeling of deep affection. Faith means that I believe in God, a kind universe that loves me, and bears my troubles, as well as teaches me to bear them with grace. I now know that it is this faith which has given meaning to my work, grace to my spirit, sacrament to my love and direction to my life.

Now that you have chosen to read this book, I encourage you to embrace it by setting your intention. What is it you wish to find in these pages? Is it a cooking recipe, a skin care solution or just an elusive piece of life's puzzle? Understand that these are all interconnected. Your body mind and spirit all dance in unison as you follow the rhythm of life.

Note that this book is not intended to replace recommendations or advice from physicians or other healthcare providers. Rather it is intended to help you make informed decisions and choices about your health and well-being. Work hand in hand with your healthcare provider in a combined quest for optimal wellness. Not all the 108 recipes are showcased towards the end of the book; some are interwoven in the narrative of the various chapters. There are food recipes, skincare rituals and recipes and some word recipes to create empowering thoughts. They all come together to nurture our mind, body and spirit.

This book is not a treatise on Ayurveda. I am just a humble student of Ayurveda and other enriching holistic healthcare modalities, always eager to learn, share and be of service. This is hence a very humble offering of lessons I have learnt from my teachers, both external and the one residing within me; and applied in my life for self-nurture and self-healing.

I encourage you to joyfully experiment, to go within and explore the possibilities lying dormant within and as you step into the depth of your own inner universe, uncover the grace and good health that is your birthright. Your own recipe for good health and radiance awaits you; compound it, be your own pharmacist.

So dear one, explore and discover that healing light within you and Let It Glow!


prelude.... bhumika

Eko Onkaar, Satnaam, Kartaar Purakh, Nirbhay Nirvair, Akaal Moorat, Ajooni Saihbhang, Gur Prasad, Jap Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Haibhi Sach, Nanik Hausi Bhi Sach! – Japji Sahib

In the beginning, there was one universal creator, God. His name is truth. He is the infinite giver, a creative being personified, fearless and one without envy or hatred. Self-existing, He is gloriously formless. He is beyond birth and death and I meditate and chant on this infinite truth, which shall remain true forever and ever! – Japji Sahib

With this Sikh prayer on her lips, my grandmother Sugi embarked on her journey to new horizons. This is her story of migration and settlement. The year was 1947, and the journey was from Shikarpur, Sindh in Pakistan to Ulhasnagar, Bombay in India. Many years later, these would be the same first words that she would utter in my ears when I was born. As did I, in the ears of my children, as they came into my arms in a foreign land, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Travelling to Bombay, India on the Satpura, a ship that brought refugees from Pakistan to newly independent India; Sugi came to India as a refugee along with her husband and eight surviving children. Having lived in the comfort and luxury of a large family estate, the new humble beginnings of re-establishing her life in a different city were very daunting as any refugee will testify. Armed with the ammunition of love and food, brought with her onboard the ship carrying the refugees, I later heard the stories about her offering food to other fellow travelers as she fed her own children. Various breads like Mitho Lolo, Koki, Lolee, Besanreen, Dal and Mooriyah Payi Mani; her soul foods had been packed in a tin and gilt container along with Ambriyoon jyun Bidryun or pickled raw mangoes, to add the sixth flavor and Sundh ain Gidamari ji Chatreen or a ginger and tamarind chutney for digestive comfort.

She knew from her cooking experience that these foods would last her for many days without spoiling on her long journey to Bombay.

Cooked without any artificial preservatives and just with pure intentions, prayers and perseverance, these satisfied the hunger of her children and some other travelers. Before leaving Shikarpur, she went to bow down at the ancestral shrine of Masand Gur Durbar, offering and accepting the Karah Prasad a sacred whole wheat offering. Many years later, this was one of the first recipes she shared with me, guiding me gently as I made this very special Prasad or a sacred offering.

As I grew older many delicious recipes were shared with me. I learnt more by watching her and my aunts, asking questions and following their simple directions. During the Sindhi festivals of Thadri or Satai, these foods were made a day ahead and Sigri or the earthen stove was not lit on the day of prayers. This was so that the women could have a day of rest from cooking and lighting a stove.

Widowed within a couple of years of moving to Bombay, Sugi was faced with taking care of a large family. Undaunted by the task that lay ahead of her, she met life head-on; finding joy in daily household chores of gathering and grinding the herbs and grains, cooking for and nourishing her family. Very resourceful, she knew how to extract the best from each herb, ingredient and use it in multiple ways.

She had taught her daughters to read, write, sew and knit early on. They in turn became experts at sewing and ran a Shaala or sewing school for young girls in the area. Teaching Sindhi and Gurumukhi script to other displaced refugee children who might have otherwise lost the touch with their mother tongue; her daughters forged a life for themselves independent of any external support. Helping their mother raise their four younger brothers and a sister, they chose a life of devotion and simplicity, each one eventually rising in their chosen field of work. There was a strong theme of independent women in my life who triumphed using what life gave them; and this was to be my legacy.

Where did my grandmother's strength come from? What was her secret? Regardless of how good or bad she perceived experiences of her life to be, she had realized that they would have never happened in the first place if not meant for her highest good. She accepted what happened as the perfect synchronicity of her life. She believed that life had always been perfect and always will be. Therein lay her source of strength; in her faith, surrender and acceptance of the divine will in her life. Somewhere along the line, she was chiseling these thoughts in the soft rock of my mind and creating a sculpture that would withstand the onslaught of the emotional earthquake of wind, water and fire to come.

These recipes that I share with you are interspersed throughout the narrative and they culminate towards the end of this book, as we conclude this journey together. Homemade, simple and intuitively made with love and reverence, these food recipes may not be low in calories; but just a little is required to satiate our mind, body and spirit.

Do not surrender your grief so quickly, let it cut more deeply, let it ferment and season you as few human or divine ingredients can. Something is missing from my heart tonight that has made my eyes so soft and my voice so tender and my need of God so absolutely clear – Hafiz.


Excerpted from Let it Glow! by Pratibha Masand Sachdev. Copyright © 2014 Pratibha Masand Sachdev. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


I. gratitudea.... bhaar, 1,
II. introduction.... parichay, 7,
III. prelude.... bhumika, 11,
IV. background.... prashthabhumi, 15,
V. introspection.... atmaparikshan, 23,
VI. regrowth.... punarviddhi, 33,
VII. nurture.... posharn, 41,
VIII. aesthetics.... saundarya, 51,
IX. deontology.... acharan rasayana, 75,
X. uplift.... utthaan, 85,
XI. food recipes.... vyanjan, samagri, seedho and vidhi, 91,
XII. skincare recipes and treatments.... nuskhe aur upchaar, 139,
XIII. conclusion.... nishkarsh, 157,
XIV. glossaryshabdhkosh, 163,
XV. bibliography.... granthsuchi, 171,

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Let it Glow!: 108 Recipes for Radiance 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent book.  Straight from the heart.  A lovely story of a journey through life.  A simple and easy to understand approach to holistic health.