Let Me Give You a Peace of My Mind: Don't Rent Space in Your Head, Evict Negativity

Let Me Give You a Peace of My Mind: Don't Rent Space in Your Head, Evict Negativity

by Carter MD Forensic Pathologist and Consu


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Dr. Joye M Carter is a contemporary history maker. As the first African American physician to be appointed a Chief Medical Examiner in the history of the USA, this Howard University educated and board certified forensic pathologist continues to break down barriers after three decades of medical practice. Dr. Joye started out in her teens, planning her chosen career pathway in forensic medicine. She credits her success to a firm and sound upbringing by her parents and grandmother as well as positive influences by friends and her lifelong mentor, the late Dr. Joseph H Davis. Dr. Joye has dedicated herself to a lifelong commitment of educating and helping to build character in this country's youth. She believes that decades of investing death has led her to not sweat the small stuff but to take opportunity to help others live longer and healthier lives by sharing her wisdom and experiences acquired along the destination pathway she describes as life. In this third book ,of her planned series ,Dr. Joye takes on life and its daily grind of events that makes one wonder why sometimes. She believes in keeping a positive outlook at all times and finds writing to be a wonderful release of stress. Dr. Joye presents a series of articles that gives the reader great insight into the depth of her thoughts on the impact of human behavior and a sense of old fashioned humor spiced with wisdom that only one who has been there can share while secretly teaching you an age old lesson.

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ISBN-13: 9781478721734
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 12/12/2013
Pages: 100
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About the Author

Dr. Joye Carter, is a board certified forensic pathologist and owner of the
Biblical Dogs, Inc, a forensic consulting firm and the Chief Forensic
Pathologist in Marion County, Indiana. She was the first African American to be appointed as a Chief Medical Examiner in the history of the country, the first female Chief Medical Examiner in the District of Columbia, Houston,
Texas as well as the first female and minority forensic pathologist to hold the position in Indianapolis, IN. Her mantra is Never Give Up and she seems to live up to her beliefs. This is her third book and she is showing no signs of slowing down after 30 years of medical practice. As always she is an avid dog lover and claims she is owned by Bentley Bear, her charming

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