Let My People Go!

Let My People Go!

by David G. Drach


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Let My People Go! is a prophetic call to the Church, to believe and walk in the same Gospel that the first disciples believed and demonstrated in their daily lives.

We know that the New Testament is not written in classical Greek form. It is, however, Hebrew in its thought pattern and sentence structures. This should be anticipated, as the writers were predominantly born-again, Spirit-filled, tongue-talking Hebrew Christians. The Message that they passed on to us must be interpreted from this perspective in order to arrive at the truths they intended to convey to us. A failure to interpret and receive their writings from their perspective results in a twisting of the scriptures and a skewed, distorted picture of the Gospel Message.

In delivering the message of the Gospel, we as believers and ministers are called by God to “carry the mail.” As the mailmen of God, we have no right to change in any way the content of the Message we carry.

When we do this, we find that there are a small number of Greek words upon which their Gospel Message is built. These words become the threads of revelation, that when woven together, reveal the true picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With the exception of the apostle Paul, most of the New Testament writers were not scholars, but blue-collar workers; fishermen, tax collectors, etc. People like us. If it was not too deep for them to write, it is not too deep for us to understand. After all, Jesus Promised that the same Holy Spirit who inspired those men would “guide you into all the truth” (John 16:13).

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not difficult to understand but it takes courage and trust to receive it and live it as it was originally given. In the end, the picture of our lives must demonstrate the same Gospel as the lives of the first disciples. If not, we are in error and in need of change.

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Publication date: 09/26/2018
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